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Sometimes we take care of others and don’t take the time to take care of our selves. Are you like me? I feel I need to take more time to truly pamper my self and give my self more #SELFLOVE.


I feel I need to do more fun things like wear these beautiful cute pineapple earrings from AVON more often and fun prints on my clothing. Or even buy a favourite beverage from Starbucks. Small but special grateful moments. My favourite drink is the Iced Caramel macchiato with lactose milk and the new bacon eggbites. They are delicious. Have you ever tried the chocolate chip muffin? Ask them to warm it up. It is absolutely delicious! But I need to remember not to rush. I feel my brain is in super fast motion. I really need to slow down. How about you?


I don’t buy things for my self as often. I feel that we sometimes need to treat our selves to something special. In this case I chose  ZOELLA BEAUTY products. I spotted these beauties at a Walmart and I ran like a crazy woman and grabbed everything. I’ve been looking everywhere for them and the Walmart close to me had them. These are a part of last years collection I think.  I LOVE them and I’ve used the creamy body lotion, bath/shower cream and the hand cream. I LOVE THEM! They are not heavily scented or overpowering and they really are hydrating and moisturizing. Love the scent of these so much. Fresh and clean. The packaging is super cute! I adore Zoella and I’ve been following her for over four years. She is an inspiration and a very smart and lovely influencer. I will add she is very down to earth, genuine and sweet.


Thank you to Zoella and Zoella beauty for responding to my tags on IG. I’m truly grateful! It made my day. Thank you so much.


I also treated my self to these beauties. I’m trying them out right now and I’ll keep you posted.



I’m enjoying pampering my self and #Selflove is the key to a happy life.

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How to Best Day Your Skin! ORGANIC SKINCARE

I love to use organic products because there are so many benefits. Organic skincare are so beneficial for all parts of our hair and body. Organics smell so beautiful and natural. They make my skin look and feel really good. They are so healthy and relaxing. Very great for stress relief and are important for our wellness. The results are amazing. I really enjoy a good soak in the bath with mineral salts that are infused with natural oils. I’ve recently switched to natural deodorant and also love to use pure organic oils. I don’t have to worry about using organic products because they are free of chemicals. Here are some Organic Brands that I enjoy using.

Loving  Crawford Street products. Really enjoying using their Body Oil in sandalwood and bergamot. Love their mineral bath in “Steam”. Really helps with relaxing the body especially if you are tired and or experiencing a cold or the flu. I’ve been using their cream deodorant in “herbes de provence” and it works brilliantly with my body. It smells wonderful too. Some natural deodorants don’t work for me but this one is fabulous!


Neal’s Yard Remedies is another brand that I love. All the products that I’ve tried are amazing and I really love how they smell and make my skin feel. A brand you can trust and will love. I love their Wild Rose and Frankincense Collection.


A fantastic brand is also The Green Beaver. I tried them last year and I loved the toothpaste, body cream and hair products as well. Really amazing organic line that we love in our home.19183817

A fabulous Balm to try is Hotty Balm! The packaging is oh so cute and the balm works for all over the body and dry spots like elbows and feet. It’s also fantastic for lips as well. A fabulous product and I love it!


An amazing cream Deodorant by purelygreat. I received this in my Little Life Box a year a go and finished it fast. I love it and highly recommend it. Really works and smells amazing.


Another fabulous brand is  Pearl and Daisy, I love everything that I’ve tried from them. Superb formulas that really nourish the skin and hydrate. I love their bath bombs. They are so good and smells fabulous. They have essential oil in them. I adore their mud face mask and also their soap bars. Really lovely lip balms as well. Very nourishing, soothing and creamy. A must try!


Fantastic Essential Oils

Neal’s Yard Remedies has fabulous organic essential oils. I love the Bergamot, Geranium and Lavender. I love using these in my defuser. I also recommend this book by Susan Curtis. It explains all the oils and what they can be used for. It also has a few recipes for creating a relaxing atmosphere that relieves stress.


