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Happy Tuesday! I’m very happy to bring you my April & May Favourites and this will be the last favourites blog post for the time being. I’m very excited to share things that I’ve been madly in love with in April and continue to love in May. I will start with Netflix and TV.

I started watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix again. I just LOVE it so much. Obsessed with the show. I’m also really blown away by The Handmaid’s Tale on the BRAVO Channel.  It’s a very powerful story and it was the first novel that I ever read in grade 9 from start to finish. Just warning it can be dark and disturbing.  Currently i’m also watching Pretty Little Liars. So far it’s really intense. I’ll be so sad when it’s all over.



In April I had the loveliest opportunity to visit BITE Beauty Lab in Toronto. It was so much fun. I had the greatest experience with other beautiful bloggers. To read more about my experience and what I named my lipsticks check out my post: BITE Beauty Lip Lab Par-Tay! WARNING This post includes hot lipsticks! I loved the process and creating my own personalized lip colours and flavours was incredible fun.


I’ve been really loving AVON TRUE COLOUR Eyebrow pencil in Brunette. This pencil works so nicely and also blends smoothly. It is also the same colour as my eyebrows so it looks natural. Love it! Smooth, soft and creamy.

If you like to read more of my AVON Posts have a look:

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DIOR Pump ‘n’ Volume Mascara. An incredible high end mascara. Love it and can’t get enough of it! Check out the FEATURE if you like DIOR Electrify Eyeshadow Palette & DIORSHOW Pump ‘N’ Volume FEATURE


This is Chanel Rouge coco Stylo 217 Panorama. The softest, loveliest lip shine I’ve ever tried. It makes my lips look really lovely and shiny. The formula feels so soft and creamy. Madly in love with it. If you like you can read more about the collection. CHANEL 2017 CRUISE COLLECTION FEATURE


I love using this Burberry lip colour contour No.3 Medium as a primer and base to my nude lipsticks. It’s really lovely and feels so nice on the lips. I love contouring my lips with this because it makes my lips look fuller. Read more about Burberry’s The Essentials Collection. BURBERRY Fresh Glow and Lip Contour! FEATURE & A Glowing Complexion with BURBERRY ‘The Essentials’ Prime! Contour! Highlight!


I absolutely LOVE Marcelle Waterproof Gentle Make-up remover pads. They are perfect in every way. They take away my eye makeup so well and I can’t live without them. What I love about these is that they really eliminate the amount of rubbing around the eye area. I don’t even have to rub back and forth. I just place the pad on the eye for a minute and swipe the makeup away. Love them!


This skin booster is incredible! When I use the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Booster It makes my skin look and feel wonderful and my makeup lasts so much longer. Read the Feature if you like.  Make Up For Ever ULTRA HD SKIN BOOSTER and ULTRA HD PRESSED POWDER


As you can tell I’ve been really loving and enjoying DIOR makeup palette in 357 Electrify. The colours are beautiful and perfect for summer. I adore this palette and I can’t get enough of it.  DIOR Electrify Eyeshadow Palette & DIORSHOW Pump ‘N’ Volume FEATURE


I highly recommend you check out Make Up For Ever HD pressed powder. My skin looks and feels really amazing when I use this powder. It takes away the shine. When I use this pressed powder my skin looks even. I Love it and highly recommend it. I love the results it gives and my makeup lasts longer.



The best highlighter I have ever used. Burberry’s Fresh Glow highlighter in Pink Pearl is beyond beautiful. I absolutely love it!  What I love about it is that it isn’t glittery. It looks really natural and lovely on the skin. Highly recommend you check it out.  A Glowing Complexion with BURBERRY ‘The Essentials’ Prime! Contour! Highlight!


Chanel’s New Summer Collection is perfection! Chanel never fails in anything they come out with.  I really love how this powder makes my complexion look. This is the Healthy glow luminous colour in Light.  It gives a beautiful glow to my face and warmth. Love the way it looks and feels. I love using this. Truly beautiful for the summer. Love the glow and warmth!


I’ve been really enjoying wearing Maybelline 830 Truffle Tease. Totally lovely! It is very creamy and moisturizing. A beautiful everyday nude colour.


One nail polish that I can’t stay away from is this beautiful light peachy colour by CHANEL. It’s the perfect summer colour. I love it and I use only one coat. It’s the 560 Coquilage. I absolultey love CHANEL’S Summer Collection. Have a look if you like.



I’ve been loving AVON makeup. Love the eyeshadow palette Havana Sol Mojitos by the sea and the blush called sun and sand. Truly beautiful and I love the amazing quality of AVON Mark makeup. Very lovely!


