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I kindly received Hot Tools Curling Iron from Trade Secrets for review purposes and I’m truly excited to talk about this amazing curling iron because it gives the perfect beach waves and volume ever! I was looking for a curling iron because I don’t own one and didn’t know where to start.  Trade Secrets helped me figure out what is best for me to achieve the look I want. They suggested the  Hot Tools Professional 1 1/2″ Curling Iron 24K Gold.

I’ve been seeing a lot of hair photos on all social media about beach waves and then this beautiful curling iron came into my life! I’m truly grateful. I used this 5 times so far to get it right and I’m still working on getting better at it. I’m use to using hot curlers but the hot curlers give a different curl then this curling iron. As you will see in my pictures this creates volume and soft waves.


The curling iron comes with instructions and extra spring. What’s great about the Hot Tools Curling Iron is that it has different temperature settings. It is brilliant because if you want loose waves you can use less heat and if you want more definition you can put it on a higher heat. Also some hair can’t take that much heat and it can cause damage to the hair.  I like how I can customize the proper heat for my hair. It also has a little stand so it can safely stay risen and not touch my counter. I really like how the handle rotates, it makes curling easier and faster. If you would like to see a video on how I curl my hair let me know in the comments.


I tried this curling iron 5 times so far and I love it. If you want beach waves and volume this curling iron will truly do that.  Did you know that when your curl your hair you should start curling at the roots and work your way down? This way you create more volume.




I’m going to be using this all summer! I love how it gives me a natural and soft look. It is very easy to use and customizable in temperature. The handle rotates and makes curling easy. If you are looking to create beach waves this summer this wand for you. If you have the same length as me or longer this will give you the best beach waves. Do you have a curling iron? Which one? Would love to know. I don’t use this everyday. Just letting you know I usually curl my hair when I have to go somewhere and when I’m filming. Just mentioning this because I know a lot of heat is not good for the hair.

I’m very happy with my curling iron, I find it easy to use and love the look it gives!

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