KARE Toronto VIP Event Fall Home Furnishings Collection

I was kindly invited by Blend PR to KARE Fall Home Furnishing Collection VIP Event Down Town Toronto. When I walked in the store the space took my breath away. The Collection has pieces from all over the world. Each piece has a story of its own. Gorgeous textures, colours and shapes. I’m in love with many pieces. There is something for everyone in the boutique but also there are so many pieces online. Furniture, lights, accessories and more.  KARE ONLINE

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It was so lovely meeting Chris from Blend PR and the owners of KARE TORONTO which is located on 553 Queen Street West, Toronto. They also had lovely food and drinks as well.


Here is a glimpse of inside the KARE Boutique.

Kare 18kare 3KARE 9Kare 8KARE 6KARE 5KARE 11KARE 12KARE 13KARE 4

It was a pleasure being at the VIP Launch party. I bumped into my friend and fellow blogger Cat from

My Lip Addiction. We had a few laughs and a great time! It was lovely to see her.

Good Times always!

All the home furnishings are so unique and eclectic. The designs are very artistic, colourful and creative. I love all the colours and the variety of textures in each piece.

Thank you Blend PR for the wonderful VIP Treatment!

My favourite piece is this:


KARE was founded in 1981 by two designers, Jurgen Reiter and Peter Schonhofen. The innovations of these successful trend pioneers were their plea for sensuousness, boldness, and individuality in furnishing. With spectacular pieces, this Munich furniture brand creates unmistakable looks that go well beyond the mainstream.

Since 1981 the company – privately owned by its founders – has experienced phenomenal growth with its unique range of products and unconventional furnishing worlds. The company designs and markets everything in-house and then exports it around the world. The recipe for success: three times a year Kare creates new and imaginative furnishing worlds – called “trend shows”.

KARE Design is in over 50 countries with 100 stores worldwide including, Munich, Barcelona, Vienna, and Dubai to name a few, bringing forth its leading design perspective to a global audience

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Fall In Love with These Autumn Treasures! AVON FALL COLLECTION

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Introducing Harvest Treasures Body Care Collection by AVON. Created with premium fragrance oils, limited edition collection will leave you savouring the memories of your favourite fall scents. Salted Caramel Apple, cozy up to the warm, decadent weight of juicy apples dipped in salted caramel and topped with a delicate maple glaze.  Avon also has Autumn Berry Twist and Pumpkin Souffle. $12.00 Each.

avon fall92avon fall 97avon fall 95avon fall 94

Fall in love with these top shades for Autumn.

Left to right



$10.00 Each


avon fall 104

Left to right


$10.00 EACH!

avon fall 110


Create that Cozy mood with home fragrances that carry the rich vibrance of fall.

This is the Spiced Pumpkin Waffle Candle with notes of pumpkin, bourbon-infused maple syrup, caramelized sugar and cinnamon.

$19.99 Each

Other Scents that are available on http://www.avon.ca are Pumpkin Apple Cider, Apple Picking, Falling Leaves, Campfire S’mores and Mandarin and Clove.

fall avon 101

Thank you so much Avon for the lovely PR Samples. thank you apple blog

CLARINS Fall 2017 Make-Up Collection

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I’m so excited about Autumn and I get so inspired with all the change that happens with nature’s colours. Nature is so glorious and breathtaking. That’s also how I feel about the Clarins Fall Collection.  I can’t describe how magical and beautiful it is but I can surely show you.

Here I’m featuring 4-Colour Eyeshadow palette In the colour 06 FOREST

Shades of the season. this seasonable shade collection echoes autumn tones two green shades, one subtle and satiny the other one dark with a shimmery finish, along with a dark matte grey shade and a light pink satin-finish hue. These shades are easy to blend and wear together for playful, graphic effects. Four eyeshadows shadows enriched in mineral pigments that can be blended dry for a blurred smoky finish. Using a damp applicator enhances the intensity of the shades in order to obtain more sophisticated results. -Clarins

I love the beautiful grey tones of this palette. This palette is soft and easy to apply. Very lovely to blend out and long lasting. This eyeshadow palette gives the perfect smoky eye look. I’m a huge fan of Clarins eyeshadow palettes and this one is a must have!


