So Fresh and So Clean! Fall Skincare AVON

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I’m so ready for Fall. We’ve had two weeks of high heat in Toronto. This high heat included a lot humidity! Truly terrible so I’m ready for cool weather please! This delay in cool temperatures has given me the opportunity to prepare my wardrobe and skincare for fall. I have all my cozy sweaters washed and ready to go and I also have my face masks, moisturizers and oils ready. I’ll be bringing you a series of blog posts with Autumn Skincare as we move into October.

Today I’m showcasing a few lovely pieces by AVON. I love AVON skincare and I wanted to share a few beautiful items. First I will start with Face Masks! I love Face Masks do you? There is nothing better then pampering your self. I love using face masks, bath bombs, oils and salts in the bath. Anything to relax. Candles and soft music, I love to clear my mind and turn my bathroom into a spa! (as my children hang on to the bathroom door handle asking me questions like “mommy are you okay?” “mommy how long are you going to take?” “Can I have a snack mommy?” Me: ASK YOUR FATHER!  ;D )




This is a 7 piece boxed set. Deluxe sampler set includes six single use masks each 8g one Super Booster Serum, 15ml. Retails $30.00


The Box Contains

Brightening Mask- Clay- Glow with green tea & vitamin C

Detox Mask- Clay -Purify with charcoal and green clay

Soothing Mask – Cream -Gently calm with aloe vera

Moisturizing Mask – Cream -Hydrate with hyaluronic acid

Firming Mask- Gel -Tone with green coffee and honey

Energizing mask – Cream – Revitalize with ginger and caffeine

Super Booster Serum Maximizes each mask’s benefit

This Avon Beauty Boost Face Mask Deluxe Sampler is available as of October 2017 through AVON independent sales representative, 1-800-265-Avon or

This is the FRESH AND CLEAN COLLECTION by AVON.  The A Box is a collection of Avon favourites curated by top beauty professionals.  I feel this is  a lovely collection to feel pretty & pampered!

This lovely A BOX has 2 full size, 2 try-it size and 1 sheet mask:

Anew Comforting Cream Cleanser & Mask-mini 30 ml

Anew Refining Daily Scrub- Mini 30ml

Anew Brightening Sheet Mask, 1 individually-wrapped sheet

Footworks Lavender 3-1 Pampering Oil, 60 ml

Avon True Color Multi-Benefit BB Nail Enamel in Perfect Pink, 12ml


Only $10.00 with Every $40.00 Brochure Purchase

$36.00 Value

Available as of October 2017

Through Avon Independent Sales Representative,

1-800-265-Avon or online at www.

Coming in October!

Skin So Soft Original Holiday Collection with jojoba oil and a fresh herbal scent!

Bath Oil Locks in moisture during a bath or shower. 500ml $22.00

Creamy Body Wash Cleanses and conditions 350ml.  $10.00

Body Lotion 24hours of moisture. 350ml $10.00

All 3 for $20.00

This Trio smells so good and has a soft powdery scent. I love it so much!


I finally have a Cleaning Mat for my brushes! Thank you so much AVON CANADA! Perfect time to clean my brushes!


I love it so much! This makes cleaning my brushes so much faster and easier. The Cleaning Mat Provides optimal cleansing for all times of makeup brushes. Textured surfaces help easily remove makeup reside.  Super easy to use.


  1. Secure the mat’s suction cups in the sink.
  2.  Soap & Water. Place a small amount of soap and water on the mat.
  3. Deep Clean Brush. Swirl the bristles on the mat. The bottom right side is to wash larger brushes for the face and the bottom left is for smaller eye/lip brushes.
  4. Rinse. Rinse brushes under water while sweeping bristles on the top half of the mat.

This Silicone Brush Cleaning Mat is $12.00 Available as of October 2017 Through Avon Independent sales representatives, 1-800-265-AVON or online at

*PR Samples.

Thank you AVON CANADA!


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Ultra Hydration and Moisturized Skin with AVON!


No more dry and flaky skin! This Moisture Therapy by AVON has helped my skin feel so good, hydrated and moisturized for 24 hours! It absorbs so nicely and smells really wonderful. Seriously wonderful! The winter has been challenging with my skin but the Moisture Therapy Body Lotion and the Body Scrub has helped so much. It applies nicely and doesn’t feel sticky. It absorbs really well. I love the scent. It is very light and lovely. The Body lotion is 500ml and costs $10.00.


