Pixi Skintreats Hydrating Milky Collection

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hello my lovely beautiful friends! I hope you are all well and healthy. I’m here to share my thoughts with you on the skintreats Hydrating Milky Collection. This collection is available on pixybeauty.com, Shoppers Drugmart and other retailers as well. I’ve been kindly sent these to try them out. Thank you so much to Pixi. They are absolutely lovely and I love them all. Very creamy, smells so good and very hydrating. I love Pixi Skincare and this collection is very nourishing and super hydrating. Very gentle on the skin. I love how this collections smells and also how it makes my skin feel.

Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover

Hydrates the skin and removes eye, face and lip makeup. It removes waterproof makeup. It’s infused with coconut extracts and probiotics. Provides moisture and balance to the skin. It gently tones skin as you remove makeup. Cinnamon extract is used to provide anti-inflammatory benefits. It is paraben free, not tested on animals. It also has oat extract which soothes & hydrates. I really enjoy using this product and it works so well. It also leaves my skin feeling good.

Hydrating Milky Cleanser

Hydrating Milky Cleanser is so creamy and enriched with moisturizing coconut extract, Willow bark extract and skin-perfecting probiotics. This formula provides the skin with deep hydration. It is so rich and soothing. It calms skin irritation. It is formulated with moisturizing jojoba and anti-inflammatory cinnamon extract.

Hydrating Milky Peel

This gently exfoliates the skin. It’s a cream that clears away dead skin cells. It’s very moisturizing and gentle. It’ enriched with natural cellulose. Enriched with coconut and skin-balancing protecting probiotics. Arginine is included to encourage collagen and elastin production. It has antioxidant benefits. It also has other lovely ingredients such as willow bark, cinnamon extract and more. It is paraben-free, not tested on animals. I use this by cleansing my skin first, then I apply a thin layer of Hydrating Milky Peel to my clean face and leave it on for two to three minutes. I gently massage the micro-peeling cream to my skin and rinse it off with water. 

Milky Tonic

Milky Tonic calms, soothes and balances my skin. It’s a lovely gentle facial toner. Infused with Oat Extract to balance and comfort irritated skin. It relaxes my skin and the formula includes lovely botanicals like matricaria flower water, jojoba seed oil, camellia leaf extract, orange peel extract, rose flower extract, vanilla extract, grape extract, lemon extract, clove extract and lavender extract. This milky tonic is suitable for all skin types including very dry or sensitive skin. Alcohol-free formula, paraben-free and not tested on animals.  

Hydrating Milky Serum

After I cleanse my face and tone it I then add the Milky Serum. This serum is full of nutrients and it helps restore dehydrated skin. It is silky smooth and lightweight. The formula boost hydration and doesn’t feel heavy on the face. Formula includes rose water extract, jojoba oil and Aloe Vera. It really nourishes and gives the skin a plumped effect. It is suited for all skin types. Paraben free and not tested on animals.

Milky Lotion

This miky lotion is amazing! Provides a deep hydration and long-term skin moisture. This is great for the face and body. It delivers instant hydration and improves moisture. Formula includes Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa seed extract. Also includes sweet almond oil and black oat extract. This formula keeps the skin super soft, supple and healthy. 

I really love the Milky Collection because it’s super hydrating and nourishing. Thank you so much to Pixi By Petra for this beautiful skincare. My skin is very hydrated and looks and feels amazing. I am truly grateful. Thank you Pixi Beauty!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Summer Skincare Tips and Sun Protection

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Happy Summer! It’s official here! I’m very excited because I’m totally prepared for some lovely hot weather. I’m happy the sun is out and the birds are singing. So very excited for nice warm weather and sunshine on the skin. Natural vitamin D is so wonderful but I always like to use sunscreen on my children and my self. I’m going to share a few tips and products with you that I use to get my skin summer ready. I hope you share your summer get ready tips and skincare in the comments. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. First thing I will tell you is stay hydrated! Drink lots of water!

The first thing I like to do the day before I use gradual self tanners is get rid of all the body hair. The products that I use are *AVON’s Skin so Soft Fresh & Smooth Hair removal creams. It take 2 min only. Pretty amazing and it is perfect for sensitive skin.

