Fall Blog Post Ideas

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Fall begins on September 22nd and I wanted to help out bloggers with ideas and inspiration for Fall. Fall is one of my favourite Seasons and I wanted to create content that is full of Autumnal bliss. I hope this blog post helps. Feel free to share this post with other fellow bloggers and I would love to read your posts once you are done. In the fall I always come up with a list of blog ideas and it really helps with my creative process. Sometimes I don’t get to all of them but it’s nice to have a list and plan.

fall blog ideas

  1. Write things you like to do in nature during Autumn. It could be a bike ride, walk, picking pumpkins, apple picking or anything that involves nature.
  2. What are some of your favourite reading materials in the Fall? Books, magazines, articles or someones blog. Let us know! Sharing is caring.
  3. Write about a yummy fall recipe that you love. It could include breakfast, lunch, dinner. You don’t have to create your own recipe, you can share one that’s already out there. Just remember if you mention other recipes to link to the original creator.
  4. Your favourite Fall film or shows.
  5. Favourite Skincare product and how does your skincare routine change in the Fall?
  6. A Fall Lookbook. Show us pieces of your favourite clothing for Fall. Would love to know what you love to wear. Is it a sweater or a special scarf? Let us know how amazing you feel and show us how fabulous you look!
  7. What are your favourite Fall Fragrances? Why? What are the notes that make it special to you? Is it cinnamon? Cardamom? share the details and secrets that make it special.
  8. What are your wellness and health changes in the Fall? Do you go for a run? Is it yoga in the park? Do you go to a special class? How about vitamins or essential oils? Baths and massages? Share with us how your health and wellness changes with the season.
  9. With fall comes new decorations, colours, patterns and beautiful shapes. Share your home decor! Do you change things in the Fall? Do you decorate with Autumnal foliage? Share your space with us and give us some inspiration!
  10. Do you have Fall family traditions? Would love to read more about them. Share your story and some images that bring your story to life.
  11. Fall Makeup and makeup tips. Share your makeup look and what you’ve used.
  12. Fall DIY. It could be your handmade Fall decoration, Fall journaling, Fall scrapbook page any Fall craft or even knitting and costume making. Share that DIY!
  13. FALL ART if you create art share it!
  14. What are some things you do with your children in the Fall? Do you go apple picking? Do you gather leaves and paint with them? What are some things the kids love to do in the Fall?
  15. Make a Fall wish list.
  16. Make a Gratitude blog post. What are things you are grateful for?
  17. Slowcooker recipes. I love my slow cooker so please share your recipes!
  18. Fall Soup recipes.
  19. Places to Travel in the Fall. I love traveling and we are all from different parts of the world so it’s amazing to see photos of your special place and especially what it looks like in the Fall. Please share your special Fall travel places.
  20. Favourite Fall nail polishes.
  21. Create a Fall Bucket list.
  22. A Fall poem. If you don’t write poems challenge your self and write one. Share it with an Autumnal photo.
  23. Fall Hairstyles.
  24. Fall Photography. Challenge your self and take a Fall photo. It could be nature, still life, flowers or food. Have fun.
  25. Share your Fall favourite accounts! It could be on any social media platform.
  26. Collaborate with other fellow bloggers and create a challenge or simply work together and create! It’s so amazing to get to know others and share what you love and have in common. Or you can even learn from your differences. Working with others can be so fun and rewarding.
  27. Create a mood board. It could be on line or with actual paper and magazines or photo collage.
  28. Create a Pinterest Board and share it in your blog  post. Tell us all about it! Check out mine if you like. FALL IN LOVE.
  29. Write a post starting with Dear August… or Dear September… or Dear October…
  30. Write a post reflecting back on your Summer and what you look forward to in Autumn.
  31. What’s in your handbag in the Fall? Does it change? What products do you carry with you?
  32. Favourite Fall Drinks.
  33. Favorite Fall desserts.
  34. Top Five Fashion Accessories.
  35. Favourite Scary Movies.
  36. Favourite Fall Scents and why are they your favourite? Does it bring up a memory? Share that Childhood memory. Explore it.
  37. A list of things that make you happy in the Fall.
  38. Write about a Day in Your life in the Fall.
  39. Write about a special memory you have of Fall.
  40. Write about your Thanksgiving Dinner Traditions.
  41. Write about Halloween and how you celebrate it.
  42. Create a Fall wallpaper for the computer and share it with your readers.

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I hope this post was helpful to you and I hope it brings you some inspiration. Can’t wait to read your posts! Happy Blogging!THank you for visiting blog end

Inspire and Work Together!


