Weekend Fun & Easter Blessings!

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Hello! I hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend! I’m very blessed because I get to celebrate two Easters. The Greek Orthodox Easter is May 1st and It’s a blessing to have two celebrations. I always spend Easter with Family and it’s always so lovely. The kids play and paint eggs and we sit and eat together and have a good time. It’s always really special. I’m very grateful that we create beautiful memories especially for the children.

  My Sister-in-law made the prettiest cupcakes!

The writing on my sister-in-laws wall. 

Beautiful table setting.

I posted my OOTD (outfit of the day)  photo on my instagram account. This is what I wore at the family Easter Dinner.  My friend Humara picked out the dress for me. Thank you so much Humara! It’s from American Eagle Outfitters. I love that store! I would buy everything from that store if I could.  A really pretty floral dress and my glasses are from Reitmans, my cardigan is from Walmart, my boots are from Winners and of course the new love in my life Michael Kors handbag that my hubby bought as an early Birthday gift. I haven’t created an outfit of the day since summer and I was inspired by Humara. She is truly amazing at Style and fashion and I admire that about her. What do you think of this outfit? Would you like to see more style and fashion on my blog?

  So after the wonderful dinner my sister-in-law filled our bellies with lovely desserts!

Also this weekend Humara and I went shopping at the Scarborough Town centre and I can’t wait to bring you our VLOG! We vlogged together and it was so much fun to see the new ZARA store. It is huge! There’s a men’s clothing store, women’s and children’s store! I’m putting the vlog together today. I hope to have it up by tomorrow with another post for you. Would you like to subscribe to my VLOG channel? I would love your support.

Here is the lovely Humara and I at the Kastor & Pollux Instalation at the Scarborough Town Centre.  


The Kastor & Pollux Installation offers a lot of places to take creative photos.The installation is a collaboration with ZARA at the Scarborough town centre to offer the community a chance to win a gift card.  I believe they took the installation down but the contest is still open until April. For more information you can have a look at Scarborough Town Centre website. 

Have a read at my blog post for more information if you like.


Photo Credit -> HUMARA
Photo Credit -> Humara    Photo Credit -> HUMARA

Thank you all for being here and reading my post. I appreciate it. I wish you a very beautiful week. I’m very excited to bring you more news this week about the Dave Lackie Dinner that I’m attending on Wednesday for Shiseido.


I’ll be tweeting @bestdayblogger live from the Shiseido event on Wednesday at 6:00pm. Be sure to follow Dave Lackie @davelackie and also follow the Hashtag #sharebeauty to see photos from the lovely party.  Truly a blessing to be chosen to attend. Thank you so much to Dave Lackie! I’m truly grateful!  I  also can’t wait to see my lovely and beautiful friend Cat at the Shiseido event. Have you seen her beauty blog? you definitely need to check her out. She is a sweetheart!!!


Thank you all and have a beautiful week!

Tomorrow’s post will be about what I won from Bluescandal.com!

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#STCDressCode Kastor and Pollux Installation


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Zara opened up its doors at the Scarborough Town Centre  two days ago and I had the opportunity to visit yesterday.  Zara has three separate clothing stores. One for men, women and children. I’ll be bringing you footage and posts of the new ZARA and new and exciting mall excursions at the end of this month as I work close with my partner in crime  HumJK to bring you hot new and exciting shopping ideas from Scarborough Town Centre. Scarborough Town Centre is my favourite mall in Toronto and many new changes are taking place.


In collaboration with Zara Opening at the Scarborough Town centre,  Kastor and Pollux Installation has been created to bring a new experience to the community. The booth has three very creative spaces that you can take pictures in. The Artists behind this unique Installation is the very talented  Dani Roche . She is the creator, director and designer of  Kastor & Pollux.  I had the opportunity to chat with her a bit and she is so passionate about her work and very creative! Did you know she grew up in Scarborough? Here is a closer look at the booth. img_2482

I had an fun time and this installation really pushed me creatively. It was a fun way to explore my surroundings. The walls in the photo booths offered so many fun opportunities to take photos. The Kastor and Pollux Installation is only there until April so I hope you go and explore the fun! Scarborough Town Centre is offering people the opportunity to take a “Selfie” or a picture by someone and Hashtag it to win! You can win a $500 Gift Card to ZARA!


The Hashtag is


also Follow @shopstc on twitter!!!

Please visit www.scarboroughtowncentre.com for full rules and regulations.

You can share the picture on Twitter or IG

How great is that!

Here are some pictures that I shared.



     I had so much fun and I hope you go too! Check it out and don’t forget to use the hashtag


Good Luck!

Update!! March 26, 2016

Today I had such a fun time with my friend Humara at the Scarborough Town Centre!

Just had to update you with some lovely pictures! I’ll be sharing a VLOG soon!

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