Skin So Soft Winter Lavender Collection Box Set

*PR Sample A perfect gift for the Holidays! This collection is absolutely amazing! The scent is really lovely and soft. The box and packaging is so beautiful. I absolutely love it! Surround yourself with the soothing scent of lavender and the most luxurious skin softeners. Skin So Soft Winter Lavender Collection. -AVON CANADA Skin So … Continue reading Skin So Soft Winter Lavender Collection Box Set


When Life gives you lemons you squeeze them and make lemonade! Or something like that. Well I was hoping to take a vacation this summer but life happens. SO change of plans! Just going to stick around Toronto and vlog my summer! 🙂 All is good though. I'm very excited actually. Even though I'm dying … Continue reading HAPPY JUNE! SPRING VIBES! 2017

Bleu Lavande Skincare REVIEW

I've been transported to a field of sea lavender by Bleu Lavande! This is my first time using Blue Lavande and I must tell you that this is remarkable skincare! This line is very gentle and beautiful on the skin. It nourishes and hydrates. It offers the skin healthy benifits and nourishing properties and enriches the overall appearance … Continue reading Bleu Lavande Skincare REVIEW

Duckish DIY Pedicure Kit -Review

  I kindly received DIY Pedicure Kit from for review purposes and I'm thrilled to tell you all about the company and the beautiful natural products that are offered. If you love natural products you will love this Canadian Brand. I'm so excited about this amazing opportunity because I love sharing products that I love and … Continue reading Duckish DIY Pedicure Kit -Review

Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company – Review

  This is in Collaboration with the Canadian Beauty Bloggers The original Pearl and Daisy were two sisters who grew up in a small Nova Scotia village a hundred years ago, when soap was made by hand. That's the way we do it today, using all-natural ingredients that nourish the skin and delight the senses. -Pearl … Continue reading Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company – Review