CLARINS Fall 2017 Make-Up Collection

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I’m so excited about Autumn and I get so inspired with all the change that happens with nature’s colours. Nature is so glorious and breathtaking. That’s also how I feel about the Clarins Fall Collection.  I can’t describe how magical and beautiful it is but I can surely show you.

Here I’m featuring 4-Colour Eyeshadow palette In the colour 06 FOREST

Shades of the season. this seasonable shade collection echoes autumn tones two green shades, one subtle and satiny the other one dark with a shimmery finish, along with a dark matte grey shade and a light pink satin-finish hue. These shades are easy to blend and wear together for playful, graphic effects. Four eyeshadows shadows enriched in mineral pigments that can be blended dry for a blurred smoky finish. Using a damp applicator enhances the intensity of the shades in order to obtain more sophisticated results. -Clarins

I love the beautiful grey tones of this palette. This palette is soft and easy to apply. Very lovely to blend out and long lasting. This eyeshadow palette gives the perfect smoky eye look. I’m a huge fan of Clarins eyeshadow palettes and this one is a must have!


New Shades of Ombre Matte $26.00 An amazing formula that is easy to apply using the fingertips;it combines the smoothness of cream with the wear and finish of  a powder. A sensorial, high-pigment finish guaranteed. Two new permanent shades: 09 ivory: a luminous, eggshell white and 10 midnight blue: a dark blue with a subtle pearl reflections. Bamboo powder ensures a long-lasting matte result.

These Ombre Matte eyeshadows are so soft and they apply really nicely with the finger and also blend out lovely with a brush. My favourite one is 10 Midnight blue. It is so stunning and I’m in love with it.



For the make-up look I used the ivory for the entire lid and then put the midnight blue on the eyelid and softly blended it out with a brush. I also used it for under the eye as well. I love these so much and they are very fun to use. They feel very soft and silky.



Blush Prodige $33.00 Instant radiance This flattering shade of pink enhances any skin tone. The iridescent finish offers a delicately sculpted effect and maximum luminosity. 09 golden pink. One new limited edition shade: 09 Golden pink. A “healthy glow” golden pink with an iridescent shimmer.

This is the loveliest soft golden pink blush. It has an incredible golden glow. I’m totally in love with it. This is definitely one of my favourite pieces in the collection. This will be in my August Favourites list for sure.


New Shades of lipliner pencils $26.00 Lip contour expertise. The pencil tip glides easily around the lip contour and draws the perfect graphic line that highlights the lips and helps keep lipstick from running. Two new permanent shades 05 roseberry: tender pink and the one that I have is 06 red: bright red. Jojoba oil promotes suppleness and comfort.


Joli Rouge $28.00. The ‘cream’ of lipsticks. The rich, moisturizing texture is highly concentrated in colour pigments to make Joli Rouge THE must-have lipstick everyday. The perfectly balanced satin finish magnifies colour and promotes incomparable radiance. Put simply, it’s just the perfect lipstick. 3 new permanent shades include 754 deep red: a deep, intense red, 755 litchi: a very gentle pink and 756 guava: aluminous coral pink. The organic marsh samphire maintains well-hydrated lips. Mango lil nourishes and comforts the lips promoting supple aspect.


The lipliner is super soft and creamy. Very pigmented and the Joli Rouge lipstick in the colour 754 Deep Red is breathtaking. I absolutely love how bright and bold it is. What I really love about both of the products is that they are super bold, soft and creamy and also feel really incredible on the lips. I definitely feel that red is not only a Fall colour but a colour that looks incredible all year round.


The last beautiful piece that I have to show you is the cute Tender Moments Lovely Lip Balm which I’ve been wearing day and night. The luscious lip balm is so nourishing and moisturizing. The packaging is super cute and the formula smells and feels incredible on the lips. It is made with organic cocoa butter and Shea oil which helps nourish and repair the lips. It has organic red currant which ensures immediate comfort.


The formula is so incredible that it reacts with the lips pH levels and develops a touch of radiant, natural-looking colour. It is super creamy and melts on the lips which an amazing peach flavour. It has a chic, fun eco-designed packaging and organic active ingredients in line with Clarins’ “Responsible Beauty” approach.

 Enriched with a nourishing and moisturizing plant cocktail, this balm provides instant and long-lasting comfort, 8 hours of moisturization and a smoother, fuller look, perfect sine and rosy radiance to leave lips looking even more irresistible. Part skin care and part makeup, this feminine duo is simply irresistible! -CLARINS


All products mentioned are available in department stores, pharmacies and on

Here is the makeup look that I’ve created with all Clarins Products. I really love the creaminess of the lip pencil and the shine and comfort of the lipstick. Truly an incredible feeling on the lips. I love the colours especially the Ombre Matte Cream-to-Powder Eye Shadow in 10 midnight blue. I also used Clarins Mascara and the contour palette which I really love using.