Skincare by AVON is incredible. The ANEW line is wonderful and I highly recommend this specific cream for neck and chest. This is the ANEW PLATINUM FIRM AND SCULPT CREAM for the neck and chest area. It is an anti-aging cream. I absolutely recommend you try this cream. It really works amazingly and I’m seeing fantastic results. It is very nourishing and hydrating. Love it! Get Summer Ready! Summer Skincare Protection with AVON


I’ve been loving showering with Le Petit Marseillais. They smell so good, clean really well and leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Love these body washes and my favourite ones are the Orange Blossom and the Cotton Milk and Poppy.


I also must add a favourite post!  I worked super hard for the COVERGIRL Post.  if you like have a look. I really love the post because it challenged me with with three makeup looks and I feel the post was a great integrated piece with TV, Comic Books and Makeup. What do you think? I would love for you to tell me. Please feel free to leave me comments. I love comments. I Spy With My Little Eye COVERGIRL on RIVERDALE! Hot Show & Bold Makeup!




I hope you enjoyed my favourites for April and May. I’m going to have a few more posts this week and then I’ll be off on vacation. Thank you all for your love, support and comments. Much love and positive vibes! Have a beautiful Summer!

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I’m very excited to share two products that are a part of my April Favourites. I love them so much and they give incredible results to my skin and my makeup.  The ULTRA HD SKIN BOOSTER, Hydra-Plump Serum and the ULTRA HD PRESSED POWDER, Microfinishing Pressed Powder are my absolute favourites right now and here is a little more about them.

ULTRA HD SKIN BOOSTER: This plumping serum instantly hydrates and smoothes upon application, increasing skin’s moisture by 400% and preparing it for makeup application. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and improves skin’s ability to hold makeup, while Collagen, Argan Oil Extract with Vitamin E help plump and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the skin’s overall appearance. A colorless serum suitable for all skin tones, ULTRA HD SKIN BOOSTER should be applied directly to clean skin and left to absorb for about 15 minutes before applying primer and foundation. ULTRA HD SKIN BOOSTER, $51.00

The booster really helps my tired skin look healthy and it offers nourishing hydration and plumping. It helps my skin feel and look really good.  A few drops with my foundation or my primer really helps to boost comfort and hydration leaving my skin to look radiant and have a luminous glow. 


Next I have my favourite pressed powder. The ULTRA HD PRESSED POWDER, Microfinishing Pressed Powder. Truly INCREDIBLE! I’m absolutely obsessed with it! I love how it gives the perfect finish to my makeup and it also helps the areas of my skin likely to get more oily. It takes away the shine and helps my skin have a lovely natural finish. I really love this formula and it also helps my makeup last longer.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 11.39.46 AM

ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING PRESSED POWDER: Now available in multiple shades for different skin tones, this convenient, pressed finishing powder instantly blurs fine lines, pores and imperfections, delivering a light, semi-matte and natural finish. Similar to ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING LOOSE POWDER, Silica gives a blurring effect. Unique to the pressed formula, Micronized Pigments offer a second-skin finish and anti-dulling effect for tan and dark skin tones, and Hyaluronic Acid helps prevent dryness that is typical of pressed powder formulas. Available in Translucent (1), Banana (2), and Peach (3), ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING PRESSED POWDER should be applied with Artisan Brush #160 and blended evenly for a beautiful finish. PRO TIP: Use Banana ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING PRESSED POWDER to finish a medium complexion or to add warmth to a fair complexion. Use Peach to finish tan complexions and to add warmth or create a natural contour in medium complexions. Translucent can be used on all skin tones for a natural finish. -MAKE UP FOR EVER



ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING LOOSE & PRESSED POWDERS MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING LOOSE & PRESSED POWDERS are the last essential step to complexion perfection. Based on improved formulas of the cult-favorite HD Microfinish & Pressed Powders, these finishing products join the ULTRA HD family to invisibly blur and smooth skin imperfections with a natural, semi-matte finish and a formula compatible with 4K technology. -Make Up For Ever

Availability: ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING LOOSE POWDER, $44.00, and ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING PRESSED POWDER, $45.00, available beginning February at Sephora.ca. Available in March at Sephora stores nationwide.


Overall I highly recommend both of these beauties! I love them and love the results they give. They are both a staple to my beauty and skincare routine. A must have for everyone!


*PR Samples. Thank you so much to Make Up For Ever for the lovely samples. thank you for visiting gold

G.M. Collin Derm Renewal Booster REVIEW



G.M. Collin Derm Renewal Booster 10% AHA

Anti-Aging Skin Care

All Skin Types

The anti-aging serum, formulated with 10% AHA, visibly refines the skin’s texture enhancing clarity and unveiling a flawless-looking complexion. A resurfacing skin booster for dull and dreary skin that reveals the next layer of the skin and makes the complexion glow. Removes dead skin cells from the surface and exfoliates to provide the benefits of a peel with less irritation. Ideal to boost the effects of all G.M.Collin anti-aging products.  G.M. COLLIN

I used the Derm Renewal Booster for one month. I will first add that I do not like the scent at all but I found the formula works amazing. I got amazing results with this booster and I found that it has really helped with my complexion and it definitely got rid of the dead skin cells from the surface of my skin. I used the G.M. Collin Derm Renewal Booster after using my cleanser and I added a little drop or two followed by letting it absorb on my skin. I then topped it up with my G.M. Collin face cream. I applied this at night for one month and by the end of the month my skin looked and felt amazing.


