Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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I’m sharing some lovely Mother’s Day gift Ideas with you today. Hopefully these gifts will help you out.  I love the Anew Ultimate Day cream with SPF 25. ANEW Keeps the skin looking youthful. It’s a 3 Piece gift set which includes: Anew ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25, Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum and a lovely Gift Bag. This gift set is $48.00.



Next is a beautiful box of mini lipsticks.  Lots of Kisses has an assortment of 60 Avon True Color lipstick minis and it’s for $50.00. My favourite colour is “In Bloom”,  the prettiest nude colour.


How cute are these t-shirts? My family loves them! They are $19.99-$24.99 each and Mini Boss Kids’ Tee is $14.99 each.


Available end of April 2018 through Avon Independent sales representatives or online at

I hope you find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and remember to give your mom Lot’s of Hugs and Kisses!

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Absolute Parfum by AVON



An extravagant parfum meticulously crafted with fragrance oil in their highest concentration for luxurious scent that’s truly long lasting. -AVON


I’m obsessed with this fragrance. All you need is one spritz. It is long lasting. It is so beautiful! Absolute Parfum is a floral fragrance that has sweet orange blossom and sparkling bergamot. This bottle is so sweet and square with rounded corners. I adore the design and colour. This would make a beautiful gift for anyone.

“The Everlasting essence of love”- AVON

My little girl really wanted to hold this in the picture. How precious right? I absolutely adore this fragrance and it is one of my favourites for this month for sure!



This is AVON’s first parfum perfect for Mother’s Day! Comes out as of April 2017 which is my Birthday Month! I adore April especially April 25th. Thanks to AVON for this beautiful fragrance. I absolutely adore this!

“Celebrate a life of LOVE”- AVON

30ml $35.00

Available  through Avon independent Sales Rep

 1-800-265-Avon &


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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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Demeter Fragrance Library, the creator of over 300 single note scents inspired by real objects and experiences, presents The Orchid Collection, a selection of five unique and beautiful Orchids! Since ancient times Orchids have been associated with love, luxury, and beauty.  Today, Orchids are the second most popular plant in the world.  The popularity of Orchids, and the broad fascinating range of floral scents they represent, make Orchid the perfect a perfect subject for a new Demeter collection.

-Demeter Fragrance Library


 My mother passed away 7 years ago and I miss her so much. It’s been very hard dealing with her loss. I miss her voice and her laughter. I miss the warm hugs and cuddles. I miss everything about her. I know she is with me and I pray for her everyday.

Since my mother’s passing my Mother-in-law has been there for me so much. My mother-in-law had a stroke over 15 years ago. She can’t do the things she use to. When we talk she always tells me how much she loved cooking and going shopping. She loved to put music on and dance and clean her home. She can’t do the things she use to and she feels down and discouraged at times. I want to bring her some cheer and let her know how I feel about her.


I want her to know that the power of her prayers and her words are so touching and moving. I want her to know she has helped me emotionally. She is always positive toward me and always has been from the first moment I met her. She is caring, loving, kind and funny. She brings me up when I’m feeling down. She makes me laugh and feel warm and fuzzy inside just like my own mother use to. I’m truly blessed to have a mother-in-law like Nivea Medeiros. She might not be able to walk or cook and dance around but she brings so much joy to me and to my children and to all her grandchildren. She has so much love care and kindness. She is always thinking about others and always gives strength to everyone around her. She is a true blessing in my life.

Now you are probably thinking “how does this story fit in with Demeter Fragrance Library?” I was contacted for this opportunity and I wanted to give this collection to my mother-in-law as a gift of gratitude and love.


She loves the scent of flowers and she is truly going to love this gift. I’m truly grateful for every moment I share with her and I want her to know that I really appreciate and love her very much. I can’t wait to give her this beautiful Trio! Each glass bottle is designed with a special three-sided label that captures the visual beauty and individuality of each unique flower, just as Demeter has captured the olfactory beauty and individuality of each unique flower.


Special for Mother’s Day, Demeter introduces two Limited Edition Orchid Collection sets including:

1)  A collection of three 1oz Orchid fragrances housed in a black box with a beautiful orchid design for $35.  The set features 1) Twilight Orchid 2) To Yo Ran Orchid & 3) Aphrodite’s Slipper

  2) For the mom-on-the-go, Demeter presents a 5-piece Vial Sampler Set of 5 unique and rare orchids for $10.  These vials sprays are perfect for your purse, pocket and make a perfect key chain.  You can wear them all together or simply swap them in and out!