Read more about AVON SUMMER SKINCARE  Get Summer Ready! Summer Skincare Protection with AVON 


I also like using NAIR hair removing cream for the upper lip and I’ve just tried the *Nair Legs and body hair remover with grape seed. With this formula it takes a little longer for the hair to be removed but works really great. Just a reminder when using these hair removing products please make sure to do a patch test before using. It is important you follow the instructions that are on the package.


The new Nair Nourish Creme for Legs & Body is a swirl formula with Grape Seed Oil plus antioxidant Rich Resveratrol. It removes hair as a little as three minutes while moisturizing to restore skin’s youthful glow leaving you with moisturized, hair-free skin for days longer than shaving. Giving you maximum smoothness with minimum hassle, the Nair Nourish Creme Hair remover is an easy, mess-free formula that works, giving you the results you want in minutes. Easy to use, the formula removes hair below the skin’s surface while caring for your skin with natural beauty ingredients. It also works on very short hair. Results that last longer than shaving. It leaves skin smooth and radiant. I use this formula for my legs, body and underarms. Affordable and convenient. SRP:$9.96-$12.99

I recently bought gloves to exfoliate my skin. I purchased them from Shoppers Drug Mart. I like to exfoliate my body because I use a gradual self tanner and the self tanner goes on more evenly and smoothly if I exfoliate.  I love using AVON Skin So Soft Satin Glow Skin Illuminator and body gel moisturizer. I also love my CLARINS Self Tanning Milky-Lotion.

4131413277I’m thinking of buying ST. Tropez because I’ve heard a lot of great things about it. What self tanners do you use? I’ve also heard lovely things about Bondi Sands Everyday Liquid Gold. Have you ever tried Bondi Sands?

So along with the gloves to exfoliate I love to use AVON Planet SPA Heavenly hydration Body Scrub, body cream and dry oil body spray. This trio is so incredible! After I exfoliate the legs I make sure to hydrate them before putting on the self tanner. This  step of hydrating the skin will help with an even distribution of colour and smooth coverage.

The lovely Trio that I’ve been enjoying is *AVON PLANET SPA Heavenly Hydration with Mediterranean Olive Oil. This Trio has ultra moisturizing olive oil and a refreshing scent of crisp greens and sandalwood. The Body Scrub is invigorating and leaves skin feeling energized, 200ml for $12.00. The Dry Oil Body Spray absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling velvety smooth, 150ml $12.00. The Body Cream is very moisturizing and has lovely beads that are infused with olive oil which leaves skin silky soft. It is non greasy and feels so lovely on the skin, 200ml $12.00. Available as of July 2017, through Avon Independent Sales Representatives, 1-800-265-AVON or online at http://www.avon.ca


After exfoliating and hydrating my skin I apply the self tanners really well and wash my hands. I only use the self tanners two times a week. I haven’t tried using them more then that and I’ve never used it on my face. I know St. Tropez has face masks that give a really nice glow to the face and I really want to get my hands on those. Have you tried using a tanner on the face? Should you? Please let me know.

I always put my self tanners on at night because first thing in the morning I put on sunscreen. I’m obsessed with sunscreen and I will not leave the house without it. I’ve been really enjoying *Coppertone Clearly Sheer Spray for my arms and legs. It has SPF 50, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It is light weight sunscreen formula feels weightless on the skin, it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. It is clinically tested on acne prone skin. It is moisturizing formula helps keep skin smooth and soft. It is appropriate to use on sensitive skin and is very light and fresh clean scent. It is water resistant for 80 minutes.


I kindly received a Shisiedo Influenster box with Free Samples to try and I’m LOVING everything! The box came with *Shiseido 50+ Wet Force BB. It is Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ and its for the face. It is water resistant for 80 Minutes. I love it so much. It is not oily. It gives a soft matte finish and I absolutely love it. It feels incredible and light. I also received the *Shiseido Urban Environment Cream with SPF 40 for the face and body. I love it! It is a bit thicker and creamy in consistency but it absorbs so nicely on the skin.

