Last Chemo And Life Update

Hello my lovely friends! How has your summer been so far? I hope you are enjoying the weather and I truly hope you are all well, happy and healthy. This summer I’ve been stuck indoors because I had to be very careful not to get burned from the sun. Chemo can make you extremely sensitive … Continue reading Last Chemo And Life Update

Hairstyle with Garnier! #WholeBlendsLounge

One week ago I had the lovely pleasure of visiting Scarborough Town Centre and was informed by my lovely friend and supporter online Joy that Garnier is having a social media extravaganza!  The #WholeBlendsLounge was set up with super duper cute things. It had an area for hair, a swing and bench for pictures and … Continue reading Hairstyle with Garnier! #WholeBlendsLounge

Top 10 PR Samples I Would Buy

I receive so many lovely PR Samples that I wanted to share my top ten favourites. I would totally go out and buy these beautiful products because they work and I can't stop using them. I'm loving Love Beauty and Planet hair care. The Murumuru Butter & Rose products are amazing. I love how they … Continue reading Top 10 PR Samples I Would Buy

Best In Beauty 2017

Best In Beauty 2017 Chosen by BestDayBlogger! Are you ready for the amazing products that I've chosen?  There are so many and they are incredible! I have chosen products that I've used for a long period of time and that I would buy over and over again.  *MARCELLE CITY TINTED CREAM SPF 25 *MARCELLE GENTLE … Continue reading Best In Beauty 2017

Summer Hair 2017- Volume Shine and Texture

Summer Hair can be easy if you have the right products and hair tools. I've been loving my short hair and it is fun to play around with and style but I miss my long hair too.  I'm growing it back but until then I love playing and having fun with it. I've discovered a few … Continue reading Summer Hair 2017- Volume Shine and Texture