Lampe Berger Paris Fall Collection 2016



I’m truly excited to bring you the Fall Collection by Lampe Berger.

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As an Lampe Berger Paris Ambassador I’m truly grateful and honoured to present the Fall Collection!


For this new Collection, LAMPE BERGER transports you to unique universes and once again invites you to enter an unforgettable experience. The journey across the hemispheres continues this Fall, ending this old factory voyage in South America. A wonderful fragrance made of the finest raw materials to help you discover a new continent. These scents will enhance the finest interiors year round, thanks also to an amazing range of lamps. With surprising and original shapes, incomparable colours in soft or masculine shades, Lampe Berger offers a wide and coherent range to suit every style. The promise continues. You won’t fail to marvel at the new Lampe Berger products! LAMPE BERGER 


Softness and Cocooning

For this new lamp, designer Jean Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc was inspired by the seaside universe, resulting in a bottle with delicate lines. Both finishes, inspired by Scandinavian trends, bring light and serenity. A pure invitation to softness and cocooning.

2 Colours: grey, blue

Price: $49.00

Diamant Lamp

Style and Trend

The new Diamant lamp is an original creation by the agency “Tous les trois Desighn”, inspired by Art Deco Style. It has a striking and masculine shape, reinforced by its square-shaped silver mounting and the diamond tip, an iconic trendy motif. Its shape is further magnified with shiny and mouth-watering colours which capture the light and enhance its textured surface. This noble and refined model makes a statement.

3 Colours

grey, amber, transparent

Price: $68.00

Pampille Lamp

Lustre and Refinement

Designed by the agency “Vanille Design”, this original model is inspired by Baroque codes, which have been revisited and updated. The perfect blend of metallisation and lacquering gives this precious bottle incomparable lustre. The association of the lamp with the criss-cross mounting creates a light-capturing show. A prestigious and elegant model.

2 colours: grey, green

Price:$ 88.00

Satin Pack

Softly Decorated in traditional colours

A timeless shape in Christmas colours: satin red or matted white. Two frosty shades which evoke winter, and a soft silky touch to the delight of everyone. To add softness and a touch of tradition to your decoration. Gift set includes a lamp and the Home Fragrance Orange Cinnamon (180ml)

Price $49.00

Comete Pack

Elegance and glitter: For a fairytale Christmas


With Comete, Christmas will be magical and sophisticated. Designed by Rozenn Mainquene, the bottle evokes a precious stone decorated with its ultra-shiny silver mounting and dressed in subtly shaded black lacquer. Delicate silver sequins are scattered on the lamp’s shoulders. With its 180ml Gentle Almond Fragrance, this is an ideal gift to enhance our festive tables.

Price $69

New  Perfume Collection!

Parfum Berger

Wild Berries!

The luxuriance and refinement of the Tree of Life


This unique fragrance takes you on a journey to the Amazon rainforest. Nicknames “Tree of Life”,  acai grows naturally in South America and its fruits are appreciated for their natural benefit and their delicious chocolatey taste. The new and intense Wild Berries fragrances starts with an acidulous and explosive flight with pomegranate, supported by blackcurrant and raspberry. Its voluptuous and liquorous heart with sweet facets and its musk and vanilla base provide softness and sweetness to this unique fragrance.

Price 500ml: $24.00

Trio Pack


An assortment of three trial 180ml bottles to discover new Home Fragrances:

Radiant Bergamot: a zesty and refreshing fragrance.

Subtle Almond: a milky and creamy fragrance.

Wild Berries: a tangy and intense fragrance.


I’m really excited about the new collection of lamps and fragrances by Lampe Berger. I’ve been using my new Satin Lamp and the new ” Wild Berries” fragrance and I love it! The wild berries fragrance is sweet and tangy. It really helps take all odours out of the air. I really love using my Lampe Berger everyday because it really helps clean the air from impurities and also gets rid of unwanted odours. This beautiful frosted new bottle is so lovely and really elegant. I use the lamp everyday for 20 minutes on the main floor of our home and 20min on the second floor. The house smells so fresh and beautiful! It is such a huge honour to be an Ambassador for such an amazing company. Thank you to Lampe Berger Canada for the lovely lamp and new fragrances.






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