I enjoy skincare so much and Avon’s ANEW Hydra Fusion is everything I could ask for. I’ve been using AVON ANEW HYDRA FUSION Gel Creme and Eye Serum and I absolutely love them. They feel cool and refreshing on the skin and really hydrating.

Avon has come out with three more beautiful products from this line that I have added to my daily skincare routine and love. One is the Cleansing Micellar Water that gently lifts dirt, oil and makeup while boosting hydration. Also no water needed! $16.00 for 300ml bottle.

I really love using the In-Shower Mask. I just pat the liquid mask on wet, cleansed face at the end of a shower or over a sink. I don’t rinse. My skin feels so moisturized! Absolutely hydrating and so wonderful. I also use the mask after cleansing my face out of the shower as well. $28.00 for 200ml. I love that the Cleansing Micellar water and the In-Shower Mask have the perfect hole at the top for squeezing out the product out.

I’ve also added De-Puffing Eye Serum to my morning and night routine. It works so beautifully and really helps de-puff and hydrate the delicate under-eye area while reducing the look of bags and dry lines. The formula includes Hyaluronic Acid, Raspberry antioxidant and caffeine. 15ml for $35.00.

How lovely is the tip on the de-puffing eye serum? I love the slant and it glides nicely under the eye area.

Thank you so much to AVON.CA for personalizing my head towel. I appreciate it so much. It holds my hair up and away from my face when I’m washing and applying the product. It’s so beautiful to receive something personalized. It really makes me feel very special.

Thank you so much AVON.CA for the beautiful skincare. I’m a huge fan of the ANEW HYDRA FUSION SKINCARE LINE. I highly recommend it.

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I’m very excited to share CHANEL Blue Serum Eye with you. It’s an incredible eye serum that helps hydrate, even and firm the skin around the eye area. The skin around the eye area is very delicate and if you apply regular face cream it can actually be too heavy. I feel CHANEL Blue Serum Eye formula is very light and perfect for the delicate epidermis around the eyes.  The formula is light and silky. Feels nice and soft on the skin. It does not have fragrance or sting my eyes. It is super gentle. Absorbs perfectly and is not greasy. The formula truly hydrates and really helps with evenness of my skin. It has also helped with my dark circles and puffiness around the eyes as well.

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In 2017, CHANEL created BLUE SERUM, an intense revitalizing serum for lastingly younger looking, firmer and healthier skin. It concentrates three longevity ingredients consumed in regions of the world where people live better and longer. 

Extremely fine, the skin around the eyes is more easily weekended and dehydrated. Skin that is 4x thinner than that of the rest of the body. 10,000 blinks per day. 22 muscles in perpetual movement. 

In 2018, the BLUE SERUM line expands with BLUE SERUM EYE, a care product specifically for the eye area, made for women in search of instantly fresh and luminous eyes with youthfulness that lasts. The eye contour is smoother, firmer, and more even. Formulated for the delicate eye contour area, it is composed of an anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle complex, which decongests and energizes the eyes. 

Without compromising their respective qualities, each of the natural ingredients in BLUE SERUM EYE was carefully selected and transformed by CHANEL Research into a pure and powerful active ingredient, using specific, tailored extraction processes.


  • Green coffee PFA from Costa Rican green coffee: collected by hand, then sun-dried and extracted using  PolyFractioning, it is renowned for its antioxidant properties.
  • Olive tree oleoactive from Sardinian olives: olive oil rich in essential fatty acids and olive leaf highly concentrated with polyphenols are combined by an oleo-eco-extraction technique to ensure a skin-protecting effect.
  • Lentisk gum extract from Greek lentisk: harvested by a local cooperative, the resin undergoes supercritical CO2 cold extraction to preserve its properties.


Blue Serum Eye 15ml  $90.00

BLUE SERUM EYE will be available as of January 15, 2018 at all CHANEL Beauty Counters


PR Sample. Thank you so much to CHANEL for the amazing sample. I’m truly grateful.

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