New Shades of Ombre Matte $26.00 An amazing formula that is easy to apply using the fingertips;it combines the smoothness of cream with the wear and finish of  a powder. A sensorial, high-pigment finish guaranteed. Two new permanent shades: 09 ivory: a luminous, eggshell white and 10 midnight blue: a dark blue with a subtle pearl reflections. Bamboo powder ensures a long-lasting matte result.

These Ombre Matte eyeshadows are so soft and they apply really nicely with the finger and also blend out lovely with a brush. My favourite one is 10 Midnight blue. It is so stunning and I’m in love with it.



For the make-up look I used the ivory for the entire lid and then put the midnight blue on the eyelid and softly blended it out with a brush. I also used it for under the eye as well. I love these so much and they are very fun to use. They feel very soft and silky.



Blush Prodige $33.00 Instant radiance This flattering shade of pink enhances any skin tone. The iridescent finish offers a delicately sculpted effect and maximum luminosity. 09 golden pink. One new limited edition shade: 09 Golden pink. A “healthy glow” golden pink with an iridescent shimmer.

This is the loveliest soft golden pink blush. It has an incredible golden glow. I’m totally in love with it. This is definitely one of my favourite pieces in the collection. This will be in my August Favourites list for sure.


New Shades of lipliner pencils $26.00 Lip contour expertise. The pencil tip glides easily around the lip contour and draws the perfect graphic line that highlights the lips and helps keep lipstick from running. Two new permanent shades 05 roseberry: tender pink and the one that I have is 06 red: bright red. Jojoba oil promotes suppleness and comfort.


Joli Rouge $28.00. The ‘cream’ of lipsticks. The rich, moisturizing texture is highly concentrated in colour pigments to make Joli Rouge THE must-have lipstick everyday. The perfectly balanced satin finish magnifies colour and promotes incomparable radiance. Put simply, it’s just the perfect lipstick. 3 new permanent shades include 754 deep red: a deep, intense red, 755 litchi: a very gentle pink and 756 guava: aluminous coral pink. The organic marsh samphire maintains well-hydrated lips. Mango lil nourishes and comforts the lips promoting supple aspect.


The lipliner is super soft and creamy. Very pigmented and the Joli Rouge lipstick in the colour 754 Deep Red is breathtaking. I absolutely love how bright and bold it is. What I really love about both of the products is that they are super bold, soft and creamy and also feel really incredible on the lips. I definitely feel that red is not only a Fall colour but a colour that looks incredible all year round.


The last beautiful piece that I have to show you is the cute Tender Moments Lovely Lip Balm which I’ve been wearing day and night. The luscious lip balm is so nourishing and moisturizing. The packaging is super cute and the formula smells and feels incredible on the lips. It is made with organic cocoa butter and Shea oil which helps nourish and repair the lips. It has organic red currant which ensures immediate comfort.


The formula is so incredible that it reacts with the lips pH levels and develops a touch of radiant, natural-looking colour. It is super creamy and melts on the lips which an amazing peach flavour. It has a chic, fun eco-designed packaging and organic active ingredients in line with Clarins’ “Responsible Beauty” approach.

 Enriched with a nourishing and moisturizing plant cocktail, this balm provides instant and long-lasting comfort, 8 hours of moisturization and a smoother, fuller look, perfect sine and rosy radiance to leave lips looking even more irresistible. Part skin care and part makeup, this feminine duo is simply irresistible! -CLARINS


All products mentioned are available in department stores, pharmacies and on clarins.com

Here is the makeup look that I’ve created with all Clarins Products. I really love the creaminess of the lip pencil and the shine and comfort of the lipstick. Truly an incredible feeling on the lips. I love the colours especially the Ombre Matte Cream-to-Powder Eye Shadow in 10 midnight blue. I also used Clarins Mascara and the contour palette which I really love using.




Thank you so much for reading my blog post. I hope you check out this beautiful collection. It is my absolute favourite. Please have a look at my previous Clarins Posts if you like. Thank you so much to CLARINS for the lovely samples. I’m truly grateful and very in love with the Fall Collection.


