Elizabeth Arden Launch Party A Dave Lackie Event #ArdenBeauty #ArdenLove

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On Wednesday August 24th I attended a Dave Lackie Dinner party for Elizabeth Arden’s  new skincare and makeup products.


The day started with getting my hair styled by a hair stylist from STYLU.  I’ve blogged about the amazing app on my blog, if you like have a look. STYLU New On Demand Beauty Provider app. Because I blogged about Stylu I was kindly given a credit for my blogging services. I’m truly grateful because my lovely Stylist Monique did an incredible job! I’m so pleased at how easy it is to book a stylist with Stylu app and I’ll definitely be using the app again. The app allows you to book anytime and any day to where ever you want! They will come to your desired destination. This is such a great app for busy mommies. I’m so happy about this app being available because it is very hard to take my children to the hair salon. This way the stylist will come to your desired address. It is the simplest and most easy app I have ever used and I will continue to use in the future.

Following the hair style, I did my makeup. I used Chanel’s Fall Collection followed by the outfit for the evening which consisted of black pants from Reitmans, black boots from Winners, a striped top and light red jacket by Susy Shier.


Here is the link to the striped top if you like. -> TOP

I then traveled down town Toronto to the Aria Ristorante which is located at 25 York Street. The private room was decorated beautifully with fresh flowers and beautiful linen. The decor was perfection!


Along with the decorations the Elizabeth Arden beauty products were displayed around the room with beautiful flowers and arranged so nicely for picture taking.  I love the creativity that went into the displays!


Truly exquisite don’t you think? I’m absolutely loving all the new lip products and skincare. I adore the new liquid liners and the fragrance is so sweet and floral. Very stunning! So many beautiful new products from Elizabeth Arden I can’t contain my self!


The evening continued with beautiful dinner and speeches.


 I also had the pleasure of being in good company with lovely guests and fellow bloggers.


Here I’m with the lovely Christine, the author of  Mom Loves Makeup. She is so kind, sweet and I really enjoy her company. img_6184

Here I’m having an amazing time with the beautiful Cat the author of  MyLipAddiction.com Cat is a ray of sunshine and beautiful from the inside and out! She always brings such positive energy to the room and the people around her. She inspires me so much!


Here is the inspirational Dave Lackie. He is so down to earth, kind and sweet. I highly recommend that you take a look at his amazing  Beauty Guide Magazine.  It’s Amazing! I also love his website and adore his lovely articles and giveaways too. I recently read the article on his website written by  and the article is  The Red Door a History of Elizabeth Arden. You should have a look because it is a wonderful article.


Hello from @Bestdayblogger 😉


I  had a really lovely time talking and chatting with all the guests and fellow bloggers. I’m totally honoured and grateful to have been in the same room with so many creative and wonderful individuals. Truly a blessing.

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Thank you so much to Dave Lackie and Elizabeth Arden for a magical evening and also thank you to Stylu for the opportunity to have my hair styled. Thank you to my stylist Monique for the most beautiful hair style! Thank you all so much for the most magical event and evening!


The very next day I opened my lovely gift bag filled with skincare and makeup. #Ardenbeauty & #ArdenLove

Thank you so much again to Dave Lackie and Elizabeth Arden for the beautiful gift bag!


Would you like a review of any of these products? Please let  me know and I will totally review a product of your choice.

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Pure and Simple Fresh Canadian Brands Event

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I  had the pleasure of attending a lovely Launch party with Pure and Simple featuring Fresh Canadian Brands and I’m here to share with you the lovely event.  The event was held at the very chic Pure and Simple Spa at Yorkville. It’s a  beautiful spa and if you have the opportunity you should definitely check it out. The Yorkville area is stunning and filled with amazing little cafes and places to drink and eat. It’s like a little village in the middle of the city. Hopefully you can spot some famous stars especially now that we have the Toronto Film Festival going on. Truly exciting things happening in Toronto this August.

I was kindly invited to this fantastic event and I’m very grateful and happy because I had the opportunity to learn so much about new amazing Canadian Brands that include organic and healthy ingredients that nourish the skin but are also eco friendly, vegan and free of toxins.


When I walked in I was kindly greeted and offered food and drinks. I was kindly given a sample of Healthy  Crunch (Kale Chips) really delicious! The Healthy Crunch Kale Chips will be available at Starbucks soon! You heard it here first! 😉  The atmosphere was lovely and stations were set up around the room with all Canadian Brands.


It was truly amazing to visit each station and talk to the representatives. The stations included  dalish (makeup),  WORLD  (Natural Skincare),  HealingHaus.ca  (Naturopathic creams), SATTVA PURE (organic and vegan skincare), FITGLOW Beauty (Natural Organic makeup and skincare), NUVSIO (Mineral mask and skincare), THERA WISE (all natural skincare), Pure and Simple (Natural Skincare),  Here & Now Botanicals  (skincare) and Skin Essence Organics. 



The lovely Launch party also hosted a very talented artist Candace Wilson. Candace Wilson’s abstract work incorporates natural earth healing elements. Have a look at her website if you like Candace Wilson Art Studio. 


The Launch party was incredible and it was lovely to meet so many inspiring individuals that share a common love for skincare and beauty. It was lovely chatting with many bloggers as well. I’m so grateful to have received lovely samples. I’ve been testing the samples out and hopefully I will be able to bring you reviews this month.

