Last Chemo And Life Update

Hello my lovely friends!

How has your summer been so far? I hope you are enjoying the weather and I truly hope you are all well, happy and healthy.

This summer I’ve been stuck indoors because I had to be very careful not to get burned from the sun. Chemo can make you extremely sensitive to the sun. So I stayed indoors. I didn’t do much with the girls this summer. I feel bad because I usually love to take them to various places. But now that I’m done with chemo and have my energy back we will start exploring more.

Last chemo! The side effects were so bad but I’m just so happy chemo is over!

I have completed my chemo and I am feeling so much better. I still have some side effects but they are not that bad compared to doing chemo. I still have 13 rounds of Herceptin to do and I receive the Herceptin via IV every 21 days. Herceptin can cause heart problems so every three months I will do a heart eco. I just did a heart eco last week and the doctor said that my heart hasn’t changed so this is good so far. He also said I should do some physical activity three times a week for 30 min. He also said that it should be something that I enjoy. I am still trying to get a routine going but I haven’t established my routine yet. I find it challenging to create a routine when you have kids. When you have children and two kittens life is so unpredictable! Oh yes and that’s another thing. We have two cats. Ziggy and Auggie. They are brothers and they are blue bi-coloured ragdoll cats. Ziggy is 9 months and Auggie is 4 months old. Ziggy is very smart and listens and Auggie is a rascal. It’s been a challenge to have them get along.

Sometimes they get a long. Very rare to see them like this.

This week I start radiation. I’m nervous about radiation but I’m trying to stay positive and strong. I am trying to adjust to all the changes. There are a few things that are happening at the moment in terms of change but I’m trying to just focus on one thing and that’s to finish radiation. I have 19 rounds to complete. After that I’ll be able to tell you all about the new changes.

With everything that I’ve been through the past two years it’s very challenging at times to feel optimistic and excited. I am so grateful for all my family, friends, neighbours and online supporters like you. You keep me positive and motivated and offer me so much encouragement. I thank you for all your support and love.

I didn’t share my latest video with you so here it is:

Also I would like to say thank you to a few beautiful products that I won on Instagram:

I won lovely skincare Beauty by ZERO and I love these so much. Gentle and all natural plant based products. I already started using them and love them so much. These can be purchased at shoppers Drug Mart.

I also won beautiful Maybelline LIFTER lip glosses and Garner Micellar waters. I absolutely love these products so much. The LIFTER glosses smell like coconut and are so beautiful and not sticky at all and Garnier Micellar water is the best to remove makeup and refresh the face. So lovely and hydrating at the same time. So blessed to have won all these beautiful products.

For a couple of years I’ve uploaded a lot of Autumn posts and this Autumn I am hoping to have a few blog post created. Not as many as previous years but a couple of good ones. I just really love Autumn so much. Don’t you?

This month I was fortunate to attend an event. It’s been many years since I’ve been to one so this was so incredible! I brought my daughter with me. She Absolutely loved it! The event was for Leuchtturm 1917 company. I’ve been using their bullet journal for two years and I love them. I’ll have a blog post up from the wonderful experience soon.

Thank you for reading today’s blog post my lovely friends! I will be writing about the Leuchtturm1917 Event next. Oh it feels so good to be blogging again!

Thank you and remember to live your life to the fullest!

Hairstyle with Garnier! #WholeBlendsLounge

banner tropical summer

One week ago I had the lovely pleasure of visiting Scarborough Town Centre and was informed by my lovely friend and supporter online Joy that Garnier is having a social media extravaganza!  The #WholeBlendsLounge was set up with super duper cute things. It had an area for hair, a swing and bench for pictures and the loveliest station to personalize your own bottle.

Mine Says

Best Day Blogger Maria

Very special!


The first 30 people received special gifts and I was one of them. I received the Argan Oil & Cranberry Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s absolutely fabulous! Did you know that the Whole Blends are paraben free? This duo helps protect colour and gives radiance to the hair.

I was so excited and overjoyed to be at the #WholeBlendsLounge because I’m a HUGE fan of the Whole Blends Products, especially the new Oat Delicacy because I can use it on my children. I love how my hair looks and feels after using the Whole Blends shampoos and conditioners. My hair shines and feels soft and silky. It’s also very hydrating.

I was greeted and had my hair styled by Garnier Brand Ambassador Roger. He is super kind and did a fabulous job on styling my hair. I absolutely loved it! Thank you Roger!


Thank you so much to my friend Joy and to Garnier for all the love and support. I adore the Oat Delicacy new shampoo and conditioner. It is delicate enough for my children and this makes me so happy. I really want to try the dry shampoo and also their new Rose skincare Collection. So much goodness!

Dress is from H&M, Jean Jacket from Old Navy, Purse from Winners.

Thank you for reading my blog post and have a beautiful day!