Thank you so much for reading my blog post. I hope you check out this beautiful collection. It is my absolute favourite. Please have a look at my previous Clarins Posts if you like. Thank you so much to CLARINS for the lovely samples. I’m truly grateful and very in love with the Fall Collection.


CLARINS Hydra-Essentiel Range REVIEW

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Clarins Multi-Active Yeux Instant Eye Reviver REVIEW banner gold

Truly wonderful! Clarin’s new Multi-Active Yeux is an instant eye reviver that targets fine lines. The formula includes myrothamnus which smoothes the fine lines around the eye area and targets signs of ageing. It minimizes signs of fatigue, puffiness and dark circles. Because of the teasel extract it really helps fight dark circles and the caffeine fights puffiness.  The formula is infused with illuminating pigments which instantly revives and brightens the eyes.


Hour after hour, today and tomorrow, despite a hyper-connected lifestyle, the eyes appear younger, smoother, more luminous. -Clarins


The lovely texture of the cream smoothes and blurs the look of fine lines. The formula gives an immediate smoothing effect. The depuffing is instant and the combination of the refreshing cream-gel texture infused with “Illuminating” pigments and cryo-metal tip instantly lightens and brightens the eye area.


Overall I absolutely love this formula, it is light and not greasy. It is gentle and not heavy for the delicate eye area. The cryo-metal tip really helps cool and soothe my puffy eyes. I really enjoy using the Multi-Active Yeaux and I’m seeing wonderful results.

Clarins Multi-Active Yeux is available now in stores, pharmacies and on

*PR sample for review purposes.

Not sponsored.

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CLARINS Spring 2017 Make-Up Collection


Clarins has launched the Spring Collection and my goodness is it ever stunning! There’s new and exciting makeup and skincare. In this post I’ll be sharing with you the innovative and comfortable make-up that is super practical. The ingredients in the products include protection from harmful effects of pollution and free radicals. Here is the Clarins New Spring Collection 2017!

This is the new limited edition Face Contouring Palette.  It has “a matte highlighter to give volume and light, a powder to shade and deepen contours and a fresh blush for a healthy-glow touch. These three universal, easy -to-use shades create contouring make-up which highlights and enhances the features. You won’t be faced with a multitude of beiges you don’t know what to do with. Never has a contouring palette been so easy to understand and use, even for beginners.”-CLARINS


Contouring Perfection Play with light and shade and create flattering contrasts to delicately sculpt the features and beautifully accentuate facial contours…This season, Clarins invites all women to a super-simple contouring session. Thanks to make-up with a subtle trope-l’oeil effect and the perfect measure of skin care benefits, the face takes shape, giving a whole new dimension to its beauty. And out of structure comes harmony. -CLARINS


This is Limited Edition and costs $49.00. This comes with a beautiful brush that is designed for contouring. The brush applies powder just in the right place, to give a very subtle contouring result. The product feels really comforting and has organic sweet almond oil. It also has white tea and nipplewort complex which helps protect against harmful effects of pollution and free radicals. I absolutely adore this contouring palette. This is my first contouring palette and as a beginner of contouring, I found this super easy to use. The formula is easy to apply and blend on the skin. It looks nice and natural.

“The eye contour shapes up with the graphic line of a pencil, while the eyelids shimmer in a play of light and shade” -Clarins

4-Colour All-in-Once Pen

Here I have the 4-Colour All-in-one Pen. “A new make-up design inspired by the iconic 4-colour biro and revisits the traditional palette, to offer practical fun, innovative make-up.” I’m absolutely loving this pen. It is truly amazing and so much fun to use. It is so innovative and very practical. It works really brilliantly. This is limited edition and costs $44.00.


For the first time, Clarins takes the school pen and transforms it into the “Make-up-pen” a carry-around “toolbox” containing all the essentials every woman needs to sculpt the eyes and the lip contour too. An intense black perfect for a graphic look, a chocolate to gently warm the eyes and an indigo blue to enhance the colour of the pupil. The fourth universal nude shade lines the lips and invisibly shapes. The surprises don’t stop there. The chocolate shade is multi-use and not just for the eye contour. It also perfectly structures and intensifies the eyebrows. -CLARINS

I’m loving this idea! Are you? The formula has sunflower, jojoba and black acacia waxes which provides the eyelids and lips with comfort. The pen is super easy to use and perfect to carry in my bag. I absolutely love this and feel it is so much fun and love the fact that you can use the chocolate shade for the eyebrows! LOVE IT!

