Holiday Gift Ideas From Shoppers Drugmart

I wanted to share some great gift giving ideas.  Don’t stress! There are so many lovely gifts you can buy from Shoppers Drugmart.  Here are a few gift ideas that I feel you can’t go wrong with. 

CHOCOLATE! You can never go wrong with yummy chocolate. One of my favourite chocolates is Ferrero Rocher.  

QUO Rose Gold Brush set. It’s absolutely beautiful and makeup brushes  always make a lovely gift. 

Squishmallow Plush Penguin! Everyone should buy a Squishmallow! My girls adore these and they sleep with them. They are so super soft. These make the best gift for children. 

I would love this as a gift. It looks amazing and most important it cleans teeth so much better then a regular toothbrush. Oral B Braun Toothbrushes are amazing. 

Eye Studio Sampler is so lovely. There are s many mascaras that are nice in this gift. WOW! PUR, Clarins, Clinique and Lise Waiter. All so amazing. 

I also love this Deluxe Fragrance gift box because you get small bottles of high end fragrances. 

 I need a hottie in my life! This is the Aroma Home Microwave Hottie. You warm this beauty up in the microwave and place it on your body to warm you up or to help with aches and pains. 

Who loves Ariana Grande? I do! This is the loveliest gift for anyone who loves Ariana. It’s a cute bottle am I right? Top notes are: Lavender, Pear and Bergamot, Heart notes are: Coconut, Praline and Vanilla Orchid, Base note: Cashmere.

The following gifts are really amazing for everyone but especially people who love to host parties. 

The following gifts are SO COZY! I would love and be so grateful if I received the following gifts. 

I hope you enjoyed all the gift giving ideas! Have a wonderful December and Happy Holidays!

*This is not sponsored. 

Santa’s Secret Workshop At STC TORONTO

Santa’s Secret Workshop at Scarborough Town Centre

Happy December! Yesterday my girls and I had the loveliest experience and I wanted to share all the magical details with you. We were invited to Scarborough Town Centre to experience Santa’s Secret workshop!

The girls are telling the elves what they would like for Christmas. 

It was a private family event exploring Santa’s workshop and also getting some one on one time with Santa Claus.  It was so amazing! We got to meet sweet and very energetic Elves and Santa too!

Santa talked to the girls and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. He also sat by the fire with the girls and showed them the workshop and how he makes all the toys.

He then opened up the magic toy trunk to reveal beautiful stockings. My girls then decorated their stockings with markers and stickers. Santa gave lovely sweets to them and gave them great big hugs.

My girls are so happy and this experience has been so magical and very special. Thank you so much Scarborough Town Centre! It was so amazing and my girls will remember this for ever!

Scarborough Town Centre also has the Holiday Market open with Various Vendors! Check it out as well. So many beautiful gift ideas. 

 To visit Santa’s Secret Workshop Check It out here:

 Scarborough Town Centre Visit the Website.  

Thank you for visiting  and for all your lovely comments. 

Each Visit to Santa’s Secret Workshop

As many personal photos as you wish to take

On the spot, professional photos sent to you digitally through a secure link

Santa visits to his secret workshop are by appointment only and will need to be booked online in advance

Arrive 5 minutes prior to your visit

Each visit can accommodate up to 5 guests including children

The secret workshop is located on the lower level by entrance 7


Check out our visit to Santa’s Secret workshop! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click the notification bell. Thank you all for your love and support. Have a beautiful month! 

Delightful Holiday Sweets and Treats!


Happy Holidays my wonderful friends. I wish you the very best this Holiday Season and a Happy and wonderful New Year! This is the most beautiful time of the year when I can indulge in many treats and yummy desserts and not feel bad about it. Actually this is not a rule for me. I actually feel this way all year round! haha! Today I’ve created three easy lovely recipes for the holidays and I hope you try them out. The first one is Mincemeat Pies. Did you know they don’t have meat in them? The second is a Almond Milk Vanilla Chai Latte and the last one is yummy Rocky Road Chocolate Squares. 


Almond Milk Vanilla Chai Latte


2 Cups of Plain unsweetened Almond Milk

(Feel free to use what ever almond milk you like.)

2 Tazo Chai tea bags

2 Tbs Honey

1 Star Anise

1/4 Tsp Pure Vanilla extract

2 Cinnamon Sticks (One for warming up and one for decoration)

A pinch of Cinnamon

A pinch of nutmeg


Add everything to a pot and slowly warm it up. Do not boil it. EnjoY!

Mince Pies

A mince pie is a sweet pie of British origin, filled with a mixture of dried fruits and spices called “mincemeat”, that is traditionally served during the Christmas season… -Wikipedia

1 Package of Presidents choice Puff Pastry

1 Jar of Presidents Choice Mincemeat Pie filling

1 Apple finely chopped

Icing Sugar to sprikle

12 Cup Muffin Pan

Pam Spray or oil to grease the muffin pan. (Very little)



Preheat oven to 350°F

Gently grease the muffin pan. I used a little oil. You can use Pam or butter. Very lightly.

