LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL A NEW RANGE OF MAKEUP BRUSHES, DEVELOPED BY LUCIA PICA A SET OF 21 BRUSHES, COMPOSED OF 12 COMPLEXION BRUSHES, 8 EYE BRUSHES AND 1 LIP BRUSH With LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL, these indispensable makeup tools are no longer reserved for professionals. Now, all women can use them, even those … Continue reading LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL – INFO POST

Get Ready Beauty Essentials

I wanted to share with you a few things that I use when I get ready. These are some of my  beauty essentials that I can't live without. I always use my makeup brushes and can't function without them.  Here are the only ones I have for now but my collection is about to get bigger … Continue reading Get Ready Beauty Essentials