This is the new Ombre Iridescente Flash of Light Eyeshadow Powder. It is very soft and creamy. It feels really amazing on the eyelids and gives a beautiful shimmer. These come in three colours. Luminous pearly white 08 silver white, fresh powdery pink 09 silver rose and this one which is a deep grey with silver shimmer 10 grey. It is very pigmented and gives a beautiful shine to the eyelids. I absolutely love this eyeshadow. Costs $26.00


4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette

The perfect “smoky eye”

 05 Smoky  $45.00

“A palette of three richly pigmented charcoal eyeshadows, illuminated with a touch of pearly white, to play with light and shade and create bewitching eyes. Carnauba wax powder provides eyelids with comfort and ensures very long-lasting hold. Use dry for a subtle finish or damp to intensify results.”

This eye shadow palette is so pigmented, rich and soft. It applies so amazing and blends really nicely. There is no fallout at all. I absolutely recommend this if you like a good smoky eye definitely check this palette out. Must tell you also that the white eyeshadow is really incredible and highlights so amazingly. I love this eyeshadow palette! It is stunning! Clarins never fails when it comes to makeup and skincare and the packaging is beyond beautiful!



Other beautiful new releases from the Spring 2017 Collection includes new shades of the Joli Rouge Brilliant high-impact colour lipsticks. There is  Pinky-beige 31 tender nude, a Bright Fuchsia pink 32 pink fuchsia and luminous plum 33 soft plum.

Thank you so much to Clarins for the beautiful samples.

I’m truly honoured and grateful.

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Clarins Self Tanning Milky Lotion – INFO

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NEW CLARINS Self Tanning Milky-Lotion

Face and Body With fig extract / 24-hour hydration

It’s all about being a beach beauty before you hit the sand.



Fig extract encourages the production of filaggrin, a key protein that optimizes skin hydration. The complementary action of aloe vera helps keep water in skin cells to prevent dehydration. Self Tanning Milky-Lotion is therefore able to offer 24-hour* hydration. Soft and smooth, the skin retains a radiant, beautiful-looking tan, longer. Skin feels soft and comfortable, results are long-lasting.


The smooth, milky texture glides on effortlessly and is quickly absorbed. Application is fast and perfectly even. Delicately tanned, the skin radiates beauty from head to toe, safely and without the harmful effects of UV rays!

Each skin type follows its own ‘tanning path’. For the first time, Clarins Research evaluated the quality of a tan obtained with Self Tanning Milky-Lotion and compared it to a tan obtained naturally, in the sun. Using the colorimetric data, Clarins Research was able to characterize the evolution of the different grades of colour the skin takes on when tanning. This tanning process follows the same ‘path’ in both instances, whether after using Self Tanning Milky-Lotion or during the natural tanning process.

Fig extract encourages the production of filaggrin, a key protein that optimizes skin hydration. The complementary action of aloe vera helps keep water in skin cells to prevent dehydration. Self Tanning Milky-Lotion is therefore able to offer 24-hour* hydration. Soft and smooth, the skin retains a radiant, beautiful-looking tan, longer. Skin feels soft and comfortable, results are long-lasting.

Optimal sensoriality at the heart of a smooth, milky texture

Fresh and delicious, a light fig scent emanates from the milky texture that glides over the skin and is immediately absorbed.

The fragrance makes it easy to forget that a self-tanner is being applied! Self Tanning Milky-Lotion promotes a feeling of irresistible pleasure, a unique sensorial experience, all wrapped up in a delicious fragrance. Easily absorbed, it is possible to get dressed quickly after use.

Clarins advice for a flawless tan


Tip 1 : Exfoliate!

Prepare the skin beforehand by carrying out a thorough exfoliation of the face and body. Concentrate on elbows and knees. Once exfoliated, the skin is prepared to better absorb Self Tanning Milky-Lotion.

For the face

Gentle Refiner with natural microbeads.

For the body

Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin.

Tip 2 : Moisturize for beautiful skin! Morning and evening, hydrate the skin with your regular body lotion. Your tan will look even more radiant and will last longer.

Tip 3 : Apply your product correctly!

Place product in the palm of your hands. Hold hands flat and smooth over dry skin with light, sweeping movements. Avoid the eyebrows and hairline. Renew application until the desired tanned colour is achieved then reapply on a regular basis to maintain results.

Tip 4 : Avoid streaking! After each use, wash your hands well with soap.

Wait a few minutes before getting dressed.

Warning: this product does not contain sun filters and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated sun exposure without protection can increase the risk of skin ageing, skin cancer and other damage, even without sunburn.