This creamy, lightly scented lotion, formulated with Shea Butter and Jojoba oil, instantly corrects the appearance of overly dry, patchy and chalky-looking skin due to lack of moisture. this fast absorbing and non-greasy lotion glides on skin, instantly improving its texture for smooth, healthy-looking skin. It helps maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier and provides 24-hour moisturization. Allergy and Dermatologist-tested. Hypoallergenic. -AVON



Next I have the Moisture Therapy Body Scrub. It exfoliates and gives my skin a smooth look. It helps take away the roughness and dullness and really helps reveal healthy-looking skin. I love this body scrub. The scent again is really soothing and smells wonderful. The Body scrub is 200ml for $10.00.



Available as of March 2017

Each package consists of 4 individually wrapped, single-use sheet masks.

Price $30.00

Inspired by ancient Asian beauty rituals, our sheet masks hold a generous amount of serum and are designed to fit the contours of your face like a second skin to reduce evaporation. Infused essences are continuously and evenly released for immediate and enhanced benefits. -AVON



With Royal Jelly Essence

Firm up! In minutes, skin looks firmer tones, lifted and feels instantly nourished. -AVON

“Royal Jelly Fit for a queen!” These masks have a sweet nectar, composed of water and precious nutrients, is fed to queen bee to help her live longer, be stronger and grow bigger. It is world-renowned for firming and anti-aging benefits. I use this once a week after cleansing my skin and I absolutely love these! They are so wonderful and soothing. My skin feels brand new after I use these face masks and I also find them so hydrating and moisturizing. The first initial feeling when applying this mask is cold but after putting it on it is very relaxing. I also love the scent. It is very light and not overpowering. It is very gentle. A truly wonderful face mask. Highly recommend these.




Brightening Sheet Mask

4 individually wrapped, single-use sheet masks. $30.00

White Pearl Essence, An ancient beauty secret! Nutrient-rich pearls have been used for over 3,000 years in facial treatments in Egypt, China and Japan. It has been known for centuries for its brightening benefits.-AVON

These masks really help my skin look and feel amazing. They help by hydrating my face and my skin feels so nice and refreshed. These mask really help my skin look and feel very radiant. I love face masks because they are so soothing and relaxing. I love just sitting back and closing my eyes and taking some time for my self.  They are gentle on the skin and very soothing.


Salon quality Nails in 6 Easy Steps

Shape, Smooth Edges, Condition, Smooth Nails, Buff and Polish.

Super easy to take care of my nails with this duo! I absolutely love the bag, it is super cute fun and bright.  I really love the Cuticle conditioner. It is 12ml and works so nicely. It is a fast absorbing formula and contains vitamin E and evening primrose seed extract. It is $8.00. The buffer works so good. It has different coloured sides, each with a nail buffing benefit. Only for  $2.99! Love it!


Thank you so much to AVON CANADA for the samples! I’m loving everything!

I’m so impressed by everything and absolutely recommend these products.


Thank you so much!

Available through AVON INDEPENDENT SALES REPRESENTATIVES, 1-800-265-AVON, or Online at

*Samples for review purposes. That being said all my opinions are honest and true.





Holiday Gift Guide #Blogmas Day 10

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Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 10 of my Gift Giving Guide!

I hope my daily guide has been helping you with fantastic gift giving ideas!

This Blogmas is so much fun! I can’t believe we are getting closer to Christmas and If you are out of ideas I’m here to help you! Today I have a wonderful gift giving product that is great for men and women!


I kindly received two beautiful Masques from Farleyco Beauty and I am very grateful because these face masques are my absolute favourite! Especially the chocolate and strawberry! The 7th Heaven face masks make the perfect holiday gift for everyone! I feel these would be amazing for stocking stuffers. I love the formula and affordability of 7th Heaven Masques.

About 7th Heaven Products

Montagne Jeunesse has changed their name to 7th Heaven and their products are all natural. They’ve been creating Natural Skin and body care products for 30 years and available in 85 Countries. They believe in minimal processing and using pure and natural ingredients derived from plants and mineral sources. All the natural plant ingredients in the masques are Paraben _Free, Farmer-Friendly, Complete Raw Material Traceability, BUAV/PETA/and Vegetarian Society Approved, Dermatologically Tested, All products Suitable for Vegetarians-Many Vegans Too, Tried and Tested Formulas and 95% of products are manufactured in the UK. 

