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Last year I attended the Dave Lackie follower party for SHISEIDO  with my wonderful friend and incredible blogger Cat Forsley.


I was blown away at the entire #ShareBeauty concept. SHISEIDO has connected people with their incredible campaign that “Beauty is a feeling”.


Did you happen to see my VLOG for that evening? Well you’re in luck!  I’ve attached it to this post so you can have a look at it if you like and you can also click and see pictures of the event on the blog post. #ShareBeauty Shiseido Event Toronto It was a beautiful function and I had so much fun. Truly a wonderful event that I will always remember. Thank you so much to Dave Lackie for the opportunity.

Last week I was fortunate and very lucky to win a gift from Dave Lackie on Twitter. You should totally follow him. He is really amazing and wonderful. He is a sweetheart and always gives to others. He is a really incredible person. The amazing gift that I kindly won is a Shiseido makeup bag with beautiful skincare and a lipstick. Thank you so much Dave Lackie! I’m truly grateful. I love everything and used everything already and I’m not surprised at all at how incredible the products are. Truly amazing especially the Cleanser!  wow!


I would also like to thank Dave for the beautiful lipstick! I adore the formula and the colour and packaging is perfection. This is in the colour RD 311 Crime of Passion. Totally adore Shiseido Lipsticks. They are beyond perfection!


Since I’m on a Shiseido Theme I wanted to share with you my INFLUENSTER BOX!



Guess what came in the box?

Shiseido products!

I’m going to share each product with you and give you a short little info and review.


IBUKI Quick Fix Mist

13ml Travel Size

This spray is amazing!  This is an all-day gel spray that absorbs oil, refreshes makeup and tones down shine in a spritz, anytime and anywhere. Incredible little travel size perfect for the handbag. I also received a big size when I went to the event and I absolutely love the Quick Fix Mist. Amazing!


 Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

10ml Travel size

This is an incredible booster for your skin. It really helps defend against signs of stress, aging and environmental damage. I apply this after my cleanser and I absolutely love it!


This is the IBUKI  Beauty Sleeping Mask.  This is for one application. I love this mask. I applied this before bed and I woke up with amazing radiant and hydrated skin. It feels dewy on the skin and very soothing and hydrating.


*Influenster box products have been given for review purposes. All opinions expressed are all honest and true. *SAMPLES

 Thank you so much to Dave Lackie for the wonderful gift.

Thank you also to Influenster for the free samples and to Shiseido Canada.

Have a beautiful week everyone and thank you so much!


Autumn Haul 2016




I’m very excited to share with you my Autumn haul. I’ve been very lucky this year and one of the many lucky things is that I had the opportunity to attend the CITYLINE taping with Dave Lackie.  At the end of the show I won a $500 gift card to Marshalls. I don’t have a Marshalls close to my home so I decided to use the card at Winners. All the items in this Haul are not just from Winners though.  I have a couple of items that I purchased.

I would like to say a huge thank you to CITYLINE and to Tracy Moore and Dave Lackie for this amazing and wonderful opportunity. I’m truly grateful and I’m very blessed to have won. Everything marked with an * has been purchased with the gift card.

I really needed a nice Autumnal Coat and this gift card came at the perfect time. I found the prettiest black coat to match my handbag that my husband kindly bought for my birthday.  In the photo I’m wearing the *Michael Kors black coat which goes with the handbag. I love the coat because it tapers at the waist and I love big collars. It is warm and lined beautifully. I really love the simplicity and elegance of this coat. I’m also wearing  *”Wanna Betta Butt?” jeans by Royalty For Me. These are light and stretchy “slim fit skinny jeans”. What I love about the jeans is that they fit so nicely and feel really comfortable. I really love clothing that feel comfortable so these jeans are perfect.


My *boots are Clarks and these are also from Winners. They zip up at the sides. They are flat, waterproof and super comfortable. They are also lined inside with warm material perfect for Autumnal weather.


I’m madly in love with this *American Eagle mustard/yellow sweater. I absolutely love it and my jeans are *Levi’s Boot Cut. They are super comfortable and I love a good dark blue jean.


