Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Natural Oils REVIEW

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This is the first time using essential oils and a defuser in my home and I’m so excited to share my positive experience with you. I got in touch with  Thursday Plantation Canada and I asked if I could try their oils.  I’ve heard so many wonderful things and have read many lovely reviews about them. They kindly sent me the Intro Pack. The pack consists of four beautiful oils. Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender and Peppermint.

Thursday Plantation oils are highest quality and subject to rigorous ingredient and finished product testing including GC/MS tests. Thursday Plantation has been around for over forty years. Their range does not contain synthetic parabens, sodium, lauryl sulphate, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, or harsh detergents. Free from animal testing. Products are made and tested to a high standard and area ideal for the whole family to use.


As an early Christmas gift my husband bought me an oil diffuser! I’m in love! We bought it from It is VIVA Naturals. It works amazing.  I really love using it and the oils are so soothing and comforting. I love using the oils in many ways. I use them on my hair and skin and also cleaning the house with them. There are so many uses for these natural oils and I’m going to share a few favourites with you.


Eucalyptus Oil

I love the Eucalyptus oil. It smells like Christmas. I love using it in the diffuser, cleaning around the house, it is great for cough’s and colds and helps eliminates odours.


In diffuser

cleaning the house

cough and colds

eliminates odours in the room and in toilets

In the laundry

Spray Bedding ( I add a few oil drops in a pray bottle with distilled water) 

In the vacuum ( usually I add it where the air pushes out of the vacuum.)


Tea Tree oil

In the defuser

For acne

Cuts and scrapes

Foot care

insect bites

antibacterial hand spray



nail infection

bathroom and kitchen cleaner


fungal infection



Lavender oil

Helps sleep

Helps relax

In the bath

I add drops in my skincare

Stress and headache relief

Clean my makeup brushes


Natural fragrance

In the Diffuser

Peppermint oil

Helps with cough and colds

Relief of digestive discomfort and destress

Can be used topically, as inhalant, in bath or diffuser

I add it to my diffuser

Overall my experience with these oils has been incredible and I feel the INTRO PACK  is the perfect way to start. It’s so easy for beginners like me and it is really fun to mix the oils up. In the mornings I love peppermint and eucalyptus and in the evenings I add lavender to help with relaxation. It feels amazing knowing these oils are healthy for the family. They are very calming, soothing and really help with stress. My family loves them.  I look forward to exploring new oils and combinations. It’s so much fun!




Thank you so much to Thursday Plantation. I highly recommend their oils. Truly amazing!


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Take a Trip to a land far away…

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Summer is here and you can truly escape to an exotic place with these beautiful Avon Candles. Avon has stunning Home Fragrance Collection that is really beautiful and can transport you to a Tropical destination!


I kindly received a lovely sample from their Home Fragrance Collection. I received the Grand Canyon candle that allows me to escape on an adventure to one of the greatest wonders of the world with notes of citrus, oak moss, amber and white cedar. Canyon Mist has a lovely masculine scent that I really love.


Other lovely fragrances include HAWAII: Island Hibiscus with notes of citrus, papaya, passion fruit, wild orchid and guava. THAILAND: Water Lily calming notes of sea salt, blue hydrangea, water lily and ocean sage. FRANCE: Mademoiselle: fancy floral notes of strawberry, tangerine, pink jasmine and amber. AUSTRALIA: Eucalyptus Mint, a sparkling citrus, spearmint leaves, crisp woods, vanilla and fresh tea.


Each 3-Wick Candle gives 30 Hours of burn time and is $19.99 Each.

Available as of July 2017 through Avon independent sales representative

or 1-800-265-AVON

Thank you so much to AVON for the beautiful sample.

Have a beautiful Summer!

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Lampe Berger Paris Fall Collection 2016



I’m truly excited to bring you the Fall Collection by Lampe Berger.

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BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR #Lampebergercanada

Lampe Berger Paris #Lampeberger

Mother’s Day Great Gift Ideas

Summer Style with #LampebergerCanada


As an Lampe Berger Paris Ambassador I’m truly grateful and honoured to present the Fall Collection!


For this new Collection, LAMPE BERGER transports you to unique universes and once again invites you to enter an unforgettable experience. The journey across the hemispheres continues this Fall, ending this old factory voyage in South America. A wonderful fragrance made of the finest raw materials to help you discover a new continent. These scents will enhance the finest interiors year round, thanks also to an amazing range of lamps. With surprising and original shapes, incomparable colours in soft or masculine shades, Lampe Berger offers a wide and coherent range to suit every style. The promise continues. You won’t fail to marvel at the new Lampe Berger products! LAMPE BERGER 


Softness and Cocooning

For this new lamp, designer Jean Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc was inspired by the seaside universe, resulting in a bottle with delicate lines. Both finishes, inspired by Scandinavian trends, bring light and serenity. A pure invitation to softness and cocooning.