Really incredible formulas. Shiseido is incredible when it comes to sunscreen and skincare. I also received *Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil! It is amazing and very hydrating, I love how it dissolves when I wash it off with water and it leaves my skin feeling so good and hydrated. Thank you so much to Influenster Canada for the incredible free samples. They are truly wonderful! Would you like to review and receive products from influenster? Join! 


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All products marked with a *  have been given to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are all honest and true. This is not a sponsored post.

Winter Skincare with G.M. Collin


Happy Holidays! Winter is here and I wanted to share with you my winter Skincare routine with G.M. Collin products. I’m a huge fan of G.M Collin skincare. I’ve reviewed their beautiful products before. If you like have a look at my articles.   G.M. Collin Derm Renewal Booster REVIEW, G.M. COLLIN DIAMOND SERUM REVIEW and  G.M. COLLIN SKINCARE – REVIEW .  Today I’m sharing four new products with you that I’m very thrilled about! Not chilled but thrilled! Yes it is chilly out there and my skin has no worries or concerns because I’ve been using G.M. Collins hydrating body cream, body treating oil, Nutriderm Replenishing Complex and the daily ceramide comfort capsules. These four beauties have been keeping my skin hydrated, nourished, soothed and feeling beautiful!


 G.M. Collin Body Hydrating Cream

This is an Anti-Aging body cream that smells fresh and light. It offers the skin wonderful hydration and feels soft and lovely on the skin. It feels very nourishing and soothing. It absorbs really beautifully on the skin and feels light and not greasy. I absolutely love the body hydrating cream and it is ideal for winter.


Body Treating Oil

The Body oil smells and feels really beautiful, the scent and texture is light, fresh, soothing and relaxing to the senses. I absolutely love how this oil is absorbed on the skin and it has made my skin soft and smooth and feel wonderful. It is beautiful and luxurious!


Body Treating Oil is a sublimely light oil with a delicate texture. It visibly enhances skin elasticity and firmness through its high hydration effect, making it feel satiny soft, healthier and younger-looking. It provides a pleasant sensation of well-being. Body Treating Oil is also a perfect massage oil. It is best to use it after showering or exfoliating as a separate skin care, or in combination with the complete Body Care line.


Nutriderm Replenishing Complex

I really love the Nutriderm Replenishing Complex because it feels lovely on the skin. It absorbs really nicely and feels wonderful, light and soothing. I love the light scent. I really enjoy how hydrating it is and it leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth. It really protects my skin from getting dry from the cold but also from the heat inside the home. Sometimes it’s not only the cold weather but the dry heat that can have an effect on my skin and I find that this really helps sustain the hydration and evenness of my skin’s complexion.

A nourishing and regenerating elixir enriched with Argan and cactus Oil, Lupin oil and Lycopene. Protects the skin’s hydration barrier and improves the youthful appearance of the skin by leaving it visibly smoother, revitalized and more supple. Contains: Argan and Cactus Oil, Omega 3-6-9 Normal to Dry Skin



I must be really honest and tell you these are my favourite!  These capsules are so incredible! I’m so impressed by these little golden beautiful capsules. They hold the most silkiest face oil! They are little capsules filled with the most luxurious soothing oil. I apply this all over my face, neck and hands. They smell so divine and feel so delightful on the skin. They really nourish and feel amazing. The scent is truly beautiful and the oil absorbs so nicely and evenly on the skin. If there’s one thing you must try it’s these beautiful Ceramide Comfort Daily Capsules.

A daily capsule to nourish and reduce visible signs of aging while minimizing moisture loss. This highly practical capsule with exquisite texture and scent will give the skin a silky smooth texture and a remarkable softness. For all skin types


Overall I’m really loving and enjoying using all these beautiful products. They nourish and help my skin stay really hydrated. My skin looks and feels really great. I love using oils in the winter do you?  I love that the scent in in the G.M.Collin skincare line are light and not overwhelming. I love that the oils absorb nicely and leave my skin feeling really nourished.  All the products hydrate and nourish but the best part is that it also maintains hydration so you are not applying the products every hour. I use all these beautiful products once a day and I’m loving the results. I absolutely love all the G.M. Collin skincare line and highly recommend them.

