Nair Wax Ready Strips – REVIEW

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This is a collaboration with the Canadian Beauty Bloggers.


4988I’m here to share my experience with Nair hair Remover ready Wax Trips. I’ve never tried Nair wax trips before. These are made with 100% Natural sourced ingredients and made with Rice Bran oil.

-No warming or rubbing required

-Waxing made easy

-Dermatologically tested

“The only truly ready-to-use wax strips” -Nair

In the package there’s forty wax strips and 4 wipes. The oil formula in the wipes is really nice. You use the wipes after you wax to soothe the skin.  The instructions are easy to use and the strips are easy to peel and apply.

Everybody is so different when it comes to hair growth and some people have thicker hair some people have thinner hair. Some people have coarse and some people have sparse hair. That being said I feel that I have a lot of hair but that’s not what my aesthetician tells me. She said I actually have less then others. So we are all different and It’s okay to have hair. You can read my hair removal journey in my first article  Summer Ready with Easy Waxing Kits.

I’ve been waxing for many years so the application and use is super easy to me.  I feel that this kit is really great but for me it would take more then one package to do everything and it is time consuming. The kit works great though. I really like how simple and easy it is to use.


If you have never waxed before I would recommend going to a professional first. Then when you get a few hairs growing back I would use the strips. These would also be great to take on vacation and to have when you don’t have time to go to an aesthetician.


 I usually  get professionally waxed and when some hairs come back I use the Nair Wax strips for this reason. I will definitely buy these strips to have as a back up for minor hair growth. They are easy to use and simple. They really work.

Thank you to the Canadian Beauty Bloggers and to Nair for this lovely opportunity.


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