2 Colours: grey, blue

Price: $49.00

Diamant Lamp

Style and Trend

The new Diamant lamp is an original creation by the agency “Tous les trois Desighn”, inspired by Art Deco Style. It has a striking and masculine shape, reinforced by its square-shaped silver mounting and the diamond tip, an iconic trendy motif. Its shape is further magnified with shiny and mouth-watering colours which capture the light and enhance its textured surface. This noble and refined model makes a statement.

3 Colours

grey, amber, transparent

Price: $68.00

Pampille Lamp

Lustre and Refinement

Designed by the agency “Vanille Design”, this original model is inspired by Baroque codes, which have been revisited and updated. The perfect blend of metallisation and lacquering gives this precious bottle incomparable lustre. The association of the lamp with the criss-cross mounting creates a light-capturing show. A prestigious and elegant model.

2 colours: grey, green

Price:$ 88.00

Satin Pack

Softly Decorated in traditional colours

A timeless shape in Christmas colours: satin red or matted white. Two frosty shades which evoke winter, and a soft silky touch to the delight of everyone. To add softness and a touch of tradition to your decoration. Gift set includes a lamp and the Home Fragrance Orange Cinnamon (180ml)

Price $49.00

Comete Pack

Elegance and glitter: For a fairytale Christmas


With Comete, Christmas will be magical and sophisticated. Designed by Rozenn Mainquene, the bottle evokes a precious stone decorated with its ultra-shiny silver mounting and dressed in subtly shaded black lacquer. Delicate silver sequins are scattered on the lamp’s shoulders. With its 180ml Gentle Almond Fragrance, this is an ideal gift to enhance our festive tables.

Price $69

New  Perfume Collection!

Parfum Berger

Wild Berries!

The luxuriance and refinement of the Tree of Life


This unique fragrance takes you on a journey to the Amazon rainforest. Nicknames “Tree of Life”,  acai grows naturally in South America and its fruits are appreciated for their natural benefit and their delicious chocolatey taste. The new and intense Wild Berries fragrances starts with an acidulous and explosive flight with pomegranate, supported by blackcurrant and raspberry. Its voluptuous and liquorous heart with sweet facets and its musk and vanilla base provide softness and sweetness to this unique fragrance.

Price 500ml: $24.00

Trio Pack


An assortment of three trial 180ml bottles to discover new Home Fragrances:

Radiant Bergamot: a zesty and refreshing fragrance.

Subtle Almond: a milky and creamy fragrance.

Wild Berries: a tangy and intense fragrance.


I’m really excited about the new collection of lamps and fragrances by Lampe Berger. I’ve been using my new Satin Lamp and the new ” Wild Berries” fragrance and I love it! The wild berries fragrance is sweet and tangy. It really helps take all odours out of the air. I really love using my Lampe Berger everyday because it really helps clean the air from impurities and also gets rid of unwanted odours. This beautiful frosted new bottle is so lovely and really elegant. I use the lamp everyday for 20 minutes on the main floor of our home and 20min on the second floor. The house smells so fresh and beautiful! It is such a huge honour to be an Ambassador for such an amazing company. Thank you to Lampe Berger Canada for the lovely lamp and new fragrances.






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Parfum BergerBouquet Cube + Bouquet Rose
    Hello my beautiful readers! I hope you are having a lovely month. As an Ambassador of Lampe Berger Canada I’m so excited to share with you the new and beautiful 2015 COLLECTION!

I am very excited to talk to you about the New Parfum Range.  A collection of 10 Fragrances, created in France by top Master Perfumers, each one has a beautiful story to enhance your home. Maison Berger company has been creating fragrances since 1930 for their catalytic lamps and is expanding it’s range in products with a collection of fragrant, elegant and refined items, aimed at all those who want to introduce a true olfactory signature to their home. Parfum Berger now invites you to discover another way of perfuming your home-occasional or continual, intense or delicate, but always with topmost quality and without any concessions. A collection that is based on exceptional fragrances created in Grasse by Master-perfumers as real tribute to French traditions and know-how.COLLECTION2


Ocean Breeze– Fruity marine fragrance, an invigorating cocktail where marine notes reveal themselves on a hint of citrus fruits plunged into light floral heart, emphasized by exotic woods.

Zest of Verbena– A fresh citrusy fragrance, true symphony of freshness composed around the sparkle of lemon peel combined with the natural subtlety of verbena.

Vanilla Gourmet– A delicious fragrance where the richness of freshly split bourbon vanilla pods is emphasized by the strength of cocoa and Tonika beans.

Orange Cinnamon- A spicy citrusy fragrance where the aromas of cinnamon and ginger reveal the sweetness of orange while at the same time emphasizing the distinctive character of nutmeg.

Soap Memories– A fragrance of flowery purity, a moment of olfactory comfort where orange blossom combines with peony and cotton flower, and enveloped with a touch of sweet almond.

Amber Power– A musky amber-based fragrance where all the sensual beauty of amber is enhanced by sandalwood and patchouli, all enveloped with white musks, balms and vanilla.

Virginia Cedarwood– A woody fragrance where all the naturalness of cedar sandalwood and gaiac express itself, lifted by the freshness of citrus fruits.