 I hope you enjoyed this post. I would like to say a huge thank you to Pure and Simple for the lovely invitation. I’m truly blessed and grateful to have been at the party and very happy to bring my readers an inside scoop of the launch. It makes me so happy and proud to be Canadian and I feel that we should definitely support each other more often. I feel that we need to invest in more Canadian Products and buy more Made In Canada Skincare and beauty.

I hope you Subscribe to my blog for more posts to come. The posts that will follow will be a lot of these beautiful Canadian Skincare brands that I’m truly proud of. Thank you all so much and have a lovely rest of the week!

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#TakeyourChance CHANEL Launch Toronto

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Chance Eau Vive “You have a new opportunity” -CHANEL

The above quote speaks volumes for me!


I’ve had the most wonderful experience last week. I graciously received a VIP invitation by CHANEL to join them at the Launch of the new CHANEL Chance  at Yorkdale Mall in Hudson’s Bay. The CHANEL Chance Lounge was filled with various stations of entertainment. There was a makeup artist ( Kris Wares), DJ( Gimmemar) Photo booth, artist (Chris J. Nevin), Card reader and delicious food and drinks. I felt like I was transported to a magical place!  I took the chance and went to each station to have a new experience. I tried everything for the first time and it opened up my senses!




I had my makeup touched up by the lovely and talented Kris Wares. The lovely blogger in the photo is IG (@styleblogca). We chatted and she gave me many tips on how to apply makeup. I’ll be using these tips for my future video tutorials. 459245964597

I  took some lovely photos at the photo booth. I love photo booths so much because you get to keep those moments with you. Very nice touch to the evening.


Following the photo booth I had a Tarot card reading. It was my first time doing this. I wasn’t nervous at all actually. It was a positive reading and accurate too. Following my Tarot card reading the lovely artist Chris J. Nevin drew a sketch of me. I adore it and I’m framing it for my office.


I also had my hands massaged with one of the new creams. Did you know that all the Chance fragrances have lotions, creams, and they even have hair fragrance without alcohol! You’ve got to stop by The Hudsons Bay and smell them! They are amazing!



The Four  Fragrances

Chance Eau Vive ( A wave of energy. A boost of vitality, explosive character, floral-zesty)

 Chance eau FRAÎCHE ( Natural and casual, vibrant and sparkling, happiness and fantasy.)

 Chance eau Tendre ( A delicious caress. A burst of tenderness. A poetic whisper. Wrap yourself in CHANCE EAU TENDRE It is a soft and delicate fragrance.
A special moment to savour with chance. )

Chance  (Unpredictable by nature. Candid, sincere and joyful.
Go with the optimism of CHANCE. It is a surprising fragrance that is reassuringly authentic. A captivating one-to-one with chance.)

I tried them all and It was hard to decide on just one. I really love the Eau Tendre. I love the sweetness of it.  The bottles are beautiful, simple and elegant. I truly want them all in my collection.


Thank you so much to CHANEL for the invitation. Thank you to all the lovely people and artists. It was a magical and fun filled evening. I’m truly grateful and I will always remember the wonderful and special moments shared that evening.

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#MultiActive Clarins Launch Party Ritz-Carlton Toronto

bestdayblogger blogpost headerCLARINS COVER

Clarins Canada hosted a lovely party for their New Multi Active Skincare line at the Ritz-Carlton Downtown Toronto on February 18th and I was very honoured to attend.  I must tell you that Clarins hosts the most beautiful parties!

The soiree  was held in a very chic room with an ambience that was very relaxing. The service at the Ritz-Carlton is very impressive and If you are looking to have a party I totally recommend it. It is magical! The food and the drinks are spectacular and the desserts are phenomenal!

Photo Credit David Hawe


Photo Maria Medeiros


The New  Clarins Products are very beautiful and very impressive! There is the Mission Perfection Serum, this formula helps with dark spots, acne marks, dyschromia, dull complexion, shadowy areas and redness.


Then there is the  UV 50 Formula that helps protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays. Also there’s the NEW #MULTIACTIVE day and night cream. I will review these beautiful products very soon for you. Please follow my blog via email and this way you will receive reviews quick and easy.


The evening continued with a lovely speech and introduction to all the beautiful products by the wonderful Danielle La Roche the PR Director for Clarins. Continued with more food, drinks and a lovely demonstration by beauty expert Emmanuelle. She took the time and explained all the beautiful skincare products and the benefits.

Photo Credit: David Hawe

The evening  was beautiful and I learned so much about new  MultiActive skincare line and it was so wonderful sharing the evening with other beauty bloggers. Really wonderful to be in good company with inspirational people who share the same love for Clarins.

Photo Credit: David Hawe

Overall the celebration was very informative, the hosts were fabulous, the food, drinks and service was spectacular! I really enjoyed the party and feel truly grateful to have taken part in  such a spectacular event.

Did I mention that I go to meet the lovely Samantha?

I adore her !

Check out her Youtube Channel!

Bestdayblogger & Samantha Jane

Photo Credit: David Hawe


Thank you so much to Danielle La Roche, Émilie, Karine, Emmanuelle and Kate.

Thank you to all the lovely bloggers and thank you to Clarins!

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