Paint Party Friday! Moleskine Part 2

Hello and happy Friday my friends. I hope you are all well. How are you all feeling? I'm seeing the weather change very fast and the cold roll in. We've had rain and cool weather. I miss the way the sun hits all the autumn colours. I've been dedicating some time each day to paint … Continue reading Paint Party Friday! Moleskine Part 2

Paint Party Friday! Moleskine Art Book

Happy Friday! I'm connecting with Paint Party Friday today! Check PPF website out to see other incredible artwork from artist around the world! Get cozy with a cup of tea or coffee and have a look. Have a magical Friday my friends! These pieces are from the beginning of my Moleskine Art book. Next Friday … Continue reading Paint Party Friday! Moleskine Art Book

Paint Party Friday! Spooktacular Doodles

PAINT PARTY FRIDAY LINK Happy October! I'm so excited to post for Paint Party Friday! I Hope you are all healthy and well. I truly hope that you are creating lovely artwork for October. I love October. It's my favourite month. I find inspiration from seasons do you? Here are some doodles I made to … Continue reading Paint Party Friday! Spooktacular Doodles

Books 💙 Recipes and Staying Creative

With so much going on in the world I want to focus on the positive. I turned the news off. I'm staying home and doing things that keep me happy. I hope to bring some inspiration and positivity to you my friends. Stay happy and do things you love. You now have the opportunity to … Continue reading Books 💙 Recipes and Staying Creative

Dear February…

Where did you go? Fast and very cold Snow I kept busy with the kids, lunches, laundry, cooking, cleaning and doctors appointments. Even though February was cold and long I kept busy and I did a lot of art and uploaded to my Etsy Shop. MARIA MEDEIROS ART ETSY SHOP I also received beautiful loving … Continue reading Dear February…