Lampe Berger Paris Fall Collection 2016

  I'm truly excited to bring you the Fall Collection by Lampe Berger. If you like you can read my prior posts. BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR #Lampebergercanada Lampe Berger Paris #Lampeberger Mother’s Day Great Gift Ideas Summer Style with #LampebergerCanada PARFUM BERGER PARIS 2015 NEW COLLECTION! As an Lampe Berger Paris Ambassador I'm truly grateful and … Continue reading Lampe Berger Paris Fall Collection 2016

Summer Style with #LampebergerCanada

Hello Everyone! I'm so so excited to tell you about the New Summer Style Lamps from Lampe Berger Canada. Before we start If you don't know anything about Lampe Berger have a look at my blog post about the HISTORY of Lampe Berger. The lamps are so beautiful! The colours are perfect for Summer and … Continue reading Summer Style with #LampebergerCanada

LAMPE BERGER PARIS- Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Set

A  Perfect Mother's Day Gift Set! Thank you to Lampe Berger Canada for the Gift Set Plissée! The Lamp comes in two styles, red and clear. I received the clear lamp and I'm in love with it! I really feel that this is a sexy, elegant and beautiful lamp!  "The Plissée Lamp in transparent glass. A glamorous and feminine, … Continue reading LAMPE BERGER PARIS- Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Set

Lampe Berger Paris #Lampeberger

   This post is about Lampe Berger Paris, the historical beginnings of the company and the company's evolution.  Since I'm a brand ambassador, I would like to share with you some interesting facts. Did you know Lampe Burger Paris has been around since 1898?  In 1898 Maurice Berger invented the system of diffusion by catalysis, which he patented. This idea came … Continue reading Lampe Berger Paris #Lampeberger

BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR #Lampebergercanada

I'm truly grateful and honoured to have received the news that I am a Brand Ambassador for the wonderful and amazing Lampe Berger Paris! This is a wonderful opportunity! I'm truly excited because I use the products in my home and I really enjoy sharing my experience with you. I'll be bringing you news about new … Continue reading BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR #Lampebergercanada