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Give me glow, prime and contour! Oh yes! I’m in love with Burberry. Mega love for the brand. Recently I’ve written about the Burberry Essentials and I hope you have a look. Truly incredible pieces that will give glow to your complexion and the perfect lip contour. The Essentials really focuses on using highlights and lowlights and also accentuating certain features.  A Glowing Complexion with BURBERRY ‘The Essentials’ Prime! Contour! Highlight!

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I absolutely love everything about Burberry and two of my favourites are the FRESH GLOW Highlighter in the colour Pink Pearl and the Lip Colour Contour in Medium No.03,  which is a nude pen to prime, contour and shape the lips. 


The Fresh Glow Highlighter is so incredible! It is absolute perfection and I love how it is soft and glows so beautifully. It is not glittery and spreads out evenly and nicely giving a natural highlight and not a streak.


I have the loveliest Lip Colour Contour in Medium No.03. I love this because it is slightly brighter and bolder then my own lip colour which gives my lips definition and shape. It’s a matte finish and you can use this as a lipstick base, outline or all over the lips as a lipstick. The formula is lightweight and soft. It really helps my lips look naturally brighter and fuller. To see all of the shades and more info check out my article:  A Glowing Complexion with BURBERRY ‘The Essentials’ Prime! Contour! Highlight!


Lip Colour Contour - Medium


These two beautiful products are a part of my April favourites 2017 (COMING SOON!).  I absolutely love them. The Fresh Glow really highlights in the most perfect way and the lip colour contour defines and accentuates the lips making them bold and fuller. The formula of both of these are perfection and I highly recommend you check them out. Truly stunning!

Thank you so much to Burberry for the beautiful samples. I’m truly honoured and I absolutely love them!

The Essentials - Creative Packshot 2

The Essentials collection is available from 27th March 2017 via selected Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom and Sephora stores, online at thebay.com and sephora.ca.


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