My *David Jones purse is super comfortable for everyday and it’s not too big. I love the design inside the purse. It has a floral vintage feel to it. Along with the long handle it also has a chain to give it some edge. I love the stitching on the top flap of the bag. Very vintage, modern and edgy at the same time. Perfect in my opinion.


My light brown boots are ankle boots and have a crisscross design at the top with a zipper at the back. I really like them because they have a bit of a heel which gives me hight and I also love the colour. I also love the design of the upper part of the boot. These boots look really amazing with jeans, tights and a dress and are very comfortable.


I chose two *flannel tops from Winners and I have a huge love for flannel top and flannel anything! Flannel blankets are cozy as well.  The first flannel top is cream with navy blue and a lot of red. The second one is cream, navy blue and red just like the first one but the navy blue is bolder and more pronounced.  I’m also wearing the*”Wanna Betta Butt?” jeans by Royalty For Me and my *Clark booties. 


Here I’m wearing the same jeans and booties but with a lovely cream knitted sweater. I really love the warmth and coziness of this American Eagle Outfitters sweater. I love wearing knitted long sweaters with fitted jeans and also with tights and boots. This sweater is very cozy and warm and perfect for Autumn.


I needed dresses so I bought a *Calvin Klein Black dress that is knee length with lines that cut diagonally. This dress can be dressed up or down. Very classic and simple yet elegant and beautiful. I also bought a *grey sleeveless dress that feels really nice and I love the pleated waist and lines on the dress. I feel this would look lovely layered with a top and nice tights and boots. I love layering in the fall and using different textures and colours. Both of these dresses can be worn in many ways.910


On the weekend my husband bought me the most beautiful scarf that I really wanted from Topshop. It has my favourite Autumnal colours and it feels so soft and warm. I love the red and burnt orange/brown in the scarf. I also fell in love with a coat in Topshop. It’s a mustard/yellow coat and I’m so in love with it. I rarely desire or fall in love with clothing but I’m so so very happy that I’m interested in clothing in a positive way again. Before it use to stress me out but now I’m madly loving textures, colours and fabrics. I’m very happy with all the pieces that I’ve chosen for Autumn. I feel I can mix and match so many pieces together and layer them.


Overall I love clothing that can be worn in many different ways that are simple yet versatile. I love textures, colours and lines and really love the feel of various materials.

I’m very pleased with my Autumn Haul and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Thank you so much to CITYLINE , Tracy Moore and Dave Lackie for the amazing Gift Card. My shopping spree was incredible and I’m truly grateful! It is a dream come true! Thank you from my heart!

Makeup used


Rouge Allure Ink 150 Luxuriant

Cream eyeliner Clalligrfaphie De CHANEL 65 Hyperblack


CHANEL BLUSH Joues Contrast 320 Rouge Profond

All CHANEL Products have been given to me for review purposes.

Video coming soon!

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Cityline Taping with Dave Lackie! #CityLineBeauty

cityline cover.jpg

I’m so excited to bring you this blog post my lovely friends. On Friday September 2nd, I attended the Cityline taping! It was the most incredible event ever! I’m so excited I don’t know where to start! I arrived down town Toronto at Dundas Square as you can see in my vlog and I had the opportunity to have a cuppa coffee before the show with my wonderful friends Grieta and Connie.


Then we were escorted in the CityTV building and signed in. We gave our names and it was really funny because the girl thought I said “Estée Lauder” when I said “Bestdayblogger”. That made me laugh so much. We got our raffle tickets because at the end of the show they raffle off extra gifts which is pretty amazing.

We were taken to the waiting lounge (GREEN ROOM) for breakfast. There were tables filled with delicious and mouth watering pastries. There was coffee, tea and water. They also had my favourite breakfast ever! Lox and cream cheese! Drooling just thinking about it. Beautiful array of deliciousness!



After a satisfying our palettes by having the most delicious breakfast ever, the group took many photos on the Cityline Backdrop. Look at all these lovely beautiful bloggers that have become such lovely friends thanks to Dave Lackie.  They warm my heart! from the Left to the right: The lovely, beautiful and ray of sunshine Cat Forsley and her amazing blog is . Next is yours truly, Bestdayblogger. Then the lovely and beautiful Connie, the lovely Nicci and her blog is Next is sweet Chantal and her blog is  Next is the beautiful and sweet Grieta. Grieta’s amazing blog is TO Beauty n’ Beyond and the last lovely lady is the radiant and talented Christine. Christine’s blog is Mom Loves Makeup. Check out all these lovely ladies out. They are truly passionate, inspirational and very beautiful inside and out!