I look forward to using the masks and I plan to purchase many more for gifts this Christmas. Thank you so much to for the kind and generous gifts. I’m truly grateful and look forward to pampering my self.

Available at Select Lawtons Drugs, Walmart, London Drugs, Pharmasave, Brunet, Familiprix, Jean Coutu, Proxim, Uniprix, Value Drug and Overwaitea.

Thank you so much to to Lorry Du,

Public Relations Manager at Farleyco Marketing.

Have a Merry Christmas & A Happy and Beautiful New Year!

*PR Sample. Opinons expressed are all honest and true.

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Holiday Gift Guide #blogmas Day 7

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Happy December 7th!

Today’s gift guide includes many beautiful goodies!


Nail Polishes from Essence and Essie are so amazing and affordable and perfect for stocking stuffers.

Fantastic lip products like the lovely LIPSIES from Annabelle Cosmetics Essence Lip glosses and EOS Lip balms make great stocking stuffers!

The calendar “KEEP CALM AND HAVE A CUPCAKE” is from the talented and amazing Jenny Holiday she is known for her “Everyday is A Holiday” website and blog. I don’t think she has that journal anymore but she has many more other pieces of art that are truly beautiful! Very cute and whimsical! You should check out her site. She is fantastic! I’ve been following her art and blog for years.

 Bath and Body has amazing stocking stuffers that are affordable and lovely for the holidays. I also recommend the lovely chocolate face masks for stocking stuffers. The chocolate masks are amazing for anyone! They are from “My Seventh Heaven”

If you know someone who loves scrapbooks and journaling they will love the SMASH it concept. Truly amazing and you should check it out because I have 3 SMASH it books and I love them! You can also always buy gift cards!  Gift cards make amazing gifts!

Thank you so much!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

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Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques – REVIEW

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Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques – REVIEW

“Montagne Jeunesse has grown a bit since our humble beginnings 30 years ago, mixing natural and cruelty free ingredients in our vegetarian kitchen! And we’ve come a long way since then… moving to our eco-minded hub with solar panels and wind turbine and now to our Green Barn – but we’re still just as passionate about sharing our cruelty free skin treats – and that’s why we’re always seeking out more goodness packed ingredients.” –

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques – REVIEW

I have no time or money to go to a spa. I’m a busy mommy of two and I create my own spa time with baths, candles and Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques. I’ve kindly received two masks from the wonderful Farleyco and I’m here to talk about my experience. I’m truly grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to try these face masks because I like the formula and the outcome. I’m also going to be purchasing more of these amazing masks. They are very affordable and I love that they come in individual packaging. They are perfect to take on trips and summer holidays! I’m not going to show you my face with the masks because I don’t want to scare you in anyway. I just want to show you the product and let the product shine on its own!


I enjoyed one mask more then the other in terms of scent. The formula of both masks didn’t effect my sensitive skin. The formula didn’t make me red or irritated. I found the CLEAN-UP MUD deep cleansing mask in “Aloe Vera & Willow” scent was too strong for me. That being said I loved the formula and my skin came out so soft. I also tried the NUT OIL MASQUE  in “Baobab oil & Marula Oil” and just wanted to eat it!  The Aloe Vera & Willow mask smells like Aloe vera and rosemary. Very plant like. Not a fan of that one but I do love the Baobab Oil and Marula Oil mask scent! Smells like cocoa butter and Shea butter. Smells so sweet and delicious! The formula for both masks really cleaned my skin and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. After using the masks my skin felt new and thoroughly cleansed.

Did you know?

Montagne Jeunesse has a range of Natural skin and body care products and over 30 years experience? They are available in 85 Countries around the world! Montagne Jeunesse never test on or use materials that have been tested on animals. All the products are BUAV ( British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) & ‘Cruelty-Free International’ approved.

All of the Montagne Jeunesse Products are vegetarian and some are Vegan too!

Montagne Jeunesse Products are:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Farmer-Friendly
  • Complete Raw Material Traceability
  • BUAV /PETA and Vegetarian Society Ap[roved
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • All Products Suitable for Vegetarians- Many Vegans Too!
  • Tried and Tested Formulas
  • 95% of products are manufactured in the UK

Have you tried any Montagne Jeunesse Products? If so, what is your favourite product? I would love to hear about it and try it out!

Thank you so much to Farleyco!

I truly love the Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques!


*I have NOT been paid to write this review. I’ve kindly been given the products mentioned in this blog for review purposes. All opinions expressed are 100% honest and true.