Empowerment and Movement

Growth… development… inspiration!

TRIBE POWER as Belinda describes in her beautiful and amazing newsletter!

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Have you read Belinda’s Newsletter? I would like to say a HUGE thank you to her for mentioning me. She is wonderful and It means so much! You should totally subscribe to her powerful blog and inspiring newsletter. (at the bottom of her blog.)

Oh yes and her brilliant YouTube Channel too!


From the moment I started blogging I’ve come across beautiful and inspirational people that I love and adore. I’ve mentioned many in my blog posts before and this month on my blog I would like to share more lovely artists and feature them. You can see many of these lovely inspirational people all around me all the time because they are the ones that leave the positive comments and share my posts and interact with me. I’m truly blessed. This emotional and heartfelt blog post is because of all of you! From all the loving and beautiful support you’ve given me. Thank you! A huge thank you to Cat and Belinda. It means so much to me and I appreciate it so much.

I wanted to thank you all for the comments you left me on the video for the Fashion Magazine Beauty Vlogger Video. Have you seen all the comments in my video? I didn’t win by the way but I WON in a HUGE and different way! MY GOD! All of you made me win inside my heart by the warmth of your comments! Seriously! It’s a true blessing to have you all by my side. I appreciate you all! Thank you so much! By the way thank you to CAT for showing me how to add IG photos in the blog posts! 🙂 woo hoo!

When I was talking to Cat I mentioned how I want to create connections this year and work together with more artists. Collaborate and Integrate!

I really enjoy working with others!

So Belinda mentioned TRIBES in her newsletter and right away I remembered teachers College and fell in love with the idea all over again. A community where people help people and learn from each other. A place where we can be our true selves and inspire each other. Reminds me a lot of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers. I’m grateful for being a part of the CBB because I’ve gotten to know a lot of strong women in the group that truly inspire me. So thank you to the CBB team for being there for me. This is starting to feel like a huge THANK YOU blog post! Why not! I’m totally GRATEFUL and High on LIFE!!  WOO HOO!




Sometimes it can be hard to be a blogger and influenster. I’m being honest here. Sometimes I need a little push to move forward. Well lately connecting with bloggers has been that wonderful push forward. I feel so strong and more confident when I work with other lovely bloggers. I love interaction and communication. Working together is so important. That being said I wanted to let you know that starting  now until further notice I’m going to pin a tweet on twitter and feature a lovely YouTuber, Vlogger, blogger or artist for each month because I feel we should help each other grow.

Sometimes I feel that people don’t do this enough. It’s so important to help each other, promote each other and grow together. Sometimes I feel that people lead a self centred life.  Life is so much more beautiful when it’s done together. It is more creative, fun and there’s a give and take of positivity and good energy. More can be accomplished and achieved together and it’s so fulfilling!

I feel very happy and grateful to have a lovely group of people around me that encourage me. You can see all of them in comments that are on my blog posts and videos. All of YOU who leave positive messages is what fuels me to write more, take more photos and explore more with my writing and blog. There are also friends behind the scenes that chat with me and really help me out.

Positive energy and positive vibes!

Thank you!

Like I mentioned in my post New Exciting Additions! Cat is a huge motivator and she seriously needs to become a motivational speaker or write a book or something because she is a GIVER! She is very special. There are GIVERS in this world and there are TAKERS and CAT is a really amazing giver! She has helped me and pushed me to take risks and move forward.   Cat, THANK YOU for helping me along. Seriously HUGE THANK YOU!

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.43.52 PM.png

I believe in what ever you put out in the Universe it will come back to you and it will ripple and grow big. This I believe a lot. Positive vibes and thoughts create positive things in life.  I would like to say a huge thank you to Cat and Belinda and a huge thank you to all of you for being by my side. I don’t care if I sound too cheesy or emotional. I LOVE being who I am and I’m not afraid to show it. *thank you Cat for helping me.


It’s okay not to be “perfect”

It’s okay to be crazy and let my really funny side show.

It’s okay to be who I am and love my self just the way I am.

Thank you all!



Follow your heart and when you do, a smile will form on your face without you knowing.

-Maria Medeiros 🙂


Weekend Fun & Easter Blessings!

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Hello! I hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend! I’m very blessed because I get to celebrate two Easters. The Greek Orthodox Easter is May 1st and It’s a blessing to have two celebrations. I always spend Easter with Family and it’s always so lovely. The kids play and paint eggs and we sit and eat together and have a good time. It’s always really special. I’m very grateful that we create beautiful memories especially for the children.