Here I’m with my lovely and beautiful friend Julie! I’m so happy we had the chance to see each other again. She is a sweetheart!img_6411

Here is yours truly @Bestdayblogger img_6460

We then went into the studio! Camera…lights…action!  This was so exciting! So amazing! I’m a huge fan of cameras and lights…no surprise there! 😉  We had music by DJ Lissa Monet. Who made us move and dance and got our energy up.  We saw everyone in action. We saw the new Fall Trends which included fashion, fragrances and of course Best in Beauty.  Dave Lackie is on the ball when he’s in front of the Camera and Tracy Moore is brilliant! She is very inspirational woman.  I also want to bring Lynn Spence home with me because she has an amazing fashion sense. She can help me with my closet. It was truly amazing sitting in the audience and seeing how the show is taped. A lot of passion, dedication and creativity goes into a taping of Cityline. I’m truly grateful I had the opportunity to be there.


Did I mention that I won the raffle ticket at the end of the show? OMG YES I DID! WOO HOO! CRAZY! AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! I won a $500.00 GIFT CARD TO MARSHALLS!  I still can’t believe it. It is very surreal and truly MAGICAL. Yes I believe in MAGIC! The good and positive kind of course!


I am very grateful.

On top of this Grand Gift Card we also received a gift bag that has the highest total as a gift  given on Cityline EVER!! WHAT? oh yes! CRAZY AMAZING!

Worth 1,400!

Here are the contents of the gift bag.

Drum roll please!!


In this picture I forgot to add the Gift Card from the Bay which I already used. 😉 The REVLON Professional EQUAVE Instant Beauty Volumizing Detangling Conditioner. I love it and it smells like fresh cucumber. Also a  $25.00 gift card to the Shopping Channel. Oh yes and by the way? That MARSHALLS gift card in the photo is also $100.00! This brings my total Marshalls gift card to $600.00! INCREDIBLE! I can’t wait to go shopping. My gift card should be arriving in the mail soon.  This came at the perfect time because my closet is seriously, seriously sad.  The perfect time to buy a new wardrobe. I’m truly grateful. So grateful to DAVE LACKIE, CITYLINE, TRACY MOORE and everyone.

I’m so blessed and truly grateful!

I  still can’t believe that I was on Cityline taping! The show airs tomorrow morning so please tweet me if you see me! Everyone will be tweeting using the



Thank you again to Dave Lackie, Tracy Moore and Cityline for this amazing and unforgettable event. I will remember this forever!

Thank you!

Elizabeth Arden Launch Party A Dave Lackie Event #ArdenBeauty #ArdenLove

arden cover.jpg

On Wednesday August 24th I attended a Dave Lackie Dinner party for Elizabeth Arden’s  new skincare and makeup products.


The day started with getting my hair styled by a hair stylist from STYLU.  I’ve blogged about the amazing app on my blog, if you like have a look. STYLU New On Demand Beauty Provider app. Because I blogged about Stylu I was kindly given a credit for my blogging services. I’m truly grateful because my lovely Stylist Monique did an incredible job! I’m so pleased at how easy it is to book a stylist with Stylu app and I’ll definitely be using the app again. The app allows you to book anytime and any day to where ever you want! They will come to your desired destination. This is such a great app for busy mommies. I’m so happy about this app being available because it is very hard to take my children to the hair salon. This way the stylist will come to your desired address. It is the simplest and most easy app I have ever used and I will continue to use in the future.

Following the hair style, I did my makeup. I used Chanel’s Fall Collection followed by the outfit for the evening which consisted of black pants from Reitmans, black boots from Winners, a striped top and light red jacket by Susy Shier.


Here is the link to the striped top if you like. -> TOP

I then traveled down town Toronto to the Aria Ristorante which is located at 25 York Street. The private room was decorated beautifully with fresh flowers and beautiful linen. The decor was perfection!


Along with the decorations the Elizabeth Arden beauty products were displayed around the room with beautiful flowers and arranged so nicely for picture taking.  I love the creativity that went into the displays!