CLARINS Hydra-Essentiel Range REVIEW

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To find inspiration for the Fall / Winter Makeup Collection, Lucia Pica – CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer – embarked on a Californian road trip. Her idea was startling in its simplicity: to experience afresh the lights and colors of the outside world, creating a complete starting point for her creative process. From the dawn mists and sun- dappled coastline to the City Lights and gritty noir of downtown LA, Lucia Pica embraced the serendipitous creative possibilities afforded when the journey becomes the destination.


”You can be inspired by a photograph that already exists, but creating your own inspiration gives another dimension to the process – it gets much more exciting…” Lucia Pica

”I wanted to make my own mood board; to be inspired by what is happening in the moment,” says Lucia Pica. She captured fleeting, photographic moments to find fresh nuances for color and visual textures that could inform the Fall / Winter Collection.

904100119069003590430018 copy904200339057000190420023

”I’m so passionate about each color,” says Lucia Pica. ”I care so much and I think it’s important that vibrancy comes through.” Her eye for new and unexpected color combinations brings a new sense of poetry to the collection:


”the feeling was depth and freedom,” she says. For example, LES 4 OMBRES Road Movie eyeshadow palette, with its satiny green-blue of the sea, satiny copper, matte stone beige and dark blue-green with grey undertone, presented itself to Lucia Pica almost fully-formed: ”there was the sea, with the sun coming from one side to create this beautiful coppery gold, and then this lighter, brighter blue and a darker blue, and the pavement looked this beautiful beige…it was an obvious palette. It was just right in front of me;

I couldn’t escape.”





For nails, LE VERNIS HORIZON Line captures the pale, soft greenish grey of the sea on a cloudy day with almost watercolor perfection. Inspiration came from everywhere: the bark of a tree, tyre marks, headlights. The journey’s end was in downtown LA, where Lucia Pica spent the day. ”Enough nature and poetry – I was inspired by grittier locations, too.”


As befits the freedom of a road trip, effortlessness is key to the collection, too: Lucia Pica also introduces a long-time dream of hers; a PALETTE ESSENTIELLE containing three key products to offer a modern touch of natural polish in the form of creamy concealer, highlighter and blush used also for lip and cheeks. And a renewed focus on brows with new STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF eyebrow pencils offers a sophisticated way to frame and define the face.



CHANEL’s Fall / Winter Collection is about the memories, emotions and connections that color can inspire – an exercise in broadening horizons, in every exhilarating sense.

The centrepiece of the collection, the PALETTE ESSENTIELLE takes the idea of effortlessness in beauty and redefines it for modern women. Available in three shades Beige Clair, Beige Médium, Beige Intense, each palette offers a 3-in-1 of new products which come together in one sleek, handbag-friendly compact. Together, they combine to create a fresh, glowy complexion all day long with that essential touch of refinement and polish – something Lucia Pica describes as her ‘signature for skin.’ ”I wanted a product that could achieve that fresh skin look I do on shoots,” she says.

First, and the most generous of the three, is a concealer, ”to use where you need it,” says Lucia Pica. She chose to make this the largest so that you could use it both to start the day and for touch-ups throughout. Unlike many concealers, its feeling is one of comfort and sophistication: it has a creamy, balm- like texture, which glides comfortably over skin. Spherical particles blur imperfections and create a flattering, soft-focus effect.

Next, a highlighter: an essential offering of pure, radiant light. The gliding, creamy formula leaves a delicate touch of luminosity on skin; nothing too shimmering or obvious; the high concentration of pearlescent particles provide a modern way with which to play with light.


Finally, a moment of color. A melting, creamy blush created to bring a translucent flush of color to cheeks and lips, creating a fresh and healthy look to the complexion. Each palette contains a buildable blush specifically chosen to work with the corresponding skin tone, the beautiful final flourish to a new essential gesture for the complexion. If a road trip is a metaphor for the journey through life, then this is surely the essential travel companion. A new expert gesture, and the new must-have of the CHANEL complexion.




