Celebrate Love! Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Feeling the love! Not just on Valentines Day but everyday! LOVE makes the world go round, makes people happy and we need more love. Hugs, cuddles and kisses. Positive and beautiful words of kindness. Sweets, lights and happy desserts. Flowers and things that are PINK and RED. Share love with friends and family. L O V E is beautiful thing that radiates and brings joy and positive energy. 

Valentines Day is everyday for me. I love that we have that one specific day to share how we truly feel about loved ones which include family and friends. Can’t forget your pets as well. If you have a pet, show them extra love! I would! Hugs, kisses, cuddles and kindness. Love and positivity. I love anything romantic. Romance and love is so healthy for us. Why deny it?  Allowing the flow of energy from your heart to radiate is the most beautiful thing!


Here are some beautiful gift giving ideas:

As you know by now my favourite fragrances are by CHANEL. You can find the following CHANEL Products starting February 2nd on http://www.Chanel.ca or at CHANEL Beauty Counters. I adore CHANCE CHANEL EAU TENDRE Touch-up. It is a super cute compact with a soft rubber pad that you dab fragrance on your body.  EAU TENDRE IS MY FAVE!  I adore this because if you are at a party or public place with a lot of people you don’t have to spray fragrance everywhere. This is such a clever idea. You can dab it in the areas you want and it also has a mirror. It’s pink and adorable. I love it!

CHANCE EAU TENDRE Touche de Douceur Perfume/Delicate Fragrance Touch UP

* Limited Edition $86.00



CHANEL CHANCE EAU Huile pour Le Corps/Body Oil and CHANEL Eau ViVe Huile pour Le Corps/body oil are so beautiful! After taking a shower I love applying this luxurious dry body oil. They are both so beautiful on the skin and leave the skin feeling so silky, smooth and soft. I absolutely adore the body oil sprays. I find the scent is long lasting the formula not greasy. Absorbs beautifully and smells so fresh! 

CHANCE Huile pour Le Corps/Body Oil* 100ml Limited Edition $66.00

CHANCE EAU VIVE Huile pour Le Corps/Body Oil* 100ml Limited Edition 100ml $66.00


How cute are these sweet red and pink valentine’s gifts by AVON.CA!

So adorable!

AVON JUST KISS ME LIP BALM Cute lips-shaped case holds a kiss of tinted balm. Flavourless Comes in a gift box. $10.00 


Lots of Kisses Journal 90 lined pages. Faux Leather. $7.00

Home Fragrance Collection CELEBRATE LOVE CANDLE Notes of sparkling citrus, tart berries, effervescent musks and rose petals. $12.00


Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day! Much love and happiness!


Thank you so much to AVON.CA and to CHANEL.CA for the amazing PR Samples. 


Valentine’s Day Heart Brownies


Happy 400th post to Bestdayblogger.com!

Hello  everyone! This is my 400th post! How amazing right? I’m filled with so many emotions and gratitude. My heart is overflowing with happiness and joy for this wonderful celebration. I’ve decided to share pictures with you from the past year. I’m  so happy and grateful that I have gotten to know so many wonderful people and bloggers. It makes me so happy that we share the same love for  beauty, fashion, lifestyles and more. It makes me so happy that you have taken time out of your life to read my posts. It makes my heart feel so much joy!  Thank you for all your support and lovely comments. Thank you for being so encouraging. Can you feel it? I sure can! I feel the love and care and special fuzzy feeling inside. I love you all and I’m truly grateful that you take time out of your day to read what I have to say. Thank you all for everything and I look forward to 400 more posts!

Thank you all from my heart!

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Thank you all for the wonderful memories!

A huge thank you goes out to my husband and children for supporting me and being so positive in this amazing journey.

I  also wanted to share with you that I have a new Monthly Newsletter and I would love it if you subscribed. I plan to share many great news with you including beauty, recipes, tips, promotions, reviews and giveaways!

Thank you all again,

Maria 🙂


Vegetarian Food Festival Toronto

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It’s delicious, it’s meatless and it’s returning to Toronto
Veggielicious shows off Toronto’s veg scene
TORONTO, ON (May 5, 2016) – Experience a healthy and delicious lifestyle this May as the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) celebrates its fifth-annual Veggielicious festival — a two-week gastronomic extravaganza celebrating compassionate, mouth-watering cuisine.
From May 6-22, 2016, more than 40 participating GTA restaurants and cafés will feature exclusive vegetarian and vegan prix-fixe menus and other specials to tickle the taste buds. Veggielicious features range from $15-$40, with each meal packing its own palate-pleasing punch. The event features vegan bakeries, veg restaurants, and other locations with delectable vegan options.
“Veggielicious celebrates Toronto’s gourmet veg cuisine at great prices,” says David Alexander, Executive Director at the Toronto Vegetarian Association. “It’s the perfect time to explore new restaurants and Toronto’s veg scene through food that is healthy and delicious.”
The United Nations study estimated that animal agriculture is responsible for almost one-fifth of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, opting for plant-based foods is a great way to eat healthy, reduce cholesterol, and remain environmentally friendly.
“Eating less meat is an easy way to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle,” says Alexander. “Veggielicious is a great way for Toronto diners to sample the city’s best veg cuisine!”
For fans of veg-friendly fare and newcomers alike, Veggielicious has something to suit everyone’s taste while inspiring to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating.
Participants for 2016 include Yamchops, Kupfert & Kim, Prairie Girl Bakery, Doug’s Public Kitchen, Tabule Middle Eastern Restaurant among others.
Please visit http://www.veggielicious.ca/ to access a more detailed list of this year’s Veggielicious participants.
For more information, please visit the TVA. Follow @TorontoVeg or ‘Like’ them on Facebook.
The Toronto Vegetarian Association is Toronto’s go to resource for all things veg. We organize North America’s largest annual Veg Food Fest, which attracts over 40,000 visitors each September. Our mission is to inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating.
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