A resurfacing skin booster for dull and dreary skin that reveals the next layer of the skin and makes the complexion glow. Ideal to boost the effects of all G.M. Collin anti-aging products!

This product is great for all skin types and conditions. The benefits are that it exfoliates and reveals the next layer of your skin. It Refines the skin’s texture and unveils a glowing flawless looking complexion. The Main Ingredients are 7% Glycolic Acid, 3% Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Skin resurfacing Complex (Oligopeptide) and Niancinamide. Again this is to be applied at night for one month and used two times per year or as recommended by your skincare professional. Use of this product may make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Apply sun protection before sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards. If irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product, if it persists, consult a doctor. Avoid contact with eyes.


Overall I really dislike the scent of this formula but because this booster  works really amazing I totally recommend this! It definitely helped with the look and feel of my skin and I am very happy with the results. I didn’t find the formula to irritate my skin at all. I used two drops at night time and I made sure I added sunscreen in the morning. The formula is light and absorbs quickly. Thank you to G.M Collin for this sample.

Over 90% of volunteers noticed an improved skin texture, brightness and radiance.




Boost your Skin with Clarins!




Ultra Concentrated formulas for stressed out skin!

I have three new Clarins skin boosters and I’m so excited to share the amazing benefits of each one! These can be added to your daily moisturizer and can also be used on their own. If you would like to find out the perfect Booster for your skin have a look at the Clarins website.

“What is your skin going through right now?” -CLARINS

There is a big difference between a booster and a face oil.

A booster is used temporary and short-term or as a treatment. You use 3 to 5 drops mixed with your regular day or night cream, mask or foundation. An oil is ongoing to balance your skin type and also used as a treatment. You can also use an oil after removing your makeup.




I’ve been using  CLARINS BOOSTERS  for a month now and I’m loving how relaxing and soothing they are. Lately I’ve been a little stressed and stress can definitely show on the skin. Clarins Boosters definitely help with my skin’s needs and sensitivities by detoxifying, repairing and energizing my skin. I’m very pleased with the results and I’m here to share the benefits of each one with you.



Revives radiance or a dull complexion, detoxifies and plumps the skin.

Your skin is ASPHYXIATED, like after overeating, the morning after a party or holiday, a smoke-filled atmosphere…Offer it a detox cure!
The ultra-concentrated Booster Detox formula is enriched with green coffee extract, tropical African plant rich in caffeine recognized for centuries for its detoxifying properties:
• revives the radiance of dull complexions,
• detoxifies and plumps the skin.



Tones and re-energizes your skin, minimizes signs of fatigue and revives its radiance.


Your skin is TIRED, like after a sleepless night, work crunch time, jet-lag, a diet…Offer it an energy cure!
The ultra-concentrated Booster Energy formula is enriched with a ginseng extract, a legendary Chinese medicinal plant known for millennia for its stimulant properties:
• tones and re-energizes the skin,
• blurs signs of fatigue,
• revives its radiance.



Reduces Feelings of Discomfort, optimizes skin strength an minimizes the appearance of redness.


Our skin is WEAKENED, like after a sunburn, exposure to extreme cold, a light aesthetic treatment…Offer it a recuperating cure!

The ultra-concentrated Booster Repair formula is enriched with mimosa tenuiflora extract, a Mayan medicinal plant known for centuries for its healing properties:
• reduces feelings of discomfort,
• optimizes skin recovery,
• reduces redness.


Find out which BOOSTER is best for your skin by having a look at the website. They help prompt you to find the best booster for your needs. The Boosters are applied in the palm of your hand. You mix 3 to 5 drops of your Booster with your regular moisturizer, foundation or mask. You apply evenly on clean dry skin working from the centre of the face outward. Lightly pressing on drainage points. Depending on your skin’s needs you can use it for the day, week or one month.  The little bottles have a rubber bottom and you just press the rubber which releases little drops of booster. These are truly beautiful Boosters that I highly recommend and perfect for transitioning into Autumnal weather. Less sunlight means less vitamins and less energy so these BOOSTERS are the perfect way to offer the skin a great DETOX, REPAIR and ENERGY!


*PR SAMPLES. That being said all my opinions are always honest and true. Not sponsored and not an AD.