Thursday Plantation has beautiful oils and I can’t get enough of these four oils. They are amazing and I use them everyday. My daughter can’t sleep without the lavender. She loves it and it really relaxes her. Takes away her stress. My family loves them and I use them in the defuser, baths and topically. Really amazing quality oils. Pure and Organic.


I hope you enjoyed my blog post. I would love to know what Organic Skincare you love. Please let me know in the comments. Have a beautiful weekend!

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New Skincare & Beauty AVON Canada

Happy Sunday! I’m very excited to bring you new and exciting products from AVON. I’m always thrilled to share what’s new and happening with Avon Canada and I hope you feel the same way. Winter has my skin feeling very dry and I’m loving the Avon Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration and Daily Skin Defense In-Shower Body lotions. These are fabulous because they are time savers. Love the fact I can shower and be done.

The Moisture Therapy in-shower lotion comes in four different lotions. Daily Skin Defense, Ultra Hydration, Calming Relief, Intensive Healing & Repair. The two that I’ve been loving and using are the ULTRA HYDRATION Shea Butter and the DAILY SKIN DEFENSE with Vitamin A,C,E, B5 for Sensitive skin. Really wonderful and also Dermatologist Tested. These are $10.00 each. TIP: These don’t foam up like a shower gel. This formula is best applied with your hands. Not a sponge or loofa. Apply it like you would a cream and then rinse.

*PR SAMPLES Available in February.71.jpg

Spring is in the air! Not just yet but with these beauties it sure feels like it! These smell so amazing and feel good too. Limited Edition Skin So Soft Comforting Shea Collection is available as of March 2018. Comforting Shea the unique blend of natural shea butter with Avon’s signature oils makes your skin feel nourished and comforted in a cloud of softness. This formula foams up really nicely and lathers beautifully! This comes in a Body Butter $9.00, Hand cream $6.00, Body lotion $10.00, bath oil $22.00 and creamy body wash $10.00.



Sculpt & Glow

Avon True Colour Transforming Contour Stick

Silky powder-gel glides on for smooth coverage $18.00

All over Glow Powder $18.00

Targeted Glow! Avon True Colour Illuminating Stick $14.00

*PR Samples



Savannah Blooms Nesting Bags with Dew Kiss Lip Dew Includes Dew Kiss Lip Dew and two nesting bags all decked out with Savannah-inspired designs $24.00, Mini Tweezer Set $12.00. Available as of February 2018 trough an Avon Independent representative or at http://www.avon.ca *PR Samples and candy not included ;D


Thank you so much to AVON CANADA for the lovely *PR samples! Truly wonderful!

Have a magical Sunday everyone! Much love and Happiness!

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Shake the Winter Blues Away And Get Hygge With It!

Winter can bring on melancholic feelings and I’m here to give you a few tips to help you get through the rut! The sun is not out as long. Sunshine is lacking. Pick up some vitamin D! There are a few things that I like to do in the winter to stay cozy and positive. First thing is have a CUPPA! I prefer coffee in the morning, noon or anytime really.  A MUST! Get cozy with a CUPPA! You can spike it if that’s what makes you cozy. Not I though. I don’t like alcohol. But I do love chocolate and marshmallows. *Mug in this photo from Avon.ca


Get Creative!!! I love to write, paint and cook.

Do something that helps you express your self.

 You can draw, doodle, write a letter or paint!


Pick a recipe and cook!


I’ve been enjoying making yummy delicious food with HELLO FRESH CANADA. This is not sponsored or an AD. Don’t worry, even if I was working with them I’m here to tell you they ROCK. Love everything about them. Anyhow, I’ve gotten off topic. NOT a surprise at all. lol I’ll go into detail about Hello Fresh Canada in my next post. I’m not finished preparing all the content yet…oh wait yup here’s a photo of my lunch. Documentation is a must! Chicken Sliders with slaw. Healthy fast and easy. I have a code if you like 40% off your first meal.