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What’s in my #clarinsbeauty Gift Bag 


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Hello my lovely friends! I hope you are having a lovely Thursday! It is Thanksgiving weekend for all my American family and friends! I wish you  all a wonderful Thanksgiving!


I would like to say  Thank you so much to Clarins Canada  because I received this lovely gift bag at the VIP DINNER with Dave Lackie and other honourable guests. Have you seen the PARTY POST? Check it out because the party was amazing! If you like have a look at my YOUTUBE VIDEO also.

(This lovely gift bag/backpack  was kindly given to me and other lovely guests at the Dave Lackie  VIP Follower Party for CLARINS.)

Did you know Clarins turned 60 this year?



Products Generously Received:

This is the Joli Rouge Lipstick in 744 Soft Plum.

A truly beautiful lipstick. The Joli Rouge Lipstick feels so luxurious on the lips and it is long-wearing. I adore this colour and it is perfect for winter. I love the hydration and moisture that this lipstick  provides. I also love how the lipstick feels on the lips. Very comforting, moisturizing and smooth.

“A rich and creamy formula that leaves the lips with intense colour and a delicate satin finish.
Enriched with organic Salicornia extract and mango oil, Joli Rouge intensely moisturizes the lips for 6 hours and provides suppleness and comfort. The long-wearing colour stays on for 6 hours.”



Organic salicornia
The shape of salicornia (a plant from the sea coast) gives it a great ability to retain water necessary for its survival. Its extract stimulates the skin’s hydration mechanisms.

Mango oil
Pressure is applied to extract mango oil from the mango kernel. It protects the skin from dehydration, in addition to providing nourishment, comfort and suppleness.


Next I received the beautiful Pro Eyebrow Palette Kit

this kit is so beautiful and easy to use. I used this in my video “Quick & Easy Makeup”  I love the pigmentation and formula is truly amazing. I love Clarins Packaging. Looks elegant and the little tweezers, mini applicator and eyebrow brush work really well. I truly love this Eyebrow Palette Kit and love the fact you can use the powders as eyeshadows also!

“This complete, very easy-to-use kit lets you define and even out eyebrows and eyelids like a pro: it contains brow powders in black, brown and blond, holding wax to set brows in place, nude shadow, an eyebrow brush, double applicator and mini tweezer. Product benefit: the three brow powders can also be used as eye shadows. “- ClarinsIMG_4169


I also received the beautiful Instant Light Complexion Illuminating Base in the colour Champagne. I am in LOVE with this! I really love how this makes my skin look and feel.

This base gives you a perfect complexion, all day long! It naturally illuminates and corrects your skin tone, in addition to hydrating and soothing the skin with katafray bark extract.” –CLARINSIMG_4171

I truly love how luminous my skin looks with this base. It truly gives a glow and takes away the redness on my skin. It is very hydrating and feels so beautiful on my face. I truly adore this formula and I’m so grateful that I have this.


Next I have the most beautiful oil! I’m so happy I received another bottle because my first bottle is almost completed. I use this everyday, morning and night and in my bath as well. This can be used in your facial masks, in the bath, in your hair and all over. It is truly a wonderful oil that smells so beautiful! The Blue Orchid oil is for normal skin types but the great part is that Clarins has two other beautiful oils.

-The Lotus Face Treatment oil  is for Combination Oily skin.

-The  Santal Oil Treatment is for dry skin.

-And the Blue Orchid oil is for normal skin.

“Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is both essential and luxurious when it comes to skin care products. Its fine ingredients nourish the skin and foster radiance. Blue Orchid Oil provides that extra special treatment, soothing and restoring the dehydrated skin while enhancing its natural glow. Extracts such as rosewood, patchouli and blue orchid take action in toning and refining the skin. This face oil is the ideal moisturizer for dry skin because it contains hazelnut oil which seals in moisture and protects against fine lines and wrinkles.” –CLARINS



I’ve kindly received the 3-Dot Liner and I’ve reviewed this amazing liner before. If you like have a look at my REVIEW.

“This revolutionary pen combines the precision of liquid eye liner with the style of a pencil. The applicator’s clever “trident” shape means the space between each lash can be filled in “dot by dot” to naturally accentuate the eyes and add volume to the lashes. A new and easy way to create captivating eyes. And, you can get longer, stronger lashes with the Be Long Lash Complex.” –CLARINS

If you like to see how I use the 3-Dot Liner have a look at my YouTube Video. It is really simple and easy to use. This liner gives depth to my lashes and makes them look fuller and longer.  I love this and I continue to use this all the time. Truly great! IMG_7116


I really adore all these products and they are the best quality of beauty products out there! Seriously beautiful! Thank you so much!



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