Life Can be Stormy

Sometimes life can be stormy

Up and down

Twists and turns

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with a lot of emotions

Things sometimes work out and sometimes they don’t

I say things I don’t mean

I learn from my mistakes

I’m growing

I try to become a better person

I learn

I move on

I hurt

I cry

It’s all going to be okay

That’s what I tell my self

I count my blessings write down things I’m grateful for

I write down my goals and dreams

I write down my wishes

Less material things and more life experiences

Working on the inside and feeling fulfilled

Full of God’s grace and love ❤️

Forgiveness to myself and others

I’ve been trying to stay hopeful

Sometimes I want results fast but life is teaching me things take time and to enjoy the process

Courage and one moment at a time

As things move forward I pray to God for courage, love, strength and happiness.

What ever happens I will keep calm and strong.

Keep love in the heart and stay humble.

Dear September…

You brought cooler temperatures and sweater weather. It’s been so lovely to start fall festivities early. The more the better really. I was so nervous for my girls to start school but they have done so well with all the changes. We have our challenges and are trying to get through them one day at a time.

The trees have already started to change colours. Bees and butterflies flying all around. Now that my girls are back in school I’ve enjoyed some alone time, quiet and stillness.

My emotions have been high in September. A lot of feelings and sensitivities on a high. I’ve been busy washing clothing, cleaning floors and dishes. Making lunches and dinners and after school snacks for the girls.

Dear September, I longed for the weekends and spent time with my girls and hubby and it was a blessing not to rush anywhere. Visited our favourite park and walked along the paths filled with flowers and beautiful sunflowers and daisies. I’m so grateful for each day.

September brought me emotions, stress and a little sadness. I was able to filter all these feelings with art. I also enjoyed some time writing blog posts and gathering my thoughts.

Really enjoyed building a fire and roasting marshmallows in September. It was a lot of fun.

September thank you for each moment. Even though I had challenges I’m grateful for everything.

May my September worries, stress and sadness fly away and may October bring happy moments that are beautiful and magical and anxiety free.

First Day of Summer!

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Dear June,

I love your warmth

You surprise me often with your cool breeze

and pop of colours

big beautiful flowers and sun in the sky

birds visit my backyard often.


The garden grows and herbs are fresh and full.

I find my self reaching for my camera more often.

You really make me happy and sometimes the intense heat makes me very upset.

Cold drinks and showers are refreshing!


I feel low and down many times but then I count my blessings,

I write in my gratitude journal which helps override the constant mind chatter.


Love really makes everything better. It feeds my soul with joy and freedom.


My heart overflows with an abundance of warmth and emotions. Being a mother is a beautiful thing. Comforting, soothing and beautiful. She’s growing too fast. We recently got her a single bed and we no longer fall asleep together. I’m broken because of it. We cry together and hug at night before bed. Is this too soon? I tell her “we can cuddle all day together”.  I tell her that “I will never stop cuddling her”. She falls asleep… and I cry…


I have so many emotions. They often overflow. I cry sometimes from sadness but most of the time I find my self crying from joy. The little things in life.  God has given me so much to be grateful for and for this I’m truly blessed.


Thank you all for reading my blog post today.

Much love to you all and have a magical Summer!




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