Palette Essentielle $85.00

170 Beige Intense

160 Beige Medium

150 Beige Clair


Palette Essentielle_N¯170 Beige IntensePalette Essentielle_N¯160 Beige MediumPalette Essentielle_N¯150 Beige Clair

And to complete the use of PALETTE ESSENTIELLE, CHANEL launches two elegant and essential brushes: The RETRACTABLE DUAL-TIP CONCEALER BRUSH, with a flat side at one end with which to pick up the concealer, and the soft tip at the other end with which to blend. The striking new RETRACTABLE DUAL-HEAD FACE BRUSH/BLUSH AND HIGHLIGHTER completes the collection: use the white side with the highlighter and the black side for the blusher.

Retractable Dual-Tip Concealer Brush $66.00


Pinceau Duo Correcteur Retractable

Retractable Dual-Head Face Brush/Blush And Highlighter (Not available in Canada)Pinceau Double-face Retractacle - Blush et Enlumineur_Ouvert et fermÇPinceau Double-face Retractacle - Blush et Enlumineur


The art of the unexpected; the energising jolt of taking a fresh look at familiar subjects. CHANEL presents Fall / Winter beauty as a new understanding of beauty and simplicity that very much celebrates duality. ”I am always trying to find the opposition – I think it’s something that is very CHANEL,” says Lucia Pica. So, for eyes, a darkness and intensity as enigmatic as the Californian ocean; for lips, the brightest pop colors that bring irreverence and energy. The smoky, spacey and skyward shades of the two LES 4 OMBRES eyeshadow palette CITY Lights and Road Movie are oxygenated by their outdoorsy inspiration, tones of deep water harmonising with shades of cool air.



LES 4 OMBRES Eyeshadow Palettes


288 Road Movie

286 City Lights *Limited edition


And two OMBRE PREMIERE crème mono eyeshadows Urban and MEMORY exemplify the easiness of Lucia Pica’s road trip-inspired collection; each a shorthand for elegant eye make-up, like Urban, a deep petrol blue that seems to exemplify the very essence of a road trip.




818 Urban* Limited Edition
820 Memory



Ombre Premiäre Cräme_N¯820 Memory

UrbanOmbre Premiäre Cräme_N¯818 Urban


Another effortless essential, and a hallmark of Lucia Pica’s own work: the perfect deep black eyeliner pen. SIGNATURE DE CHANEL is a new fluid, intense and smooth formula that glides effortlessly across the eyes for an intense, satiny-black line, and is both waterproof and smudge-proof.

Signature De Chanel


Signature de CHANEL_N¯10 Noir.jpg

Eyes are further intensified by an entirely new range of STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF eyebrow pencils in beautiful, natural-looking shades. A soft, buildable yet long-lasting formulation, the bevelled tip never needs sharpening, and offers a flat edge for a softer look and a pointed tip for definition, while a perfectly-shaped brush offers instant and essential brow grooming.

Available in the Colours


806 Blond Tendre

808 Brun Clair

810 Brun Profond

812 EbèbeStylo Sourcils Waterproof_N¯812 Ebäne

 And so to the lips: Lucia Pica’s desire for this Fall / Winter collection was that ”bright pop colors” for lips would be a counterpoint to the intensity of the eyes. The color spectrum runs from nude beige through effervescent corals to burnished reds, but there is duality here too, as colors come in a variety of exquisite textures: for a nude look, choose from the matte liquid lip color of ROUGE ALLURE INK in Lost or the moist, creamy finish of ROUGE COCO in Daylight. For sunset shades, choose from either ROUGE ALLURE INK in the sweet orange Highway or the vivid coral of ROUGE COCO in Experimental.

Rouge Allure Ink Lost & Highway


156 Lost
158 Highway

Rouge Allure Ink_N¯156 LostRouge Allure Ink_N¯158 Highway


And there are reds, too: ROUGE ALLURE VELVET, that decadent, soft, rich matte lipstick, expands the theme of opposition as it gets reimagined for day and night: and First Light is a bright, poppy orange-red; and Nightfall is a dusky burned red.