Provence Treats– A deliciously Spicy fragrance with sweet and sour aroma of candies citrus fruits. The soft sweetness of fruits combines with the spicy fragrance of cinnamon and clove, all emphasized by the strength of cedar and patchouli.

Paris Chic-A floral fragrance where all the splendour of the bulgarian rose blends with the elegance of the iris while the exotic aroma of the lychee is emphasized by the powdery sweetness of the musks.

COLLECTIONThe Collection of Scented Bouquets

A collection of elegant items which diffuse through capillary action and offers continuous fragrance over several weeks.

THE CUBE SCENTED BOUQUET ( Scents: Zest of Verbena, Orange Cinnamon, Vanilla Gourmet, Paris Chic, Soap Memories, Amber Powder, Virginia Cedarwood, Provence Treats.)

This elegant glass cube is topped up by a ring and it’s bouquet of black sticks, which emphasize its contemporary design. The sticks, created in engineered polymer, guarantee optimal diffusion of the fragrance without discolouration in the solution. The product is ready to use, filled with 125ml of the fragrance you have chosen, fragrances guarantied without any colourings. Refillable with the refill for bouquet perfume 200ml.

Bouquet Cube + Bouquet Rose

THE ROSE SCENTED BOUQUET (Scents: Orange Cinnamon, Paris Chic, Provence Treats, Soap Memories.)

An alternative to the sticks, for a fragrance that is more delicate but just as continuous. A very finely-worked ceramic rose, which absorbs the fragrance through capillary action and gradually diffuses its delicious scent. Arranged in an elegant grey  lacquered glass, it rests on a silver coloured ring for perfect stability and guaranteed elegance. A new refined way of perfuming. The flower must be replaced in the event of using a different fragrance. Refillable with the refill for bouquet perfume 200ml.

THE ROSE ON A TRAY- A very delicate ceramic rose and its integral cup, enabling you to place it where you choose without the fragrance damaging surfaces. (Scents: Zest of Verbena, Orange Cinnamon, Paris Chic, Provence Treats, Soap Memories. The 90ml Spray)

Always within reach, the spray gives you instant diffusion in complete simplicity. It also enables you to refill your items to be perfumed. In a luxurious glass bottle topped with an elegant lid, you will have no wish to hide it. (Scents include: Ocean Breeze, Orange Cinnamon, Paris Chic, Amber Powder, Soap Memories, Zest of Verbena, Vanilla Gourmet, Precious Jasmine, Virginia Cedarwood, Provence Treats.

The Scented Bouquet


A perfume of purity- flowery, fresh, delicious or oriental- a collection of 10 fragrances for refilling your scented bouquets and prolonging the magic…Fragrances guaranteed without any colourings. Bottle 200ml.

Box of 8 Black sticks presented in a display of 30 boxes. It is recommended to change the sticks in the event of changing the fragrance. to reactivate the bouquet’s diffusion, the sticks can also be turned round regularly.

Ceramic flower for bouquet Parfume rose. To use in the event of changing the fragrance.

To ensure your well-being, Parfum Berger Products comply with an extremely rigorous quality charter. The ingredients that makeup Parfum Berger home fragrances are subjected to specific internal standards that are stricter than those required by European and American pharmacopoeias, as well by IFRA (International Fragrance Association). Parfum Berger Makes it a rule to only diffuse into the air substances that are perfectly mastered and controlled.

Thank you so much for reading Lampe Berger 2015 New Collection! Please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and share this post. Thank you so much and have a beautiful week!

* I am a Brand Ambassador for Lampe Berger Canada and all opinions expressed are honest and true. I have NOT been paid for this post.


I'm Brand Ambassador!

Lampe Berger Paris #Lampeberger


This post is about Lampe Berger Paris, the historical beginnings of the company and the company’s evolution.  Since I’m a brand ambassador, I would like to share with you some interesting facts.


Did you know Lampe Burger Paris has been around since 1898?

 In 1898 Maurice Berger invented the system of diffusion by catalysis, which he patented. This idea came from wanting to deal with disinfection in hospitals back in 1898. This amazing system of purifying the air was soon applied for use in the home. The Lampe Berger company was then formed and continued to grow and reinvent itself for people living in the 21st Century.


The exclusive patented burner purifies and perfumes the air in enclosed spaces like no other. This diffusion  destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable smells. Perfuming is fast, consistent and long lasting.


I use my lamp everyday especially when I cook. Lampe Berger is available in many styles to suit your home and taste. There are modern and trendy lamps and lovely limited edition lamps created by well-known designers. There are 100 or so models to choose from.


The fragrances of Lampe Berger are beautiful! They are inspired by nature, tender memories and distant places.

The one that I’m currently using is FRUIT MELODY and I’m truly IN LOVE!

It is so soft, sweet and comforting! Truly blissful!

C2 - 415311 Fruit Melody 500MLSHELF TALKER FRUIT MELODY

I hope you enjoyed this lovely blog post. I will be bringing you more exciting news about Lampe Berger soon!

You can find more information about LAMPE BERGER in the following links.

Facebook Page



Web site 


I'm Brand Ambassador!

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*All opinions expressed are 100% my own.