My Visit To Salem Massachusetts

When I tell people that I would love to live in Salem and tell stories to tourists all day long they don’t believe me. But a job like that would make me so happy. I love retelling stories, research, history and architecture. I love old buildings with deep history and character. I like the old and I believe I’m an old soul my self. I have so much to share with you in this blog post. My short visit to Salem and the story of the scary dolls, the walk through the graveyard and much more. I had a short visit and I hope to return to Salem and spend more time there. I Would love to explore more.

My short trip to Salem Massachusetts 2019

If you have the opportunity, book in advance and go for the last week of October and Halloween. They have so much going on it is incredible.

A mug I bought from Salem 2019

In Salem you can check out the Salem Witch Museum, Night Tours, Peabody Essex Museum, Gallows Hill, Salem Haunted Happenings, Festival of the Dead, Haunted Harmonies, Haunted Biz Baz Stree Fair, Legacy of the Hanging Judge, Spirits of the Gables, Official Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball, and Halloween.

Town Hall Salem Massachusetts 2019

There is so much to see and do there. I just want to walk those cobblestone streets again and sit in a little cafe and write a book! It’s a very magical place with a lot of history and really amazing people.

Salem has three cemeteries related to the witch trials. I visited only one of them. I did a little research and found out the following:

Salem’s earliest cemeteries are established in the 1600s when Puritanism was widely practiced in Massachusetts. Puritans understood the Bible literally, and thus never used religious imagery (even in their churches). As a result, angels and crosses were not used on Puritan cemetery markers, instead they used Death’s Heads for mortality along with hourglasses and scythes to mark the passing of time culminating in death.

“Hand (pointing up): hope for one’s soul to reach heaven.

Hand (pointing down): God reaching down from above for one’s soul.

Handshake: “goodbye” to earthly existence.

Hourglasses & Scythes: passing of time.

Lamb: innocence (Typically found on children’s graves)


Sun (setting): end of life on earth

Sun (rising): resurrection

Wheat: “Divine Harvest: or the passing of time. “

-reference from

Old Burying Point Cemetery 2019

So many stores, cafes and restaurants in Salem. It’s a really amazing place and I was only there for a few hours. I chose not to go to the museum and other things because I had my two girls and my niece and nephew and I didn’t want to freak them out in anyway. But I know that I’ll be back very soon in this marvellous and beautiful place.

On the way to our car we walked in a vintage store that had very old toys and board games. Something caught my eye. Very old dolls and some of them had sharp teeth. The kids ran out of the shop and the lady mentioned that the area is not appropriate for children. She then told us that the dolls were passed down to her from people who have passed away. She said that the dolls were haunted and that sometimes they change positions when she comes into work each day. She said that they look like they change facial expressions very often. She also said that I couldn’t take any photos of the dolls which I respected. I was totally fascinated by the dolls and she also mentioned not to touch them. We all know not to touch possessed items right? It was very amusing talking to the lady and her story was fascinating. I enjoy scary stories do you?

Do you see anything scary reflecting in the windows? 👻

I hope to return to Salem and visit all the museums, stores, cafes and restaurants. I would love to do the ghost walks and tours and all the tourist attractions.

Have you ever been to Salem Massachusetts? I would love to know.

Thank you for reading my blog post!

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