Reach Up To The Sky! Life is Beautiful!

It’s cold and it’s beautiful! January has so many beautiful things. Look around you and you will see. Look at the details. Small things matter!  I’m so very happy. oh so many reasons. First I will say that my heart is filled with so much joy and love for my family and people around me. I’m feeling relaxed and calm. I have GRATITUDE for everything in my life. Life is a gift and I’m so very happy inside. I’ve been truly enjoying little things to the maximum, like a lovely cuppa coffee that my husband made. It is so special when he makes me a drink. I cherish special moments like this, do you?


I love a good fireplace. Last weekend I spent time at my sister in laws and they have a really amazing fire place. I’m so grateful that I was able to sit in front of a cozy fire and spend time with the family. I cherish moments like this.  I feel so positive lately. Everything is amazing, beautiful and I’m so blessed. I feel fulfilled and very happy. I’ve stopped complaining. I’ve stopped thinking about what I don’t have and I think about how grateful I am with what I do have. Does this make sense? I’ve erased the internal fight within my self. I’ve diminished criticizing, comparing and worrying in my own mind. I am now calm and happy. It is such a waste of time to complain all the time. I love the place I’m in right now. It feels very soothing and calm.


This is the book I’m currently reading. “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara. Last week I mentioned this book to my hubby and he went out and bought it for me. I’m so grateful. He remembers things I like and surprises me with gifts. It’s the little things that truly matter. He’s always been observant and a good listener. He really knows me like no other person. I love the way he makes me laugh.


I’ve been enjoying cooking lately and I contacted Hello Fresh Canada to try out their meal plans and I absolutely LOVED the experience. Here is a vlog I made with the entire cooking segment. Would you like to see more? Let me know. Feel free to use my code BESTDAYBLOGGER40 for 40% off your 1st Meal. Not Sponsored and Not and  AD. I also did many IG Stories during the cooking which was so much fun.


Cooking with fresh and bright coloured ingredients makes me feel really happy and energetic! I really had a lovely experience with Hello Fresh Canada and I thank them so much for the meals. Truly amazing!

Today I posted an Instagram Photo and have written a little bit about me. I feel a lot of people don’t know who I am so I hope you check it out. Here is the IG Photo.

The makeup that I used in the above picture is CHANEL NEAPOLIS Collection.



Purple is one of my favourite colours. Purple also plays a huge role with AVON. They kindly sent me beautiful set of glasses with stunning butterflies on them. Truly Magical!  Goes with what I’m feeling lately. I feel very free and at peace at the moment. Free flowing and going a long with the movement of life. 

“Butterflies are eternal symbols of freedom and peace” -AVON

Since 2004, the Avon Foundation has helped to educate nearly 30 million women about domestic violence and served over 11 million women globally, guiding them to self-sufficiency. Avon will donate 10% of the sale price from domestic violence fundraising products to the Avon Foundation for Women Canada to support speak out against domestic violence programs across the country.

Featured items include:

Purple peace Ombre glasses a set of 4 for $25.00.

Purplelicious gel finish nail polish $9.00

Anew Platinum Eyes and Lip Cream $45.00 ( SO GOOD!!!) 

Dark Plum Lipstick by mark $12.00.

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I hope you pick something purple from from their purple campaign and help this important cause. Empowering women and working together!


I thank you so much for reading my post today. Much love to you all and sending you all positive VIBES and LOVE. Take those negative thoughts and turn them around and count your blessings. No matter how bad things may seem there is always something to be grateful for. Please leave me a comment telling me what you are grateful for. I would love to know.


thank you purple

Respect Your Beauty! Speak Out Against Domestic Violence AVON

banner purple

Respect Your Beauty



Wear the infinity scarf that can help women in infinite ways. Since 2004, the Avon Foundation has helped to educate women about domestic violence and guide them and their families to emergency shelters and back to self-sufficiency. 

Purple Peace Infinity Ombre Scarf

Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf in beautiful tones of purple. Measures a generous 178cm Lx 25 cm W. Acrylic. Hand wash Dry flat. $28.00

AVON WILL DONATE 10% of the sale price from domestic violence fundraising products to the Avon Foundation for Women, Canada to support Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Programs across the country. 

Learn More about Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Programs at


Available as of November 2017 through Avon independent sales representatives

1-800-265-AVON or online at

thank you purple