To New Beginnings!

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My little Angelina graduated from kindergarten and is off to grade one. Time goes by so fast.  My eldest is heading to grade 6! I’m nervous for both of them but also very excited.

Today is the last day of school. I thought it was Friday but it isn’t. I woke up with a sore throat and I can feel something happening behind my eyes. I took a vitamin C and zinc tablet along with a natural throat spray. I guess i’m a bit stressed and worried. I do this to my self and I shouldn’t. When I think too much my immune system breaks down. I’m thinking about my girls having a good summer. I’m thinking about finding a job. I’m always thinking about being the best mom that I can be and how I can make things better all the time. I’m thinking about the education system and lifestyle in Toronto.  Even though things are fine and will be fine I always do this. I really want the best for my girls.

I need to live in the moment more. I try…believe me I try.


The garden is growing nicely. I’ll be vlogging this long weekend. I vlogged a bit of the garden if you like to have  a look.

I’ve been loving some new PR that has come my way. I’ve been enjoying Garnier Skin Active line. Everything is super amazing with lots of hydrating benefits. I love how gentle the gel wash is. The face mist is so lovely for the summer. I carry that with me in my bag. I love to use it anytime I need my skin to feel refreshed. The Soothing balm is so good and I love using it as a mask. The wipes are brilliant and gentle and take my makeup off perfectly. I Love them! Thank you Garnier Canada for these beautiful skincare products. All the Garnier Skincare products are now paraben free!


I’m madly in love with the Make Up For Ever Artist Pencils. So creamy and soft on the lips.  They come in 39 shades.  They are intense matte colours. Very creamy and blend so nicely. They are $23.00 each. They are sold at Sephora and The nude colour is 602 completely Sepia and the burgundy one is 718 Free Burgundy.


 I’m wearing the 718 Free Burgundy

Thank you to Make Up For Ever for the incredible samples. I adore them so much. I’m truly grateful.


I’ve been using the VICHY Aqualia Thermal Serum and face cream. #Freesamples via Influenster Canada. I love them so much. The packaging is super cute. I love the formula of both these products. First time using Vichy and I love them! Very light formula that is super hydrating and makes my skin feel very good and soothed. Thank you so much Influenster!


I absolutely love Le Petit Marceillais body wash. The red one is my favourite but then this new one came out and it’s Mandarin Lime and I love it! They are all very lovely body washes. They smell so good and foam up beautifully. Love how clean my skin feels. Fabulous!


How cute are these nails? I love them! Thank you to Nailpolish Canada for the lovely Canada Day nail Vinyls they sent me. I’m truly grateful. Perfect to Celebrate Canada Day.  Did you get your free sample? Check out my post.

Get Your Free Canada Day Nail Vinyls!



Thank you to Chickadvisor for the lovely samples of Canada Dry Club Soda Pomegranate Cherry! I love it! So refreshing.


Thank you so much for all the lovely PR! I’m very excited to show you more samples that came in this week.

Would you like to see more?

Off to the next post! Have a lovely Thursday everyone!

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New Exciting Additions!


I’m  very excited to share with you few amazing additions that are taking place on the blog. Don’t worry! All is good and nothing is being removed. I’m actually adding more lovely categories and integrating more things. A couple of things brought this change on and I will tell you all about it. I really want my blog to reflect more of who I am and I want the blog to feel a little more personal.

I was talking to my wonderful friend Cat last year about integration and just the other day she brought it up again. Last year I wasn’t ready to integrate and something was holding me back.  I first learnt about integration when I was in teachers college and it was amazing to learn how to integrate Arts into every aspect of the curriculum. So recently I wrote an article and I was asked to change things and integrate a few things in the post.  At first I found it challenging and after completing the piece I found my self feeling free. Does this sound crazy? It felt really good to integrate various things in a post. I feel that I want to share more things that I truly love with you like: travel, food, art, books, music and more. I would like to create more posts that flow. I want things to be more easy going and freeing. Does this make sense? I hope so. So expect to see a few blog posts coming your way with book reviews, artwork and photography!

I really want to be more interactive and let the magic that is in me shine through. This year I would like to connect with more bloggers and I feel that working together is so important. Empowering each other, doing things that matter and make a difference. Positivity and kindness. Embrace life and shine on! Things don’t have to be big or a lot. They can be small and genuine. Quality not quantity.

Thank you so much Cat for always being here for me. You are a bright shining star and your heart is as warm as the sun and you are an amazing friend. You should check out Cat’s blog. She is really amazing and she is beautiful inside and out!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Julie. She has been so incredible to me. She has a big heart and is an amazing friend. Thank you so much to Julie for the special card and for the amazing Netflix mug! xoxoxo we are mug twins! 🙂

So I’m super excited and look forward to all future posts. Would love to hear your thoughts about everything. Just a few reminders that my Instagram giveaway is till open until March 1st. Also I’ve received many goodies for a huge giveaway but I can’t start this giveaway until I have reached 1k on my YouTube channel. I need your help. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

 Thanks so much for your continuing support!

It means so much to me.

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