Rouge Coco


472 Experimental

474 Daylight

Rouge Coco_N¯472 ExpÇrimentalRouge Coco_N¯474 Daylight



64 First Light

63 Nightfall


Rouge Allure Velvet_N¯64 First LightRouge Allure Velvet_N¯63 Nightfall


Finally, nails are where the touch of irreverence in California’s beauty finds a home: LE VERNIS HORIZON Line is a soft greenish grey; LE VERNIS New Dawn is a muted taupe-grey.

Le Vernis


576 Horizon Line *Limited Edition

578 New Dawn


Le Vernis_N¯576 Horizon LineLe Vernis_N¯578 New Dawn





Le Lift Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask / Masque De Nuit Récupérateur $145.00

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.15.45 PM

At night, skin never sleeps! It works tirelessly and regenerates itself continuously as the cell renewal mechanism goes into overdrive. This is the optimal time to apply a night care product and offer skin targeted anti- aging effectiveness. This holds true not only for the face, but also the neck and décolleté: two very delicate areas that need special care due to their thin skin and the effects of gravity while the body is in a reclining position during sleep. This is why CHANEL has completed its expert firming anti- wrinkle line with LE LIFT Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask.

 Le Lift Firming Soothing Lotion /Fermeté Lissage $90.00

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.18.42 PM.png

Prelude to every woman’s beauty ritual, LE LIFT Lotion becomes indispensable. This moisturizing, smoothing and firming lotion balances the skin to preserve the integrity of its barrier function. Formulated with a “magnetic water” complex, it diffuses its active ingredients within the epidermis, notably the active ingredient 3.5-DA. The skin is hydrated and regains its suppleness and softness. It is ready to receive the skincare products applied afterwards.


Products that are not available in Canada are as follows: Stylo Sourcils Waterproof 802 Aubrun Stylo Sourcils Waterproof 804 Blond Doré Retractable Dual-Head Face Brush / Blush And Highlighter





Essence Cosmetics Fall/Winter 2016

Essence stands for quality cosmetics at affordable prices.

It’s that simple.

Come on, get happy! Embrace the cooler fall and winter months with voluminous lashes, earthy eyeshadows, deep and enriching lip hues and flushed cheeks from essence cosmetics.

Happiness is our essence.


101 I’m so excited for this post because the Essence Fall collection encapsulates everything that I love about fall. Fall is my favourite time of the year. I love the changing colours and the cool crisp air. I also really enjoy changing up my makeup and going with more earthy tones like deep burgundy, deep reds,  burnt orange, cool and warm tone nudes, rich browns and yellows. The Essence Fall Collection has all these beautiful colours and more to offer this fall. I’m very happy to share this beautiful collection with you. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


I love  Colour Intensifying eyeshadow Base

This is a must for me when putting on makeup. I find using a base really helps keep the eyeshadow on longer, it helps make blending really easy and also helps make the eyelid surface smoother. It also helps the eye shadow be more bold and bright.

I Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base

Intensify your eyeshadow color with this long-lasting light rose shade base to help

eyeshadow look as great as when you first applied it all day long.

SRP 3.99


Velvet Eyeshadow

These soft, long-lasting velvety textured shadows glide onto lids comfortably and can be easily blended, built or varied in intensity ranging from sheer to full coverage. Available in 9 shades.

SRP 2.49

I’m absolutely loving these eyeshadows. They are soft and smooth. Love the little print on them. I didn’t want to swatch them because of the cute blanket/sweater print. How cute right? These are really lovely and very affordable. The pigmentation is really good. These two colours are light so I’m not sure how the dark colours are. They have six in total and I totally want to get my hands on the darker burgundy colour. It looks like it would be amazing with the lighter taupe and grey. I really love the Velvets eyeshadow collection.



Effect Eye Pencil

These intense eye pencils work like magic! They leave behind a metal finish that creates long-lasting results and are available in a variety of beautiful colors that will really bring out the sparkle in your eyes.

Available in 4 shades.

