Thursday Pick-Me-Up! Matcha Latte

Happy Thursday! Today's lovely pick-me-up is so simple and I love the flavour. If you like Matcha you will love this. I warm up 1 cup of Milk (your choice of milk), I add 2 tbs of honey and whisk in 1tsp of matcha powder. I top it off with a pinch of chia seeds. … Continue reading Thursday Pick-Me-Up! Matcha Latte

Matcha Green Tea Powder | REVIEW

I can tell you now that my energy has improved! Before taking the Organic Matcha I was tired by lunch time. Seriously tired. I have two busy body kids and a house to maintain and I was so tired by lunch. Now I have full day energy! I'm seriously not kidding! I'm so happy taking … Continue reading Matcha Green Tea Powder | REVIEW