Shake the Winter Blues Away And Get Hygge With It!

Winter can bring on melancholic feelings and I’m here to give you a few tips to help you get through the rut! The sun is not out as long. Sunshine is lacking. Pick up some vitamin D! There are a few things that I like to do in the winter to stay cozy and positive. First thing is have a CUPPA! I prefer coffee in the morning, noon or anytime really.  A MUST! Get cozy with a CUPPA! You can spike it if that’s what makes you cozy. Not I though. I don’t like alcohol. But I do love chocolate and marshmallows. *Mug in this photo from


Get Creative!!! I love to write, paint and cook.

Do something that helps you express your self.

 You can draw, doodle, write a letter or paint!


Pick a recipe and cook!


I’ve been enjoying making yummy delicious food with HELLO FRESH CANADA. This is not sponsored or an AD. Don’t worry, even if I was working with them I’m here to tell you they ROCK. Love everything about them. Anyhow, I’ve gotten off topic. NOT a surprise at all. lol I’ll go into detail about Hello Fresh Canada in my next post. I’m not finished preparing all the content yet…oh wait yup here’s a photo of my lunch. Documentation is a must! Chicken Sliders with slaw. Healthy fast and easy. I have a code if you like 40% off your first meal.


*pr sample


Taking hot baths in the winter really feels relaxing and rejuvenating. I love LUSH and you all probably know that already. My husband bought me a Christmas Lush Box. I didn’t want to write “What I got For Christmas” post… I really didn’t… but I want to share this one with you because LUSH is fun and colourful and everything I need in the winter. My girls love it too. But of course I share my bath bombs…Only if my girls are well behaved.  Reminds me of goldmember “Oh Behave!”…off topic again. I’ve been feeling cray cray lately.  Okay so here is the box that I received from my sweet husband.


Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb, Butter bear Bath Bomb, Shoot for the stars Bath Bomb, Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb, Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb, Sherbert Dip Bath Bomb, Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt, Thundersnow Bath Bomb, Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt.


Very fun and relaxing. A must in my life to relax in a hot bath with LUSH Bath Bombs. I highly recommend you try them out. Winter Blues go away oh LUSH! you made my day!

Once I’m out of my lovely bath I like to spritz and spray and smell fresh all day!

YUP I just rhymed!

omg I love how fresh *Mark REBEL + ICE Smells!  Very invigorating and refreshing! How about the beautiful scarf? I love getting cozy after the bath and one thing I love is to cover my neck. I find my neck needs to be kept warm. mark Rebel and Ice limited edition bath and body collection is an icy mix featuring notes of cool mountain air, winter iris and white birch woods. Body Wash is refreshing and moisturizing. The body Mist is refreshing and lightly scented with a beautiful hydrating mist and the Body lotion locks in moisture leaving the skin feeling soft and silky.

*Body Wash $10.00

*Body Mist $14.00

*Body Lotion $10.00

*”What A Scene Scarf” $18.00


*Tasseled Multi-layer Bracelet

The look of multiple bracelets with a goldstone charm. Stunning!

Turtle $14.99


Available through Avon independent sales representative or

A must in the winter is to snack on healthy food and I kindly received Sabra Hummus to review which I said YES to because I love delicious food.  Snacking and drinking water really helps in the winter. Important to keep our energy up. These three are my favourite. The Olive Hummus, the Spicy Hummus and the roasted red pepper! So delicious! Delicious and healthy!


I also enjoy reading a lot during the winter months. I just finished the Novel “The Break” written by  Katherena Vermette. It’s an incredible novel and also Canadian.

the break

I hope this blog post inspires you to do more things that make you happy.

What are some things you like to do in the winter? I would love to know!

Don’t forget to buy your self something sweet and lovely just like this.


*Lots of Kisses Journal 90 Lined pages Faux Leather $7.99

*Home Fragrance Collection “Celebrate Love Candle” Notes of sparkling citrus, tart berries, effervescent musks and rose petals.  $12.99 each

*just Kiss Me Lip balm Cute lips-shaped case holds a kiss of tinted balm. Flavourless. Comes in a gift box. $10.00 each

The beautiful items are available now on or through an avon representative.

*PR samples


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thank you purple

Happy February 1st! Happy Vibes!


Hello and happy February 1st! I’m super excited and filled with positive and good energy! Are you ready for a special and most incredible month?  I’ve been loving the feeling that has come inside my heart lately. I can’t describe it. Okay I will try. I feel this calmness and fulfillment. This happiness and warmth inside me. I love it and I’m holding on to it. I’m truly grateful for everything in my life. I’m so happy and grateful for my family, my home, the food on our table. I’m just very grateful for everything. I’m truly happy and even though my dishwasher caught on fire this past weekend, I’m still so happy that I was there to stop it from getting bigger. I don’t care that I don’t have a dishwasher to be honest. I’m grateful for everything that surrounds me and mostly the people. People and experience.


Like going skating with my lovely daughters and walking in the cool winter weather. It’s the little moments that truly matter. Like watching my girls draw, paint and play. Or reading books to them and also taking the time to read my own books and have a cuppa coffee. This is how I feel. The special “Hygge” moments…I want more “Hygge” in my life.


Thank you also to all of you for your heartfelt comments and chats. They mean the world to me. You keep me going and I thank you.

I wanted to write a blog post that starts off the month in a positive and loving way because I feel so good. Like you know when you have a feeling that something good is going to happen? Yes! That is how I feel continuously. I’m so happy and I want to share my positive energy with you.


I would like to thank you all for leaving such wonderful comments on  my video for the #FMBeautyClass. I already feel like a winner from all your beautiful, kind hearted comments. Your special comments and support have lifted me up that I feel like I’m flowing and floating in a field of warm positive energy with flowers and love. So thank you from my heart for commenting and giving this video a thumbs up. I also would like to say thank you to all of you who have subscribed to my channel. I’m close to 1k and thank you from my heart for supporting me so much. Every one of you. Thank you! I’m truly happy whether I win or not. I’m just so happy with all the love and support you have all given me.

I’m a little behind on making videos and blogging but this month I’m working very hard to bring you as much as I can. I have a newsletter to write and also I’m making a few videos including trying on various brands of makeup like Marcelle, Annabelle Cosmetics, Dior and Chanel. I also have a few REVIEW videos to make like Lancome Juicy Shakers, Bite Beauty Lip Pencils, Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets and more written reviews with products from Avon, Chanel and Bite Beauty.

I’ve missed a month or two of Monthly favourites so I’m working on a big video with all my current favourite products. The majority of the products are PR samples but I’m here to tell you and reassure you that I love to feature and talk about products I truly love. I’ve also created a SHOP if you like to have a look. It only has a few products but I’ll be adding more to this very soon.


As my beauty channel reaches close to 1k, I would like to know what kind of giveaway would interest you? Would you like a gift card or various makeup products? I’m going to try to connect with a few brands so that I can maybe have a big mega giveaway on my channel and I’ll be using Rafflecopter.

Have a happy and wonderful month my friends!

You can always contact me via twitter @bestdayblogger

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