Truly exquisite don’t you think? I’m absolutely loving all the new lip products and skincare. I adore the new liquid liners and the fragrance is so sweet and floral. Very stunning! So many beautiful new products from Elizabeth Arden I can’t contain my self!


The evening continued with beautiful dinner and speeches.


 I also had the pleasure of being in good company with lovely guests and fellow bloggers.


Here I’m with the lovely Christine, the author of  Mom Loves Makeup. She is so kind, sweet and I really enjoy her company. img_6184

Here I’m having an amazing time with the beautiful Cat the author of Cat is a ray of sunshine and beautiful from the inside and out! She always brings such positive energy to the room and the people around her. She inspires me so much!


Here is the inspirational Dave Lackie. He is so down to earth, kind and sweet. I highly recommend that you take a look at his amazing  Beauty Guide Magazine.  It’s Amazing! I also love his website and adore his lovely articles and giveaways too. I recently read the article on his website written by  and the article is  The Red Door a History of Elizabeth Arden. You should have a look because it is a wonderful article.


Hello from @Bestdayblogger 😉


I  had a really lovely time talking and chatting with all the guests and fellow bloggers. I’m totally honoured and grateful to have been in the same room with so many creative and wonderful individuals. Truly a blessing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you so much to Dave Lackie and Elizabeth Arden for a magical evening and also thank you to Stylu for the opportunity to have my hair styled. Thank you to my stylist Monique for the most beautiful hair style! Thank you all so much for the most magical event and evening!


The very next day I opened my lovely gift bag filled with skincare and makeup. #Ardenbeauty & #ArdenLove

Thank you so much again to Dave Lackie and Elizabeth Arden for the beautiful gift bag!


Would you like a review of any of these products? Please let  me know and I will totally review a product of your choice.

thank you for visiting blog



GIVENCHY The Art of Perfumery! A Dave Lackie Dinner


bestdayblogger blog header

I was very luck to attend the Dave Lackie dinner for the GIVENCHY The Art of perfumery event on June 14th at the Arcadian Studio on 401 Bay Street Toronto. The Theme was “Summer Chic” and the special guest that evening was Mr. David Titheridge the general manager of Givenchy.  The room was filled with amazing bloggers and other artists. Dave Lackie always brings people together in a warm atmosphere and spreads joy to so many lovely artist. He encourages them to continue their passion and love for what they do. I love that about Dave. He inspires and gives so much empowerment to everyone.



The room was set up with beautiful floral arrangements and Givenchy perfumes all over the place.


The hors d’oeuvres were delicious and the drinks so refreshing. I had a fruit cocktail and at dinner a white lovely wine. The dinner was exquisite! The salad was fresh and the chicken so tender and mouth watering. My dessert was a strawberry sorbet and I loved it! The service was wonderful and accommodating to my food restrictions. I highly recommend the Arcadian Studio for parties and events.


Following the lovely dinner Dave Lackie and Mr. David Titheridge gave a lovely speech about the Art of Perfumery and the history of Givenchy.


You can read a great article about the History of Givenchy on Dave Lackie’s website. “The House of Givenchy”.

The Arcadian Studio was magnificent and Dave Lackie was an amazing host. I really enjoyed listening to the speeches and learned so much about the art of perfumery and Givenchy. I’m truly grateful to Dave Lackie and to Mr. David Titheridge  for the beautiful opportunity. Thank you so much!

The gift bag

We kindly received a beautiful Live Irresistible Fragrance and a Dahlia Divin Fragrance. I’m really loving the Dahlia Divin! It’s so sweet and soft. Floral and really lovely for summer. Thank you so much Dave for this beautiful gift bag! The Givenchy travel bag will come in handy soon!

A group photo with all the lovely bloggers and artists.

My IG Photos


Here I’m with a lovely blogger and friend Christine.

On twitter as @brwn_eyed_girl_

She runs the lovely blog

Here I’m with the beautiful and lovely blogger and friend Grieta.

Twitter @griechux


Photo credit Grieta. 🙂

Also a special thank you to the music artists in my video.

In my video I used music from the amazing
Kyle Anderson
Song on YOUTUBE 

Thank you so much!

ending blog post