How Does Breast Augmentation Fit Into a Mom’s Life?

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How Does Breast Augmentation Fit Into a Mom’s Life?

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. I’m so grateful to be living the mommy life. But while the process of becoming a mom made a huge positive impact on me as a whole, it definitely changed my body in ways that I hadn’t expected.

I loved my body before I had a baby and I love my body now, but I do miss some of the youthfulness and confidence I felt pre-pregnancy. 

Many moms consider breast augmentation to help get back to their pre-baby body and reignite their confidence. Undergoing a procedure is a big decision, though, and you may not be sure if the process will realistically fit into your life and all your body’s day to day mom duties.

I’ve heard some of my fellow moms mention the same concerns: How long would they be out of commission? What results would they get? How would life be different after?

I did some digging of my own, and here’s what I learned. 

What are the options?

Some of the most popular types of augmentation are silicone implants, saline implants and fat grafting. Silicone implants come in a teardrop (anatomical) or round shape; saline implants are silicone shells that are filled with saltwater; and fat grafting is a subtler option that uses fat taken from another part of your body. The option you choose depends on your personal preference, body type, and the look you’re going for, and you can even mix and customize procedures to create your own unique size and shape.

How long does recovery take?

Recovery is a step-by-step process. According to Dr. Derek Ford, who specializes in plastic surgery and breast augmentation in Toronto, you can be back on your feet and moving around the same day and back to most types of work in about a week. You’ll need to stay away from heavy lifting for a few more weeks. Your surgeon will clear you for more activities at your follow-up appointments and will give you specific instructions to follow so you can be totally back to normal ASAP.

What will the results be after?

Practices like Dr. Ford’s now offer 3D previews that can show you an in-depth look at what your results may be so you can get a feel for your new look before you commit. It takes some of the guesswork out of your decision and will give you a glimpse into what your post-surgery body will be.

What is life after surgery like?

Once you’re recuperated, you get to go forward with a new bod and new and improved sense of confidence. A study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed a “very large” improvement of quality of life after breast augmentation. No regrets there.

If you’re one of many moms out there wondering if a breast augmentation makes sense in your life, know you’re not alone. With so many options and new ways to get back on your feet more quickly than ever, it’s definitely possible to fit into your busy mommy life. 

We all deserve to love the bodies we’re in. If plastic surgery can help you reach your body confidence goals, it’s a beautiful thing. 

Craftadian Christmas Market Mississauga


I’m really excited to share with you all about The Craftadian Mississauga Christmas Market which will take place on Saturday November 11th, 2017 from 10:00AM-4:00PM at First United Church Port Credit, 151 Lakeshore Road W. Mississauga.

There is going to be over 40 Local Artisans with beautiful handmade goodies.  There will be art, baby items, toys, body products, candles, wood work, glass, ceramic, paper goods, clothing plus accessories, local food, photography, jewellery, knitting, fabric and free workshops!


I was kindly sent this amazing Sampler Box to share with you today and I’m blown away by all the beautiful and charming pieces. I adore hand made items so much and the sampler box is stunning! Thank you so much to Craftadian and all the incredible artists! Each piece is absolutely breathtaking! Knowing that these are hand made is very special to me. The pieces in the sampler box are from the following artists:

Snowman Magnet – Bubbas Woodturning


Charm Bracelet-Dream Willow Studio


Mineral Makeup – Holly Berry


Energy Stone-luxe.zen


Cupcake Soap- Small Batch Soaps


Alcohol Ink Hand Painted Earrings- Sue B Designs


Bring Me Socks THINKCHIC


Three on the Treetop




Terrific Tasting Tea

Toasted Almond Herbal


On Saturday, November 11, a day of new discoveries awaits, as you roam through the crafty aisles of the First United Church at 151 Lakeshore Road West from 10 am – 4 pm.  A fun day for the whole family, where one can meet Santa, make crafts with Oak Learners, and sample the best homemade perogies while shopping handmade artisanal wares made by more than 40 local makers. On show will be skincare, children’s toys, jewelry, stationery, artwork, home décor, plus much more. Craftadian supports not for profit registered charity, Crafting for a Cure that looks for opportunities to ensure children are having a positive experience when a hospital visit is necessary. Admission is $3, and free for ages 16 and under. The first 50 families get a free swag bag.

Expect to see all these artist there and many more.

I hope to see you all there for a fun and very crafty day.

Thank you so much to Craftadian for the incredible Sample Box.

I really appreciate it and I love everything!

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Tips to Staying Hydrated in the Winter Also #FreshEssentials

Hello my wonderful friends!

Thank you for viewing this blog post and I appreciate all your support.

I’m here today to talk about hydration and how important it is to keep hydrated in the winter.

Our body needs water and needs to stay hydrated.

Here are some things that you can do to stay hydrated.

Drink lots of water!

You can add things like lemon and lime in your water to increase vitamin c.

Also add cucumber or even snack on them! They are very good and hydrating.


Decaffeinated drinks are hydrating!

tea is very good for you!

Lots of veggies!

Salads are amazing for you!

Soups are very amazing in the Winter!

Tea and water also!

Juicing is really beneficial!

Lots of fruits and veggies have so many

vitamins and are very hydrating.

 Don’t forget your skin, lips and hair!

Recently I’ve been using #freshessentials from Aveeno 

 I find that Aveeno really hydrates my skin and protects my skin from the harsh winter weather and the sun. I really love how it makes my skin look and feel. I’m a huge fan of Aveeno #FreshEssentials

The three that I use are

Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 30

$16.97-$19.99 CAD/ 74mL bottle

 Keeps the good in and the BAD OUT! 🙂

This Daily Moisturizer is a lightweight formula, enriched with anti-oxidants and vitamins. (A, C & E)

It is clinically proven to replenish moisture to dry stressed skin.

It softens and smoothes skin, it strengthens skin’s moisture barrier with an exclusive formula that contains active naturals ( Southernwood Extract)

Helps Protect skin from drying environmental stressors, and the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays

 Also oil-free, hypoallergenic and Non-comedogenic

$9.97-$12.99 CAD/ 145mL tube

This is a really amazing exfoliating scrub!

It exfoliates to remove dead skin cells with natural luffa and coconut pulp enriched formula!

 It polishes away pore clogging impurities that lead to breakouts. It is Oil free and hypoallergenic.

 Also oil-free, hypoallergenic

$16.97-$19.99 CAD/49ml Jar

 This night cream hydrates and replenishes skin’s moisture.

 Your skin feels so refreshed when you wake up!

This night cream hydrates the skin to help offset dryness caused by the environmental stressors, while helping to support the natural moisture reserves of your skin during its nightly rebuilding phase, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

It infuses skin with a blend of antioxidants!

Also oil-free, hypoallergenic and Non-comedogenic

 *The #FreshEssentials are available

Nationwide at food, drug and mass merchandisers


I  also love using oils in my bath too and in my hair.

Oils are wonderful to hydrate and nourish the skin.

My lips are very dry and I’ve been loving NIVEA Lip butter and C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve.

Stay Hydrated my friends and keep moisturizing, oiling and drinking water!

* I have NOT been paid to write about the products

*Products with the * in front have been given to me to review.

*Products expressed in my post are all 100% my honest opinion

Thank yoU!