Chop up the apple and add it to the mincemeat pie filling.

Roll out the puff pastry and cut 12 circles to fit each muffin cup.

Make sure the puff pastry comes up the sides of the muffin cups.

Add a 1 tbs of minced meat filling in each muffin cup.

Take the second puff pastry and cut out 12 stars.

Place each star on top of each mincemeat pie and gently press each corner of the star to the pastry. This is just so that it attaches to it.

*Try not to stretch the stars and best to use puff pastry when it’s very cold.

Place in oven for 25 min or until golden brown.

Let them cool before topping them with icing sugar.


Rocky Road Chocolate Bars!


450gms of Semi Sweet Baking Chocolate

3 Cups Mini Marshmallows

3 Cups broken up Biscuits

1 Can 300ml of Condensed Sweet Milk

1/3 Cup Golden Syrup

1 Cup of Cherries (I used Maraschino Cherries but its better to use Glace Cherries)

1 Cup of Nuts of your choice. I used Mixed Nuts.

You can also add a little Grand Marnier in the mixture. (LOVE Grand Marnier!)

Icing Sugar


I used a double boiler on medium heat to melt my chocolate slowly.

When the chocolate is melted add the condensed milk and syrup and mix.

Turn heat off and add all the ingredients. Mix well and add the marshmallows last.

Place Mixture in a pan that has been lined with parchment paper and cool in the fridge.

When cooled cut into squares and dust with icing sugar.


I hope you enjoy the recipes.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! holiday-blog-ending

Holiday Gift Guide #Blogmas Day 8

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Happy December 8th!

Today’s Gift Guide is a very special one.

FARLEYCO.CA has so many lovely gifts for Christmas!  Check out the site! Today I’m here to share with you the I love… Holiday Gift Sets!


I love…Holiday Gift Sets!


The “I love…” is a bath, body and beauty brand that lovingly creates gorgeous, deliciously scented products. The collection is bursting with ideas, inspiration and happiness. “I love…” offers a wide range of products and flavours from bubble bath to shower gel, body butters to body spritzers, in mouth-watering flavours like mango & papaya, raspberry & blackberry, offering an affordable everyday treat to anyone who wishes to add some excitement to their bath and body regime.


These gift sets smell so delicious and are perfect for pampering and gift giving.

I love…Mini Bubble Bath & Shower Collection’s Seasonal Flavours  (100ml) include: Candy Cane; Mixed Berries; Sugared Cranberries; Chocolates & Oranges; Spiced Cinnamon; and Iced Cookie.

I love… Mini Bubble Bath & Shower Collection’s Favourite Flavours (100ml) include: Raspberry & Blackberry; Mango & Papaya; Coconut & Cream; Strawberries & Cream; Lemons and Limes; and Vanilla & Ice Cream.

The I love… Holiday Boxes with Bubble Bath and Shower Cream (500ml) with body puff are also available, and come in the following flavours: Raspberry & Blackberry; Mango & Papaya: Coconut & Cream; Strawberries & Cream.


I was kindly sent this box set that Includes the Shower/Bubble Bath, cream and a body puff! These smell so delicious! I can’t wait to take a hot bubbly bath and slather the cream all over me! The Strawberries and Cream smell very delicious and good enough to eat!


Have a look at for more gift ideas and amazing beauty products.

Thank you so much to  Lorry Du, Farleyco Marketing  for providing the beautiful gifts!

Thank you so much for reading my gift guide today,

Thank you again to and all my lovely readers, have a beautiful day and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I Love…


*product mentioned is a PR Sample. Not a paid post.
All opinions expressed are all honest and true.

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Holiday Gift Guide #Blogmas Day 2

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Happy December 2nd!


I’m working on posting a gift for everyday this month. I hope you find the posts helpful. I hope you are following my vlogmas this year. I’m posting a video everyday this month. I truly hope I can complete everyday. It is very challenging doing this because I have two kids and a home to take care of. Did I mention that I haven’t shopped for Christmas yet? Have you? If you haven’t I know that online shopping is fast and easy and you don’t have to go anywhere where there’s a lot of people to shop. I love online shopping and I’m here to share with you today’s gift giving idea!


Today’s gift giving idea is from the amazing Odylique!

On their website they have pretty Gift Giving Sets for you! Check it out!

I love ODYLIQUE Skin Care Products and they have a limited edition Rose Velvet Body Lotion .

Sounds really lovely! I feel this would make the perfect gift for anyone!


Thank you so much to ODYLIQUE for working with me this year and being so supportive! I’m truly grateful and they are truly very special to work with.

Thank you Odylique!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!



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