SRP 3.99

I really love these long lasting pencils. They are soft, smooth and creamy and apply nicely. Very pretty and I love the 02 Gold-Digger. A beautiful yellow/gold. The gold has a very fine light glitter and the light reflects off of it so beautifully. 858689

2 in 1 Eyeshadow and Liner

This waterproof chubby eyeshadow stick combines the benefits of eyeshadow and eyeliner with its conic tip that doesn’t need sharpening. The creamy texture can be easily blended and is extremely long lasting. Available in 4 shades.

SRP 4.99

These are truly so beautiful! Creamy soft and gorgeous!

I’m absolutely loving these sticks! They are so pretty and they also make for a great eyeshadow base. The 03 light me up can be worn at the inner corners of the eyes for a lovely highlight effect. Really pretty eyeshadow sticks. The entire collection has four sticks and I would love to check out the darker ones. Definitely amazing eyeshadow sticks. You must give these a try. You will love them!


The Smokey Eye Pencil

Smokey eyes that will take your breath away are easier than ever before to create with these pencils. The integrated sponge applicator makes the waterproof, soft texture easy to blend for a look that will last. Available in 4 shades.

SRP 3.99

I really love these two pencils. They apply really nicely and smoothly. They blend out really beautifully with the sponge applicator. They have a nice shine and shimmer.


Forbidden Volume Mascara REBEL

The rebel sister of the original Forbidden Volume Mascara features a chaotic fiber brush to further boost lashes for an intensely voluminous look.

SRP 4.99


Forbidden Volume Mascara False Lash

Mascara Topcoat

Refresh lashes with this versatile topcoat on top of any mascara, anytime of day. The black fibers integrated into the formula instantly refresh and intensify your look.

SRP 4.99

These two mascaras make the best team.  The Forbidden Volume Mascara gives thickness and the top coat gives more volume and length because of the fibers. I really love the formula and feel that this combo gives the lashes a wow factor!


Dip Eyeliners

Eyeliner perfectionists – rejoice! Pull off ultra long lasting and high coverage eyeliner looks with this special applicator that is safe and easy to use. Also available in a waterproof version.

SRP 3.99

These two Dip eyeliners have a sponge applicator and at first I thought I would have a hard time because of the sponge tip but they work really nicely and what I like is that not too much product drips out. Also the sponge feels soft and glides on nicely. I also like that the product is a dark black in colour and doesn’t go grey like some liners do.


Liquid Ink High Shine Eyeliner

Black to basics! Create your favourite classic line with a high-shine finish. The easy to-use brush glides seamlessly across lids for a flawless look.

SRP 3.99

This reminds me of the Make Up For Ever vinyl felt liner but this one has a brush tip and i feel it works better. It is also much more affordable. I love the vinyl look and really love the tip of this applicator. This also comes in a Matte formula!


Mosaic Blush

Create your own wind-kissed, rosy cheeks this season with these tri-colored blushes that take the shape of a beautiful mosaic. Available in 2 shades.

SRP 3.99

This blush though. I can’t get enough of it! It is so pretty and I really love the triangles. This is an Art Piece!  Don’t you think? It was so difficult to dip my brush in it. I didn’t want to ruin it.  Seriously though this is a lightly pigmented blush. It will give you the best natural rosiest/peachy healthy glow on the cheeks. Very beautiful and I absolutely love it!


Pure Nude Highlighter

Bring out your natural glow with this baked powder that has a slightly marbled effect. Works on any skin tone and is perfect for adding a subtle shimmer to your face.

SRP 5.49

I’m so excited about this highlighter! I love highlighting so this is the perfect formula with the best price tag! Let me tell you that this formula is incredible. It applies nicely and shines beautifully! Not a glitter shine but a glowing shine which I’m loving at the moment.


Prettifying Lip Oil

The lightweight texture instantly melts and leaves lips with a subtle shiny finish and sweet taste. This formula contains Jojoba Oil that ensures moisturized and smooth lips sans stickiness.

Available in 3 shades.

SRP 3.99

With fall comes dry lips and these oils are super nice and moisturizing. I really like the formula and they smell lovely too. Usually with some lip products my lips itch and get tingly. My lips know if the product is not good for me. It’s like formula radar! This formula is fantastic! The formula feels smooth and silky on the lips, it smells wonderful and it is not gloopy or sticky. Truly lovely oils and very hydrating and nourishing.


