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Last year I attended the Dave Lackie follower party for SHISEIDO  with my wonderful friend and incredible blogger Cat Forsley.


I was blown away at the entire #ShareBeauty concept. SHISEIDO has connected people with their incredible campaign that “Beauty is a feeling”.


Did you happen to see my VLOG for that evening? Well you’re in luck!  I’ve attached it to this post so you can have a look at it if you like and you can also click and see pictures of the event on the blog post. #ShareBeauty Shiseido Event Toronto It was a beautiful function and I had so much fun. Truly a wonderful event that I will always remember. Thank you so much to Dave Lackie for the opportunity.

Last week I was fortunate and very lucky to win a gift from Dave Lackie on Twitter. You should totally follow him. He is really amazing and wonderful. He is a sweetheart and always gives to others. He is a really incredible person. The amazing gift that I kindly won is a Shiseido makeup bag with beautiful skincare and a lipstick. Thank you so much Dave Lackie! I’m truly grateful. I love everything and used everything already and I’m not surprised at all at how incredible the products are. Truly amazing especially the Cleanser!  wow!


I would also like to thank Dave for the beautiful lipstick! I adore the formula and the colour and packaging is perfection. This is in the colour RD 311 Crime of Passion. Totally adore Shiseido Lipsticks. They are beyond perfection!


Since I’m on a Shiseido Theme I wanted to share with you my INFLUENSTER BOX!



Guess what came in the box?

Shiseido products!

I’m going to share each product with you and give you a short little info and review.


IBUKI Quick Fix Mist

13ml Travel Size

This spray is amazing!  This is an all-day gel spray that absorbs oil, refreshes makeup and tones down shine in a spritz, anytime and anywhere. Incredible little travel size perfect for the handbag. I also received a big size when I went to the event and I absolutely love the Quick Fix Mist. Amazing!


 Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

10ml Travel size

This is an incredible booster for your skin. It really helps defend against signs of stress, aging and environmental damage. I apply this after my cleanser and I absolutely love it!


This is the IBUKI  Beauty Sleeping Mask.  This is for one application. I love this mask. I applied this before bed and I woke up with amazing radiant and hydrated skin. It feels dewy on the skin and very soothing and hydrating.


*Influenster box products have been given for review purposes. All opinions expressed are all honest and true. *SAMPLES

 Thank you so much to Dave Lackie for the wonderful gift.

Thank you also to Influenster for the free samples and to Shiseido Canada.

Have a beautiful week everyone and thank you so much!


Inspire and Work Together!


Empowerment and Movement

Growth… development… inspiration!

TRIBE POWER as Belinda describes in her beautiful and amazing newsletter!

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.32.46 PM.png

Have you read Belinda’s Newsletter? I would like to say a HUGE thank you to her for mentioning me. She is wonderful and It means so much! You should totally subscribe to her powerful blog and inspiring newsletter. (at the bottom of her blog.)

Oh yes and her brilliant YouTube Channel too!

From the moment I started blogging I’ve come across beautiful and inspirational people that I love and adore. I’ve mentioned many in my blog posts before and this month on my blog I would like to share more lovely artists and feature them. You can see many of these lovely inspirational people all around me all the time because they are the ones that leave the positive comments and share my posts and interact with me. I’m truly blessed. This emotional and heartfelt blog post is because of all of you! From all the loving and beautiful support you’ve given me. Thank you! A huge thank you to Cat and Belinda. It means so much to me and I appreciate it so much.

I wanted to thank you all for the comments you left me on the video for the Fashion Magazine Beauty Vlogger Video. Have you seen all the comments in my video? I didn’t win by the way but I WON in a HUGE and different way! MY GOD! All of you made me win inside my heart by the warmth of your comments! Seriously! It’s a true blessing to have you all by my side. I appreciate you all! Thank you so much! By the way thank you to CAT for showing me how to add IG photos in the blog posts! 🙂 woo hoo!

When I was talking to Cat I mentioned how I want to create connections this year and work together with more artists. Collaborate and Integrate!

I really enjoy working with others!

So Belinda mentioned TRIBES in her newsletter and right away I remembered teachers College and fell in love with the idea all over again. A community where people help people and learn from each other. A place where we can be our true selves and inspire each other. Reminds me a lot of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers. I’m grateful for being a part of the CBB because I’ve gotten to know a lot of strong women in the group that truly inspire me. So thank you to the CBB team for being there for me. This is starting to feel like a huge THANK YOU blog post! Why not! I’m totally GRATEFUL and High on LIFE!!  WOO HOO!




Sometimes it can be hard to be a blogger and influenster. I’m being honest here. Sometimes I need a little push to move forward. Well lately connecting with bloggers has been that wonderful push forward. I feel so strong and more confident when I work with other lovely bloggers. I love interaction and communication. Working together is so important. That being said I wanted to let you know that starting  now until further notice I’m going to pin a tweet on twitter and feature a lovely YouTuber, Vlogger, blogger or artist for each month because I feel we should help each other grow.

Sometimes I feel that people don’t do this enough. It’s so important to help each other, promote each other and grow together. Sometimes I feel that people lead a self centred life.  Life is so much more beautiful when it’s done together. It is more creative, fun and there’s a give and take of positivity and good energy. More can be accomplished and achieved together and it’s so fulfilling!

I feel very happy and grateful to have a lovely group of people around me that encourage me. You can see all of them in comments that are on my blog posts and videos. All of YOU who leave positive messages is what fuels me to write more, take more photos and explore more with my writing and blog. There are also friends behind the scenes that chat with me and really help me out.

Positive energy and positive vibes!

Thank you!

Like I mentioned in my post New Exciting Additions! Cat is a huge motivator and she seriously needs to become a motivational speaker or write a book or something because she is a GIVER! She is very special. There are GIVERS in this world and there are TAKERS and CAT is a really amazing giver! She has helped me and pushed me to take risks and move forward.   Cat, THANK YOU for helping me along. Seriously HUGE THANK YOU!

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.43.52 PM.png

I believe in what ever you put out in the Universe it will come back to you and it will ripple and grow big. This I believe a lot. Positive vibes and thoughts create positive things in life.  I would like to say a huge thank you to Cat and Belinda and a huge thank you to all of you for being by my side. I don’t care if I sound too cheesy or emotional. I LOVE being who I am and I’m not afraid to show it. *thank you Cat for helping me.


It’s okay not to be “perfect”

It’s okay to be crazy and let my really funny side show.

It’s okay to be who I am and love my self just the way I am.

Thank you all!



Follow your heart and when you do, a smile will form on your face without you knowing.

-Maria Medeiros 🙂