Things That Make Me Go WOO HOO! Current Favourites

Hello my friends! I’ve been enjoying a few things lately that make me scream woo hoo! I want to share these goodies with you and we can be happy together. The first thing is chocolate. I’m a huge chocolate lover and I’ve been enjoying a few bites of Lindt chocolate bar with almond. So delicious! Also partner that chocolate with a cuppa yummy tetley tea and it’s superb I tell you! I’ve been loving a new candle from Bath and Bodyworks and it’s the new Cinnamon Irish cream. It has a soft scent with Cinnamon Spiced Liqueur, Irish Cream, French Vanilla with Essential Oils. I also had to get the wallflower scent for this one. So good.

Lately I’m obsessed with watching vlogs that are in different languages. I’m enjoying the style and way these vlogs are filmed. They are really calming. Here are four that I really enjoy:






I love Netflix! I’ve been enjoying the following:




TRAPPED S1 & S2 (Icelandic Series)


AMC The Fear of the Walking Dead


Handmaid’s Tale Season 2


Mystic Pizza



PIXI sent me lovely Skincare and I’m in love! Vitamin C products that smell and feel so good. Citrus love I tell ya!


I’ve been enjoying AVON makeup. I’ve been loving their new Matte Liquid Lipsticks and their new Glimmershadows and Glimmersticks eyeliners. So pretty!

I’ve been loving my new Stranger Things Palette from Hot Topic. So pretty!

Have you seen my blog post? Check it out if you like. Stranger Things Makeup Palette and Style.

I bought a few t-shirts recently and I love them so much because I can style them with jeans and skirts. I love my Stranger Things T-shirt, my Mystic Pizza T-shirt and my Central Perk Friends T-shirt. T-shirts are so amazing. Do you have a favourite t-shirt? Let me know in the comments.

Recently I’ve been enjoying the process of making art without judgement on my self. I just let go and paint my heart out! It feel so good and satisfying. I’m so grateful to be able to paint.

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So these are a few things that I’ve been enjoying. How about you? What have you been enjoying? I would love to know.

Things that are SPOOKTACULAR!!! Blog Post coming soon!

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Thank you!


Annabelle Cosmetics Smokey Nudes Palette Review and Swatches


Hello my lovely readers. I’m here to share with you some beautiful swatches from the wonderful Smokey Nudes Palette from Annabelle Cosmetics. This palette is now available and the retail price is $12.95 . It is very affordable and beautiful. It has warm tones and cool tones perfect for Fall. I found the shadows to be smooth and soft. I also really love how well they blend. Truly pigmented!

Have a look at my Annabelle Cosmetics Fall Launch Post.annabelle cosmetics launch 2015 cover

The Smokey Nudes eyeshadow palette is a minimalistic and ultra fresh palette that fits all skin tones and is very versatile. It has warm and cold intense hues. You can create a smokey light look or a smokey dark look with ease. The formula of this palette is really wonderful. It is soft, creamy and you can build intensity.

Here are the swatches from the top row (cool tones)

Soft Black


Taupe Shimmer


Soft Pink

  Here are the Swatches from the Bottom Row. (Warm tones)

Here is

Dark Brown

Medium Brown


White Shimmer

Here is a Smokey Eye Look that I created with the cool tones from the palette. I will be uploading a Tutorial very soon with this look. 

Overall I love this palette. The pigmentation is good and the shadows are smooth and very soft. I would totally recommend this palette for Fall. Annabelle Cosmetics Smokey Nudes offers a smooth, soft and pigmented formula. If you are thinking of buying a palette this Fall, this is the palette to go for! I also want to mention that the packaging is perfect. It’s not too big or bulky.

Thank you so much for reading my post. I hope you are having a wonderful August and please like and share this post. I appreciate it!
Have a look at Annabelle Cosmetics Fall Collection !


*Disclaimer: The Product featured was provided for review purposes.