I am so excited to share my skincare, makeup and entertainment favourites! Where do I begin? 😁 I will start with Beauty Favourites. I've been using these fabulous products everyday and I've been enjoying a light fresh no makeup-makeup look. Recent faves   Lipgloss Mac in the colour 203 Fashion Scoup Burt's Bees Blush in the colour … Continue reading FAVOURITES! BEAUTY SKINCARE AND ENTERTAINMENT

Healthier Stronger Hair with NaturAllClub Hair Mask

NaturAllClub  kindly sent me a sample of their Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair Solution and I'm blown away! WOW! I mean this deep conditioning hair mask is full of all natural goodness and made my hair shiny, smooth, silky, hydrated, voluminous and very soft! NaturAll Club is to create products with integrity, while fostering and … Continue reading Healthier Stronger Hair with NaturAllClub Hair Mask

Raspberrymint Beautifully Handcrafted Hydrating Skincare – REVIEW

This winter all my skin really needs is a lot of oil. Winter really dehydrates my skin and there is nothing worse then dry, uncomfortable, itchy skin. I kindly received a few beautiful all natural oils over the Holidays to review.  I'm so happy I did because they are really lovely. I really enjoy using … Continue reading Raspberrymint Beautifully Handcrafted Hydrating Skincare – REVIEW

Nature’s Pure Bliss – REVIEW

This is in collaboration with the amazing Canadian Beauty Bloggers.   About Nature's Pure Bliss Skin & Hair Care Indulgence "Pure & Natural Handmade with Love" - Nature's Pure Bliss I kindly received a beautiful exfoliating bar and a luxurious body moisturizer and I'm very excited to share my experience with you. I adore both products and … Continue reading Nature’s Pure Bliss – REVIEW