Thank you for visiting end blog

Top 10 PR Samples I Would Buy

easter banner

I receive so many lovely PR Samples that I wanted to share my top ten favourites. I would totally go out and buy these beautiful products because they work and I can’t stop using them.

I’m loving Love Beauty and Planet hair care. The Murumuru Butter & Rose products are amazing. I love how they make my hair look and feel. They smell so good and keep my hair clean and fresh for a week! Truly wonderful and I love that the company uses no parabens and products are not tested on animals. These came from Chick Advisor which I’m loving their site at the moment.


Next up is  Quo by ORLY BREATHABLE formula. This is my fave formula at the moment. Love how this formula allows your nails to breathe and it actually helps my nails grow healthier and longer. I also notice my nails don’t turn yellow like some nail polishes do.


Still going strong with this trio. I love Palmer’s coconut Oil formula. I would totally buy it again and again. Love how hydrating it is. Our family loves it!


I need to buy this No 7 Serum asap.  It is soft, silky and really works! A must in my life.


I love all Marcelle products and I really liked the gentle makeup remover pads. I will totally be buying these again.


It’s impossible to mention only one CHANEL product. I have so many that I love like the eyeshadow palettes and the lovely lipsticks and my favourite Rouge Allure INK are to die for! I would buy the Rouge COCO Stylo because I would wear this everyday and not only on special occasions. I love this nude colour and formula. So soft and lovely on the lips. I would buy this again for sure!



Next I have the loveliest lipstick. This is similar to the CHANEL COCO Stylo but more affordable. This too is so smooth and creamy and the most beautiful nude colour. “Bare All”  mark. By Avon All Butter Now Lip Treatment. Very hydrating!



I really love this eye cream. So light and soothing. Affordable and it works.


I love taking off my makeup with GARNIER SKINACTIVE Micellar water. It cleans the face and takes off makeup really nicely. I would totally stock up on this baby!


I would treat my self and buy the CHANEL Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence. It refreshes and hydrates my skin so nicely. I love it so much.


These are all the PR Samples that I kindly received and I would totally go out and buy them again. I feel they are really amazing and offer the results I need.

All about hydration, wearing the product often and healthier choices for the hair and nails. My absolute faves!

Thank you so much to all the lovely PR samples that I kindly received through the year.

Very Grateful.Thank you for visiting end blog

Best In Beauty 2017

Best In Beauty 2017 Chosen by BestDayBlogger! Are you ready for the amazing products that I’ve chosen?  There are so many and they are incredible! I have chosen products that I’ve used for a long period of time and that I would buy over and over again. 





*Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet 05 fawn


*A Cup of Courage by


*A beautiful spring tote bag by


*I love Avon True Color Glazewear Lipglosses They are light and shine beautifully.


*QUO Nourish and Hydrating Primer from Shoppers Drug Mart or online




*CLARINS HYDRA-Essentiel Cream


*CLARINS Hydra Essentiel Serum




*mark. by AVON Lipsticks


*mark. By Avon Blush




*MARCELLE Gentle make-up remover pads.


*PUR Minerals Dream Chaser Palette

PUR 195img_0510



*CHANEL 63 Nightfall


*Clarins Blush Golden Pink






*DIOR ROUGE LIQUID LIP STAIN ( So soft and lovely on the lips)

375 Spicy Metal

427 Delicate Satin

424 Hypnotic Matte



*Dior Double Rouge Matte Metal

992 Poison Purple

999 Matte Metal


*CHANEL LA CREME MAIN (This hand cream is so beautiful! smells like roses.)


*A brush cleaning pad by



*No7 Youthful Face Oil and Serum

Available at shoppers drug mart or on


*Palmer’s Coconut Oil Collection






Amazing eye serum!



By Rupi Kaur


By Katherene Vermette

the sun and her flowers Rupi Kaur.jpgthe break


*Eat At Home by Voula Halliday



Thank you so much!

All products marked with a * are PR samples.

Some Links provided in the post are Affiliate links.


Summer Hair 2017- Volume Shine and Texture

header sun blue

Summer Hair can be easy if you have the right products and hair tools. I’ve been loving my short hair and it is fun to play around with and style but I miss my long hair too.  I’m growing it back but until then I love playing and having fun with it. I’ve discovered a few lovely products that work really amazing with my short hair and I’m excited to share them with you.


I will start by saying that I wash my hair once or two times a week. In-between washes I use *Batiste dry shampoo Plus Heavenly Volume. Batiste is super fast and easy to use. Gives my hair volume and freshness. I love it because I don’t have time to wash my hair everyday so Batiste dry shampoo really helps with keeping my hair looking nice, fresh and it keeps the grease away.