*pr sample


Taking hot baths in the winter really feels relaxing and rejuvenating. I love LUSH and you all probably know that already. My husband bought me a Christmas Lush Box. I didn’t want to write “What I got For Christmas” post… I really didn’t… but I want to share this one with you because LUSH is fun and colourful and everything I need in the winter. My girls love it too. But of course I share my bath bombs…Only if my girls are well behaved.  Reminds me of goldmember “Oh Behave!”…off topic again. I’ve been feeling cray cray lately.  Okay so here is the box that I received from my sweet husband.


Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb, Butter bear Bath Bomb, Shoot for the stars Bath Bomb, Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb, Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb, Sherbert Dip Bath Bomb, Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt, Thundersnow Bath Bomb, Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt.


Very fun and relaxing. A must in my life to relax in a hot bath with LUSH Bath Bombs. I highly recommend you try them out. Winter Blues go away oh LUSH! you made my day!

Once I’m out of my lovely bath I like to spritz and spray and smell fresh all day!

YUP I just rhymed!

omg I love how fresh *Mark REBEL + ICE Smells!  Very invigorating and refreshing! How about the beautiful scarf? I love getting cozy after the bath and one thing I love is to cover my neck. I find my neck needs to be kept warm. mark Rebel and Ice limited edition bath and body collection is an icy mix featuring notes of cool mountain air, winter iris and white birch woods. Body Wash is refreshing and moisturizing. The body Mist is refreshing and lightly scented with a beautiful hydrating mist and the Body lotion locks in moisture leaving the skin feeling soft and silky.

*Body Wash $10.00

*Body Mist $14.00

*Body Lotion $10.00

*”What A Scene Scarf” $18.00


*Tasseled Multi-layer Bracelet

The look of multiple bracelets with a goldstone charm. Stunning!

Turtle $14.99


Available through Avon independent sales representative or


A must in the winter is to snack on healthy food and I kindly received Sabra Hummus to review which I said YES to because I love delicious food.  Snacking and drinking water really helps in the winter. Important to keep our energy up. These three are my favourite. The Olive Hummus, the Spicy Hummus and the roasted red pepper! So delicious! Delicious and healthy!


I also enjoy reading a lot during the winter months. I just finished the Novel “The Break” written by  Katherena Vermette. It’s an incredible novel and also Canadian.

the break

I hope this blog post inspires you to do more things that make you happy.

What are some things you like to do in the winter? I would love to know!

Don’t forget to buy your self something sweet and lovely just like this.


*Lots of Kisses Journal 90 Lined pages Faux Leather $7.99

*Home Fragrance Collection “Celebrate Love Candle” Notes of sparkling citrus, tart berries, effervescent musks and rose petals.  $12.99 each

*just Kiss Me Lip balm Cute lips-shaped case holds a kiss of tinted balm. Flavourless. Comes in a gift box. $10.00 each

The beautiful items are available now on avon.ca or through an avon representative.

*PR samples


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Clear Your Mind and Lift Your Spirit!

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“When the ancient Greeks wanted to be closer to the spirit, they bathed. In the earliest Greek mythology, the ancestral Earth gave birth to Heaven and to Pontos, the realm of the saltwater sea. Earth then coupled with Heaven, conceiving Okeanos, the father of all springs and rivers. Thus, the idea of heaven remained imminent within all waters.” -The Art of Bath by Sara Slavin and Karl Petzke

Having time to relax as a mother is essential and very important to me. I can’t function without having a relaxing bath every week. Even if it’s 20 minutes I find it very important to my health and wellness. Today I’ll be sharing a lot of  beautiful bathing products such as salts, oils and soaps.

Some people have said to me “I have no time to take a bath” but I disagree. There is always a way to make time for your self because you deserve it and you come first. You need to relax and clear your mind and soul of stress and worry. I challenge you to take a bath at least once a week.

