Last Chemo And Life Update

Hello my lovely friends! How has your summer been so far? I hope you are enjoying the weather and I truly hope you are all well, happy and healthy. This summer I’ve been stuck indoors because I had to be very careful not to get burned from the sun. Chemo can make you extremely sensitive … Continue reading Last Chemo And Life Update

Holiday Season, Life Update and Gift Ideas!

It's the most beautiful time of the year! Everything around this time is so magical and beautiful. I adore all the beauty of the Christmas Holidays. The stores are all decorated and look so pretty with lights. People are nicer during the Holidays don't you think? Happy thoughts and love is in the air! My … Continue reading Holiday Season, Life Update and Gift Ideas!


I miss vlogmas! I don't know if you've watched my vlogmas day 15 when I received a box filled with Garnier goodies, but just incase you haven't seen that video I've added it. Please feel free to watch my vlog and join my Vlog Channel if you like. I would love that!     I … Continue reading GARNIER SKINCARE FAVOURITES! 2017