January Free Printable!

It’s a new year but we continue to have lockdowns and closures and a lot of negative things. I’m here to offer you free printable to hopefully help out the mood. I’ve created a free printable stationary, a digital wallpaper for your computer and a positive board that you can use as a wallpaper or print it out for your journaling needs. 🙂 I hope it brings you some joy and sunshine. I used CANVA. It is so fun and amazing to use. Feel free to check it out. I use the free trial.


I hope you download and use these paper goodies.

Think positive and stay humble. Be good to your self and have a cuppa tea and relax.

Do things you love!

I would love to know if you enjoy writing letters to friends as much as I do.

Much love,




Holiday Cheer! Free Wallpaper and Stationary

Hello lovely friends! I’m excited to share with you a lovely wallpaper that I designed on CANVA.

You can download it free and print it out if you like. I hope you are all well. We are coming to the end of November and I have no idea where the time has gone. I’m looking forward to December. I look forward to baking and watching nature turn to a winter wonderland! Do you believe in Christmas Magic? I do. We must believe!

I enjoy writing letters to friends during the winter months and wanted to share my creation with you. Are you excited for the holidays? I will be filming #Vlogmas this year! I’m very excited. Please follow along if you like on my Youtube Channel. Let me know in the comments if you download and use the stationary and the wallpaper. It will make me happy to read your comments.

Thank you all and have a lovely weekend!

Live life to the fullest!


Autumn Mood Board And Wallpaper

Hello my lovely readers and friends! I hope you are all well. One item on my bucket list is to create a mood board. I created a digital one on Canva and I had so much fun creating it. I’ve also made it into a wallpaper for you so you can use if you like.

Another item on my bucket list is to write a letter to a friend and I created an autumnal stationary. I hope you print it out and enjoy it. 🍁

Thank you so much my lovely friends. Have a lovely day!