“The first known bathtub was found in Crete in the great palace at Knossos, most likely built for the legendary King Minos around 1700 B.C. The Minoans invented impressive technologies that provided water for this tub, including a system of interlocking terra-cotta pipes.” -Sara Slavin

My ritual to having a relaxing and calming bath is as follows:  I set the bathroom up with candles and relaxing music. Usually spa music or classical. The candle of choice is Canyon Mist by AVON.


I fill the tub up with warm water and I use lot’s of relaxing epsom salts. I’ve been enjoying Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak. Smells incredible and really helps restore and replenish.

Mineral Soak and Foaming Bath available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

 Foaming Bath also available at Walmart SRP: $9.99 each 

Facts and benefits

Mineral Soak: Refreshes skin and helps remove toxins while the natural Epsom Salt soothes tired achy muscles.


The salts really help with irritated skin and aching muscles.  I also add Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Foaming bath because I love a lot of frothy bubbles.

Foaming Bath: The Pink Himalayan Restore and Replenish line also includes a Foaming Bath solution that creates long-lasting bubbles to transform an ordinary bath into a relaxing spa experience while gently cleansing skin. The addition of Pink Himalayan Salt helps to replenish and recharge your body while also nourishing your skin with minerals.


Sometimes I love adding bath fizzies. Lately I’ve been enjoying the Bodycology Cherry Blossoms. They smell so lovely.  They are available at Walmart and are SRP: $6.97.

Facts and Benefits:

Each fizzy delivers a fun, pampering experience by adding fragrant effervescence to the bath. Enriched with hydrating Vitamin E to leave skin feeling silky smooth


I love adding oils to my bath as well.  Oils really help my hair and skin feel moisturized, soft, silky, and hydrated.  I’ve been using natural rose oil, avocado oil, almond oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil. My favourite brand is NOW Solutions. I love their oils.

I really enjoy lathering with soap bars. A really lovely soap bar is The Yardley English Rose. It is really wonderful. It smells so good and doesn’t dry my skin.



ENGLISH ROSE is a refreshing, light floral fragrance with sparkling citrus and rose top notes and a heart subtly combining rosebud, magnolia, violet and cassis with warm woody notes, whilst patchouli and musk add velvety tones to the base.


I lay back and close my eyes and relax. I take deep breaths and exhale all the negative and stressful thoughts. I clear my mind and focus on the music. I relax and I don’t think of anything and I do nothing. It is peaceful because everyone is sleeping. No one is there to disturb me. The bath enhances my senses, soothes me, clears my mind and lifts my spirit! As the water drains I picture all my worries and stress draining down and away from me.

I’ve been loving bodycology creamy vanilla trio. If you love vanilla as much as I do you will love this trio. They smell like a dessert! So sweet and really beautiful. I absolutely love this formula. It really makes me feel good. The body wash lathers so beautifully and the moisturizing body cream is so soft and creamy. It absorbs perfectly and smells like vanilla cupcakes. Top it off the body spray is nice and light. I’m in love with this collection!  On my June Favourites for sure!

Body wash
Available at Walmart SRP: $6.97
Facts Benefits:
Sweet combination of fresh vanilla and creamy florals. Daily rejuvenation.
Body Cream
Available at Walmart. SRP: $6.97
 Facts and Benefits: Sweet combination of fresh vanilla and creamy florals. Shea, Cocoa & Jojoba Butters, Vitamin E
Fragrance Mist
Available at Walmart. SRP: $6.97
Facts and Benefits: Sweet combination of fresh vanilla and creamy florals. For a splash of fragrance spritz lightly on wrists, neck and shoulders.

*PR samples. Thank you so much to Brill Communications.

I love everything and I’m very grateful.

*Reference “the art of the bath” by Sara Slavin| Karl Petzke

( I highly recommend this book!)


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