  My Sister-in-law made the prettiest cupcakes!

The writing on my sister-in-laws wall. 

Beautiful table setting.

I posted my OOTD (outfit of the day)  photo on my instagram account. This is what I wore at the family Easter Dinner.  My friend Humara picked out the dress for me. Thank you so much Humara! It’s from American Eagle Outfitters. I love that store! I would buy everything from that store if I could.  A really pretty floral dress and my glasses are from Reitmans, my cardigan is from Walmart, my boots are from Winners and of course the new love in my life Michael Kors handbag that my hubby bought as an early Birthday gift. I haven’t created an outfit of the day since summer and I was inspired by Humara. She is truly amazing at Style and fashion and I admire that about her. What do you think of this outfit? Would you like to see more style and fashion on my blog?

  So after the wonderful dinner my sister-in-law filled our bellies with lovely desserts!

Also this weekend Humara and I went shopping at the Scarborough Town centre and I can’t wait to bring you our VLOG! We vlogged together and it was so much fun to see the new ZARA store. It is huge! There’s a men’s clothing store, women’s and children’s store! I’m putting the vlog together today. I hope to have it up by tomorrow with another post for you. Would you like to subscribe to my VLOG channel? I would love your support.

Here is the lovely Humara and I at the Kastor & Pollux Instalation at the Scarborough Town Centre.  


The Kastor & Pollux Installation offers a lot of places to take creative photos.The installation is a collaboration with ZARA at the Scarborough town centre to offer the community a chance to win a gift card.  I believe they took the installation down but the contest is still open until April. For more information you can have a look at Scarborough Town Centre website. 

Have a read at my blog post for more information if you like.


Photo Credit -> HUMARA
Photo Credit -> Humara    Photo Credit -> HUMARA

Thank you all for being here and reading my post. I appreciate it. I wish you a very beautiful week. I’m very excited to bring you more news this week about the Dave Lackie Dinner that I’m attending on Wednesday for Shiseido.


I’ll be tweeting @bestdayblogger live from the Shiseido event on Wednesday at 6:00pm. Be sure to follow Dave Lackie @davelackie and also follow the Hashtag #sharebeauty to see photos from the lovely party.  Truly a blessing to be chosen to attend. Thank you so much to Dave Lackie! I’m truly grateful!  I  also can’t wait to see my lovely and beautiful friend Cat at the Shiseido event. Have you seen her beauty blog? you definitely need to check her out. She is a sweetheart!!!


Thank you all and have a beautiful week!

Tomorrow’s post will be about what I won from Bluescandal.com!

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What a magical evening! The lovely room at the ARCANDIAN LOFTS 401 Bay Street Simpson Tower, 8th Floor were decorated with beautiful floral arrangements.  The music was lovely and the magical GIVENCHY “Live Irresistible” perfume bottles were set on every table like pieces of art in a museum. “Live Irresistible” smells so lovely with hints of floral rose, fruity pineapple and berry amber spice. The drinks were served with beautiful  rose petals. The candles set the mood and the candy table was so delightful. Dave Lackie is an amazing host and everything was so organized and beautiful. The food was the best food I’ve ever tasted. The mood was set perfectly, the food was incredible and the speeches added a lovely closure to the most magical night.



I am truly grateful I had this opportunity. This is the first launch party that I’ve ever attended and I’m so happy and grateful that I was there to be a part of such an amazing launch. GIVENCHY “Live Irresistible” Is truly my favourite perfume right now. I adore the scent and the bottle is so stunning!  The fragrance is spicy fruity floral. The sharp pineapple, beautiful rose petals and unique Jamaican allspice berries with amber and musks gives such sensual warmth.

“Her fragrance is a spicy fruit floral. Just like her, it is sweet and has plenty of spice! The beaming light of a sharp pineapple, the voluptuous delicacy of exclusive rose petals, the unique boldness of jamaican allspice berries, the sensual warmth of amber and musks…composed by Dominique Ropion, Live Irresistible is a unique and impertinent cocktail of flowers, fruits and spices, for a fragrance that gives life the scent of whimsy. A surprising Eau de Parfum with a feisty character” -GIVENCHY


 They picked the perfect actress for this fragrance!

Thank you so much to Dave Lackie for the amazing opportunity.


It was the most beautiful Dinner Party. It was so wonderful to meet other beauty bloggers also. Have a look at Stephanie and Humara‘s beauty blogs.  I hope you enjoyed the video as well. Please Subscribe to my channel so I can bring you more videos!

Thank you so much!

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