Orchid Collection MD SET HIGH RESOrchid Collection Vial Set High Res

I can’t wait for my mother-in-law to open her gift and use these beautiful scented Orchid fragrances. She will love them and she will love displaying them as well. I adore the beautiful images on the bottles and they smell so lovely! Do you celebrate Mother’s Day? What will you be giving your mother, mother-in-law or God mother? I would love to know in the comments bellow.


The Orchid Collection Trio

 ‘To Yo Ran’

“is a light, transparent white orchid that centers on a bright, but soft, lemony note, with green undertones. This is a really great scent for daytime or layering with other fragrances. This rare Chinese Orchid is used is many complex scents for its subtle beauty, but only Demeter makes To Yo Ran the star of its own fragrance.”



The heart of this sensuous fragrance is red ginger orchid and midnight orchid, balanced by warm amber and oud wood. While the focus is on the Twilight Orchid, this complex, yet linear blend includes yuza, pink grapefruit and jasmine, making it lighter, fuller and more complete and wearable anytime. Twilight orchids, interesting enough, are usually white; but regardless of color, they are almost always sultry. -DEMETER FRAGRANCE

‘Aphrodite’s Slipper’

This is a spicy floral, variously described as cinnamon or cloves mixed with honey, or freshly mowed hay.  Exotic and irresistibly unique Aphrodite’s Slipper reveals different aspects of its character at different moments in time. Aphrodite’s Slipper is also known as Masdevallia. Most of these plants are from high altitude cloud forests and require very cool conditions and abundant moisture throughout the year. They cannot tolerate dryness, low humidity, or excessive temperatures and the plants are very easy to kill.


Thank you so much to Demeter Fragrance Library for this opportunity.

I’m truly grateful.

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Mother’s Day Great Gift Ideas

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With Mother’s Day approaching I thought about sharing some gift giving ideas for this special occasion.


My mother passed away 6 years ago. I miss her so much. Every time Mother’s Day comes around I celebrate her and remember all the beautiful things she taught me and did for me. I believe that celebrations are important part of life. We need to celebrate life to the fullest because life is short. I will be celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mother in law and I wanted to say that I’m truly blessed and grateful to have her in my life.


My mother loved flowers.  She also loved gardening. You can never go wrong with flowers and a card. My mother also enjoyed tea. I recently purchased David’s Tea set and I feel it would make a lovely gift.

This set is really lovely and they also have lovely cups too!

Here is the link to DAVIDS TEA

I recently received a lovely gift box from MIYU Beauty and I’m really in love with it. The box is amazing! The facial spray and tea is so beautiful! Here is a look at the items. The packaging is the best I have ever seen! I can’t describe how beautiful everything is! I had a cuppa tea yesterday and really enjoyed it. I was able to make four cups from one bag! The tea is not too minty but just perfect. The facial sprays are really beautiful! I’ll have a full review about this perfect box soon. I really recommend this beauty box!

This box is limited edition

A Sunday Well Spent Beauty Box

I also recommend this beautiful lamp from Lampe Berger. This is a Limited Edition Lamp and it’s So so beautiful! If you don’t know what Lampe Berger Paris is you can just have a look at my REVIEW or the History. 

   I recommend the beautiful Sentual Bouquet Scent. It’s sweet and floral.  I’ve generously received this set today from Lampe Berger Canada and I’m truly grateful!  

 For the lovely Box sets visit Lampe Berger Canada

You can also make your own beauty baskets with facial masks and nail polish!

Here I have the amazing Montagne Jeunesse beauty masks that I generously received from Farleyco.  Really lovely face masks!  and you can also add amazing Essie Nail Polish!

Also I recently reviewed the amazing Odylique Beauty set and this would be amazing for Mother’s Day! All products from Odylique are so beautiful and Organic!

or how about a beautiful box of Macarons!

I received this box from my hubby on my Birthday and these didn’t last!

I finished these in two day! LOL

This box is from  the amazing  Nadege Patisserie in Toronto.

What are some of your Mother’s Day gift giving suggestions?

I would love to hear all about it!

I wish you all a beautiful Mother’s Day! May it be filled with beautiful and special moments. May you capture the special times in your heart and keep them in your memory for ever! I make sure I always remember the special times spent with my mother and I miss her dearly. Thank you for reading my post, I appreciate it very much and I wish you all a Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day! Did I just rhyme?



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* All Opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.