*PR samples. That being said all opinions are all honest and true. Thank you to G.M. Collin for these amazing samples. Happy Holidays!



Lisap Top Care Repair | HYDRA CARE REVIEW


Lisap, a family owned business, creates all of its products using the finest and gentlest ingredients in formulations designed to restore the hair’s natural balance and beauty. Manufactured in Milan, Italy, Lisap has been offering quality hair care products for almost 60 years and sells to salons in more than 50 countries. All Lisap products are dermatologically tested and have received the seal of approval from the University of Pavia, one of the most renowned universities in Europe. Lisap is one of the few companies that is Quality Certified to the Standard UNI EN ISO 9001;guaranteeing salon superior quality products. -Lisap


November is here and I’m very excited for winter to arrive. Along with winter comes the cold and cooler weather that can have damaging effects on my hair so I’m here to share with you my new hair routine that is keeping my hair undamaged and hydrated.  I’m always so excited to receive Lisap products because every collection that I’ve received so far like the LISAP Easy Build Hair Reconstruction System -REVIEW and New Lisap Summer Care Hair and Body has worked so wonderfully with my hair. I’m even more excited about the Lisap Top Care Hydra Care for Perfectly hydrated hair collection because this is the best one for me by far! This collection has hydrated, repaired and has given so much volume to my hair. It cleans amazing and gives so much shine and super hydration. I’m also madly in love with the scent.  Let me share the benefits of each product with you because this Lisap Top Care Hydra Care for perfectly hydrated hair has given me the best results.

Hydra Care was created for hair that is frequently shampooed and weakened by the over use of blow dryers and hair straighteners. It leaves hair feeling light and makes it easier to blow dry, style and comb. Its formula is enriched with Papyrus Extract, Ceramide A2, Hydra care complex and the perfect balance of nutrients to ensure the hair is intensely nourished and exceptionally soft. -Lisap



Lisap  Top Care Repair Hydra Care Nourishing Mask

Retails for $17.95

The Lisap Top Care Hydra Care Nourishing mask gets deep in hair from the roots to the tips and hydrates evenly. I use this once a week and apply it all over my hair and to the roots. I massage it really well and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. I then proceed by rinsing it out. The formula is rich and creamy and it leaves my hair hydrated, silky, soft and smooth. I love the scent of all the products in the collection. It has a powdery, soft, sweet scent that is really comforting to me. This hair mask will detangle the hair, nourish and give amazing hydration and strength. I love using this mask and highly recommend it.


Hydra Care Complex

A natural Complex formulated to seal raised hair cuticles that have been damaged by repeated destructive treatment. Also contains quaternised keratin that attaches directly to natural keratin in the hair creating a noticeable conditioning and detangling effect.

Top Care Repair Hydra Care

The Top Care Repair Hydra Care formula is enriched with Papyrus Extract, Ceramide A2 and Hydra Care Complex. The perfect balance of nutrients to ensure the hair is left intensely nourished and exceptionally soft.


Extracted from the stem of the Cyperus Papyrus

Rich in minerals, sugar and hydrating agents

Re-mineralising and revitalising action on damaged and weakened hair


Extracted from the Japanese seaweed

Protects the integrity of the hair structure

Combats hair stress

Hydrating, softening and re-mineralising properties

Ceramide A2

Strengthens and restores cellular cohesion

Maximises hair structure

Leaves hair stronger and more vibrant


Lisap Top Care Repair 


Shampoo & Conditioner

Lisap Hydra Care Nourishing Shampoo retails for $11.95

Intensive Nourishing Shampoo

Delicately cleanses

Leaves hair shiny and soft

Gives hair new vitality and smoothness

A well-cared for appearance

Lisap Hydra Care Conditioner retails for $13.60

Fast Action Nourishing Conditioner

Perfect levels of nourishment to very dry lengths

Strengthens and internally restructures

Provides protection for revitalised hair with more body

The shampoo really cleans the hair but doesn’t strip it down. What I mean is that some shampoo’s can leave the hair feeling dull and dry but this shampoo cleans and strengthens the hair and also offers hydration and nutrients. It really revitalizes the hair and the conditioner gives beautiful shine, hydration and makes the hair soft, silky and smooth. I found that this combination has given my hair strength and vibrancy. My hair feels nourished, strong and beautiful.