Transforming hair since the ’70s, the award-winning Batiste Dry Shampoo is proudly made in the UK and is rooted in London Fashion styling. As the beauty insider’s secret weapon, Batiste Dry Shampoo works to instantly revive oily hair, leaving it looking and smelling clean and fresh. -Batiste

This dry shampoo formula plus volume (silica) refreshes hair and adds more volume than normal dry shampoo. Medium strength volumizer with no stiffness or stickiness. It is innovative starch-based ‘no water required’ formulation contains rice starch powder. Small particles allow for better absorption of excess oil, helping to eliminate it at the roots. Available in a 200ml can. The scent has top notes of bergamot, mandarine and lemon. The middle notes are white peach, freesia and jasmine. The bottom notes are tonka bean, vanilla bean, musk and cedar.

It is super easy to use. I shake it vigorously before using it. I keep the nozzle about 30 cm from my head, section my hair and pray it into the roots working all over my head for maximum effect. I then Massage thoroughly with fingertips to ensure roots are fully covered and colour blends. I gently brush through hair from roots to ends to remove excess residue.

TOP TIP: Turn hair upside down and pray into the root for even bigger volume. -Batiste

Batiste is paraben and sulphate free, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. It is available at retailers across Canada and is SRP: $9.99


Next I have my favourite hair mask followed by favourite shampoo & conditioner. I love using the hair mask Marilyn by Lush. Super amazing and really makes my hair feel soft and look so nice and shinny.


Lately I’ve been using and loving my Garnier Fructis GROW STRONG 2 in 1 fortifying shampoo and conditioner. It has apple extract and ceramide and it is also Paraben-Free. I love the way it cleans my hair and it makes my hair feel stronger, smooth and silky. 2

After the shower I like to spray L’OREAL Professionel Paris VOLUMETRY Intra-Cylane + Slicylic Acid. This gives a lot of volume to my hair and I love it. I apply this while my hair is wet at the roots.


I proceed by using a light spray of heat protector before blow drying. I love using TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Protection. I spray the Heat protection all over my hair.  I then use my favourite hair dryer the *infinity pro CONAIR 3Q. It is quick, quiet and amazing quality! The *infinity pro CONAIR hair dryer is fantastic! My prior blow dryer was a CONAIR also but the features were outdated so I’m SO happy to receive a new one with amazing new features that makes drying my hair fast and easy.



It is light and quiet. It has a brushless motor that lasts 10x longer. It has ionic technology, titanium ceramic technology, patent pending noise reduction technology, removable filter, locking true cold shot button, 3 heat/2 speed settings for custom styling, heavy gauge, professional quality line cord for extra durability and concentrator attachment for pinpointing styling also a diffuser attachment and a filter cleaning brush.

*Infinity PRO by CONAIR

SRP: $99.99 – $199.99

Available now

Facts and benefits:

70% more air pressure for faster drying with lower temperature to minimize heat damage

40% less noise with patent-pending technology

10x longer life – up t0 10,000 hours of life







I’m very pleased with the *Brushless Conair infiniti Pro. A fantastic hair dryer and I highly recommend it.

*ISA Professional Digital Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

I love to use a flat iron and my old one has been replaced wit the new *isa professional. So Exciting! I’m very impressed and love it so much. It is very light weight and love the way my hair glides on it. I really love that there is a temperature control and it also it comes with a heat protective glove. Super easy to use and I love it!

This ISA Professional flat iron hair straightener is a breakthrough in hair straightening. Its extra long titanium plates will allow you to straighten larger sections of hair with each pass, and cut your styling time in half. You won’t believe how silky smooth your hair will be after using our revolutionary titanium flat iron. This titanium hair straightener offers fast and safe hair straightening, curls, and waves. It features a professional 265 to 450 Fahrenheit temperature range, neon background LCD display, 1 hour auto shut off, 360 degree no tangle cord, and 2 year warranty. -ISA


Key Features

MIRROR Titanium hair straightener
Neon background LCD display
265 to 450 Fahrenheit (130 to 230 Celsius)
Fast and safe straightening, curls, waves
1 hour Auto Shutoff
360 degree no tangle cord
2 year warranty


With the ISA Professional I use *Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Perfector.  


My hair comes out looking very nice, smooth and silky. The spray really helps because it has argan oil which helps protect the hair and make it shine. It also keeps frizz and fly away hair under control. The Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine really helps straighten the hair and give a sleek look that is long lasting.


When I’m going for a more edgy textured look, I love using *Garnier Fructis Syle Wax.


This shine wax is my fave for giving some texture to my hair without weighing it down. It really defines the hair and makes my hair nice and shiny.



Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed my hair routine my favourite tools and products.

Have a beautiful day!

Anything marked with a * has been given to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are all honest and true. This is not a sponsored post.

Thank you so much to Brill Communications, Garnier Canada ,  Veritas Communications and ISA PROFESSIONAL for the incredible products and tools.

I appreciate it and love everything!

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