2 in 1 Lipstick and Liner

This new lipstick is ultra-pigmented and combines the benefits of lipstick and lipliner into one easy to use product. Use the pointed tip to accurately outline lips and rotate to the side of the cone to fill them in. The creamy texture is super soft and glides right on for beautifully coloured and defined lips. The conic shape of the tip eliminates the need for a sharpener. Available in 5 shades.

SRP 4.99


I’m going to be honest and tell you I was so worried about these lip sticks. My worries came to an end when I tried  them on. I don’t like the fact that they don’t roll down and hide away in their container. That’s just my fear of my clumsy self.  But my worry is ruled out because of the brilliant formula, scent and pigmentation. You can maintain the point/tip of the lipstick if you use the sides to glide on the lipstick leaving the point only for lining the lips. The formula is not patchy and it glides on nicely and smoothly. The formula smells like a vanilla cup cake! So beautiful! I’m loving these lipsticks and I highly recommend them. There are five lipsticks in this collection.


Longlasting Lipliner

These lipliner pencils allow you to accurately trace the contours of your lips giving you your best lip shape. The soft texture provides intense and long-lasting color that won’t streak.  It’s also retractable for easy touch-ups when you’re on the go. Available in 9 shades.

SRP 3.99

These liners are soft, smooth and creamy. They are truly long lasting and waterproof. I really love all the colours. Available in nine shades these are great and have a nice soft texture.


BB Beauty Balm Lipgloss

This balm lipgloss has a high shine texture and leaves behind a beautiful color finish on your lips. Enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E ingredients, a soft and pampered pout without stickiness is now possible! Available in 5 shades.

SRP 4.49

These two lip glosses are really lovely because the pigmentation gives a lovely natural shine and colour to the lips. They feel really nice on the lips and not sticky or gloopy. They smell lovely and have shea butter in them. I really love the pigmentation of these because lip glosses usually don’t have that much pigment but these give the shine and also the colour payoff. Really beautiful formula and I must add cute packaging!


The makeup look that I created is an everyday look. I used the 2 in 1 eyeshadow and liner sticks: 03 light me up and 02 peach perfect. Then I added the velvet eyeshadows on top. I tried to keep the 05 Taupe secret closer to the inner part of the eye and the 04 you’re the greytest on the outer part. I also added the smokey eye pencil in 06 Robo-Cop on the bottom lash line. I also used the 2 in 1 lipstick and liner in 03 Ruby Wow. I used the mascaras Forbidden Volume and forbidden volume top coat to give me length and volume. What are your thoughts about the makeup look?

I’ll be bringing you a video of the products and a Autumnal Makeup look with all Essence Cosmetics very soon!

Essence Info

essence is the #1 value cosmetics brand in the world1. Known for high-quality, on-trend products at incredible prices, essence cosmetics range from $0.99 to $9.99 with an average retail price of $3.69. The brand features a wide range of fun and fashionable items, including on-trend lipsticks, eye shadows, mascaras, concealers, powders, nail polishes, pencils and brushes. In addition to its standard range, essence releases new and unique limited editions per year.

The brand is powered by a privately-held German cosmetic company cosnova beauty. Launched by Christina Oster-Daum in 2001, cosnova is one of the fastest growing beauty companies on the WWD Top 100 List. “We’re on the pulse of what is new and cool in the make-up world. Our mandate is to see fast, learn fast, and implement fast. We want to ensure our customers always have access to the latest make-up trends at a great price.” says Christina Oster-Daum, Founder and CEO, cosnova beauty.

Already distributed in 80 countries, essence is the #1 brand in units in 11 countries, including Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hungary. A testament to its popularity, one out of every four cosmetics purchased in Germany is an essence cosmetics product.

The brand is now sold online at essencemakeup.com! essence can also be found at the following retail stores; Shoppers Drug Mart, and Loblaws as well as Target, ULTA Beauty, and Fred Meyer in the US.


*PR Samples.  All opinions expressed are always honest and true.

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