Lisap Top Care Repair Hydra Care – Restore Beauty and Shine

Hydration and Body


Easy to Comb and Dry

Free of Artificial Colourings

Sulfate and Parabens Free

Long-Lasting Beautiful Hair

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Lisap Top Care Repair Hydra Care system contains Intensive Nourishing Shampoo, Fast Action Nourishing Conditioner and Intensive Nourishing Mask.


Lisap Hydra Care Nourishing Cream

Retails for $15.75

This is a beautiful nourishing cream. I apply this after the shower to my damp hair and proceed by blowdrying my hair. You don’t have to blow dry your hair though. I just like my hair to be dried after I shower. This formula is wonderful and gives so much shine. It really makes my hair smooth. It helps with dryness and enriches the hair with super hydration and softness. This is a light formula that doesn’t make my hair feel heavy. It actually does the opposite and leaves my hair feeling light and beautiful. Super hydration and shine. Really love this Nourishing cream and I highly recommend it.


Lisap Hydra Care from the Top Care Hair Repair collections is designed for dry, damaged hair resulting from demanding lifestyles, environmental pollution and the use of certain haircare products. -Robert Baggio, vice-president Lisap Canada


Lisap Top Care Repair – Lisap Passion for Colour

At last, a brand collection that fully meets all the needs of hair salons and customers thanks to formulas that are: Completely Made in Italy. Safe for Consumers. Environmentally Friendly. Specifically Designed for Different Types of Hair. Top Care Repair exemplifies the Lisap experience, one of passion, research, innovation and creativity.

Lisap Top Care Repair – Scientifically Researched and Formulated

Continuously demanding lifestyles, environmental pollution and often the continued use of unsuitable products leaves hair dry, brittle, weak and dull. Top Care Repair, with its acid pH formula and natural extracts perfectly closes the cuticle after colouring and other aggressive treatments. This results in soft, full bodied and visibly shinier hair. Top Care products perfectly answer the needs of professional hair salon owners, their staff and their increasingly well informed clientele.


Overall my experience with the Lisap Hydra Care Collections has been very successful and very pleasant. I love the collection and everything about it. It has given my hair strength, shine, nourishment and softness. It has also helped with my damaged hair due to using heat and colouring. I’m very pleased and I highly recommend the hydra care collection especially during the winter to prevent damage due to the cold and sustain healthy hair!

Thank you so much for reading my review.

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IDC Integral Dermo Correction Skincare REVIEW

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Integral Dermo Correction is the Quebec-based cosmeceutical line created by Dr. Eric Dupont, PhD in physiology and endocrinology. The Canadian company specializes in developing high-end, innovative anti-aging skincare using IDC’s unique technology. A molecule complex that combines the greatest diversity of cosmetic ingredients at optimal dosages and targeting the 16 causes of skin aging. What sets IDC apart from other skincare lines is that the ingredients designed to affect the 16 causes of skin aging by stimulating certain actions and inhibiting others. -IDC

33I’m very happy and excited to bring you a review for IDC Integral Dermo Correction Skincare. I received four products and I will go through each one and share my thoughts with you.  I kindly received samples of:


IDC’s Technology helps with Hydration, barrier function, cell anchorage, energy, oxygenation, ECM synthesis, immunity and skin cohesion. It moderates oxidation, pigmentation, keratinization, protein modification, DNA damage, ECM proteolysis, inflammation and Microcapillary Permeability.

IDC is a cosmetic line that makes no compromises! Everything is in the product! Indeed, the IDC line has won several awards and is recognized by consumers as well as by the international scientific community for numerous publications in international scientific journals. -IDC 

1. IDC Trilogy Mask

I really love this mask. It feels nice and cooling on the skin. I really like how the formula of the mask has little gritty parts and when it comes time to remove the mask I work the formula on the skin as a face scrub which removes more dead skin cells.  This is a triple action mask and it improves the skin’s texture, it purifies pores, removes dead cells, it gives instant radiance and is tested under dermatological control. It is not tested on animals and is paraben free and silicon-free. This mask can be used twice a week and it is the first to combine 3 levels of natural exfoliation: mechanical (fruit extracts: orange, lemon, blueberry plus sugars: maple sugar, cane sugar, and willow extract) plus enzymatic (grapefruit, pineapple, red sorrel) plus chemical (Bamboo extracts).


