Weekly Vlog Signs of Spring?

Dear July…

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Dear July,

Your beauty surrounded us. The weather was so beautiful and we made some lovely at home memories. The garden is growing nicely.

Sun rays through my hair and face. Summer warmth, heat embrace. I watered the garden and ate delicious raspberries. I heard sounds all around me, neighbours, cars, trees, birds. It brings me a little joy and I feel a little normal.

Nature makes me feel safe. Summer days come and go. Birds are chirping and singing hello. I’m surrounded by your energy, embraced by your calmness and feel your love. I seek positivity and joy in life’s simplicities. The daily chores that bring me joy even in the smallest ways. One step at a time during these challenging times. 

Outside in the garden I saw various birds, cardinals, robins and some squirrels. Animals visit our home to say hello. Bunnies, foxes and racoons. Butterflies fly around and buzzing bees around my ears. You are glorious and majestic my sweet July. I am for ever grateful for your love. I hear cicadas loud and clear. Also neighbours all around. Kids playing and  spending time together. There’s a deep happiness and a deep sadness that fills my heart. I feel its so busy in this city, so much noice from the cars. July you rarely brough rain. A few times only and the earth became so happy yet again.

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Much love and happiness.


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Dear January…

You were mild in temperature

we caught the flu

The world news is chaotic


spread of disease

Tragic accidents

locusts in Africa


The year of the rat not so lucky

I tried to stay off social media because it is toxic too


working on balance


So many emotions

chaos is happening


I feel calm?

Something is guiding me

I’m trying

Doing the best I can

I have goals and I still dream

This is a good and positive thing

Thank you January because you have

Taught me kindness, patience, gratitude and love.

I’m not perfect

I learn from my mistakes.

So long and thank you for everything

As we move forward I think about


No worry


Farewell January!

Hello February!

Month of love, peace within and MORE ART!


Dear September…

You brought cooler temperatures and sweater weather. It’s been so lovely to start fall festivities early. The more the better really. I was so nervous for my girls to start school but they have done so well with all the changes. We have our challenges and are trying to get through them one day at a time.

The trees have already started to change colours. Bees and butterflies flying all around. Now that my girls are back in school I’ve enjoyed some alone time, quiet and stillness.

My emotions have been high in September. A lot of feelings and sensitivities on a high. I’ve been busy washing clothing, cleaning floors and dishes. Making lunches and dinners and after school snacks for the girls.

Dear September, I longed for the weekends and spent time with my girls and hubby and it was a blessing not to rush anywhere. Visited our favourite park and walked along the paths filled with flowers and beautiful sunflowers and daisies. I’m so grateful for each day.

September brought me emotions, stress and a little sadness. I was able to filter all these feelings with art. I also enjoyed some time writing blog posts and gathering my thoughts.

Really enjoyed building a fire and roasting marshmallows in September. It was a lot of fun.

September thank you for each moment. Even though I had challenges I’m grateful for everything.

May my September worries, stress and sadness fly away and may October bring happy moments that are beautiful and magical and anxiety free.