What’s in my #clarinsbeauty Gift Bag 

  Hello my lovely friends! I hope you are having a lovely Thursday! It is Thanksgiving weekend for all my American family and friends! I wish you  all a wonderful Thanksgiving! I would like to say  Thank you so much to Clarins Canada  because I received this lovely gift bag at the VIP DINNER with Dave Lackie … Continue reading What’s in my #clarinsbeauty Gift Bag 

The Brights by Maybelline – Look

Hello my lovely readers! I'm so happy to share this look with you. I truly love how bright and fun this look can be. I love the turquoise colour in the 'Brights Palette' by Maybelline .  So many possibilities with this beautiful palette. For a full review on this palette click here: THE BRIGHTS PALETTE REVIEW I'm … Continue reading The Brights by Maybelline – Look