2. IDC Pearl Ultra-Purifying Gentle Cleansing Gel

The Gel Perle cleansing gel is really lovely and very gentle on my skin. Feels really beautiful on and lathers up nicely. It washes off really well leaving the skin looking and feeling really clean. It doesn’t dry my skin at all. The Gel Perle deep cleans pores, exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. It revitalizes and brightens the complexion. Removes excess sebum, prepares the skin for the IDC technology and is tested under dermatological control. It is not tested on animals, is paraben free and without silicone. I really enjoy cleansing my skin with IDC Pearl Ultra-Purifying Gentle Cleansing Gel because it works and leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and subtle.


Cleansers are just as important as creams, since applying moisturizer to poorly cleansed skin will reduce its effectiveness. This is why it is important to remove all impurities from skin through proper facial cleansing before using any other product. IDC cleanser have been specially developed to provide integral cleansing and prepare skin for its exclusive, patented Regen-16 technology. -IDC


3. IDC Regen Express Perfection (Tinted)

Tinted multi-benefit skincare with SPF 15 for use on face, eyes and neck. Its the #1 anti-aging cream in Quebec and now in available in a tinted version! I received the Tinted sample and I really like the pump. It pumps out the formula really nicely and evenly. Two pumps is all you need to cover the face.  I find that you have to work really quickly with this because it gets matte/absorbed really fast. I resolve this issue with adding a little of my facial cream to the formula to make it blend more easily and this way it spreads nicely and evenly.  I really love how my skin looks after using the Regen Express Tinted Perfection because it makes my face look healthy and gives the skin an even look. The tint is not orange at all and it and it warms up my complexion.  I actually don’t need to wear foundation when I have the IDC Regen Express Perfection on. My skin feels light and can breathe and at the same time it looks and feels great!


  • Sun Protection SPF 15 100% mineral broad-spectrum.
  • Formulated with unique patented technology IDC: Regen-16
  • For all skin types and all ages

Say goodbye to your concealer, pressed powder and foundation! Save time every morning with this tinted multi-benefit moisturizer for the face, eyes and neck. Formulated with SPF 15, this all-in-one product is perfect for women on the go who want results. Apply every morning after cleansing with IDC Pearl Gel or Integral Cleanser Milk, all made right here in Quebec.– IDC


The Regen Boost is a soothing treatment that restores the energy resources of the skin and against the loss of its natural defences. The Hypoallergenic formula is highly concentrated with unique patented technology. I use this day and night and its designed for all ages and skin types. It really helps with skin that is stressed, fatigued and overworked. I like how the formula feels on the skin. It feels light and also feels like you have a thin layer of protection on the skin. My skin feels super soft after the use of Regen Boosts. I’m starting to see some changes like hydration and firming. The only thing that bothers me is the applicator/lid needs to be fully down to suck up the formula. Also it feels like there isn’t much in the container. I feel the bottle doesn’t need to be so big. It feels very big and bulky. The lack of formula in the bottle could be because of the design of the bottle. Other then that, the formula is really amazing and I highly recommend it.



Soothing treatment that restores the skin’s energy and natural defenses. Highly concentrated formula contains 28% cosmetic active ingredients with IDC’s patented Regen-16 technology. Hypoallergenic formulaabsorbs rapidly into the skin. Use dailyday and night or for seasonal changes. Designed for all ages and all skin types. Dermatologist tested, no animal testing, no parabens, DMAE, fragrances or artificial colors. –IDC

IDC Skincare formerly only available in Canada at Quebec pharmacies and global markets like France, India and the UK. IDC Skincare is now available across Canada at beautyboutique.ca

*This is a PR Sample and all opinions expressed are all honest and true.


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