CHANEL VISION D’ASIE: l’art du détail SPRING SUMMER 2019 COLLECTION offers beautiful colours and new textures. The new textures include Rouge Allure Liquid Lip Powders that feel like a soft fluffy cloud on the lips. They feel soft and light and when you move your lips together the formula feels smooth and silky. I adore the liquid powders because you can create a light look or a dark look with a beautiful matt texture that doesn’t feel drying.

Wearing 964 Bitter Sweet

Wearing 962 Electric Blossom

No makeup just the Liquid Lip Powder

Baume Essential offers the face a beautiful new highlighted look and a dewy look. They can be used on their own or together. They provide a beautiful natural glow. I love both textures and its fun to mix them together. The two balms are Transparent for the wet look and Sculpting for the most beautiful highlight. I feel that the CHANEL makeup brush really allows the product to be distributed and feathered out for a gentle and soft look.

The Baume Essential are absolutely incredible and I feel will be my spring and summer daily loves. I must also add that they do not feel sticky at all but very hydrating. I will also add that all the CHANEL products that are mentioned in this post are not scented at all.

I really adore the new colours of the Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks. They feel so good and they are very smooth and silky on the lips. The Imperial is a beautiful strawberry red and Nuance is my favourite nude lipstick at the moment.

Wearing 71 Nuance. My favourite nude lipstick.

Thank you so much to Chanel for all the beautiful gifted pieces. I really adore the 2019 Spring/Summer collection and feel that the new textures and colours are beautiful, vibrant but also the collection offers a good mixture of subtle and soft colours and textures. I love how Chanel allows the play of light and soft textures.

Le Vernis 646 Bleached Mauve and Les Vernis Neon 648 Techno Bloom

I hope you enjoyed this post and video. Thank you all for reading my post and I would love to know what your favourite pieces are from this collection. For the entire collection and prices have a look at my previous post.

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“When I close my eyes and think of Naples, these are the colors I see…” -Lucia Pica CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and color designer.

Chanel’s NEAPOLIS: NEW CITY Spring/Summer 2018 Collection is very fun, sophisticated and beautiful! I love all the colours and textures. I really love each piece in this collection and feel that one piece compliments the other and works really well together. No matter how you mix and match each piece, the makeup works harmoniously like a beautiful melody. The collection is called Neapolis – New City.

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“For Spring/ Summer 2018, Lucia Pica heeds the siren’s call of home to return to the city of her birth anew. Here, Naples’ ever-changing landscape, layered with history, meaning and metaphor, provides the inspiration for colors, moods and techniques that offer a warm, rich and unexpectedly Mediterranean approach for the house at once antique and utterly contemporary.” -CHANEL


I would like to share a few pieces from the NEAPOLIS COLLECTION, the beautiful pieces are as follows:

Joues Contraste



This blush is so perfect for the spring and summer. I absolutely love a pop of colour on the cheeks. It’s the perfect pink that gives the complexion a beautiful healthy look.


Les 9 Ombres Edition N1 AFFRESCO (Limited Edition)


I have a feeling this palette will sell out in minutes!

This palette is breathtaking and is one of my favourite pieces of the Neapolis collection.

“My hope is that women will be open and spontaneous with the colors…they are buildable, so you can wear a subtle wash of color or create a more intense effect.” LUCIA PICA

Lucia pica says “All the elements of Naples are in here”, This palette is a play on texture as well as colour. There are three matte, satin and high-shine shades. All really soft and blendable. The colours range from brighter to more muted tones, reflecting Naples and its myriad influences. Peachy beige is tempered by a subtle mink brown. A bright gold sings out beside a dark rusty-red brown.





I really love this grey eyeliner. It’s waterproof and really compliments all the pieces in this collection.  It works so well with all the eyeshadows. It gives the eyes the attention they need but doesn’t take away from all other aspects of this collection. The pencil goes on smoothly and doesn’t tug on the delicate skin. It’s a wonderful waterproof eyeliner that lasts really long.



*65 L’ARISTOCRATICA (Limited Edition)


The Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick feels so beautiful and comfortable on the lips. This colour is perfect for the Spring and Summer. I absolutely love the fact that it’s not too pink, not too nude and not too peach. It’s just the right colour. I feel this colour will look amazing on all skin tones just like the entire collection.





I adore all Rouge Allure INK Lipsticks. This one in particular is bright and breathtaking! A showstopper! I love how vibrant and bold this colour is. Hot! Hot! Hot!




If you want a lovely pout and shine, Rouge Coco Gloss in 786 Sibylla will give you just that! I love this formula and colour. It’s the perfect pink and the formula is not sticky or gloopy. It is just right!


POUDRE A LEVRES (Limited Edition)



The Poudre a Levres makes me oh so happy! I adore getting the “just kissed” look. It’s the loveliest colour and so perfect in every way. I love using my finger to dip into the very moisturizing and hydrating lip balm and then with another finger into the powder. So satisfying! You can add as much or as little as you like. It’s so much fun and feels amazing on the lips. Not drying at all and the colour is wow!






I really love Le Vernis by CHANEL. They are my favourite nail polishes ever. They last very long and the colours are beautiful! This collection has four new colours and the two that I have are Nuvola Rosa and Verde Pastello. They remind me of desserts like macarons which are my favourite by the way. These two colours are so perfect for spring and summer and I love how fun they are. I’m so happy to see bright and fun colours!


Each piece in this collection works together perfectly and I adore how fresh and happy the colours are. They are very fun and vibrant! Thank you so much to CHANEL for the beautiful samples. I’m truly grateful.

Here is a makeup look that I created with this collection.


Available on January 5th, 2018 at all CHANEL Beauty Counters.

For the entire collection check out

CHANEL Spring/Summer Collection 2018 NEAPOLIS : NEW CITY INFO #ChanelNeapolis

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