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“And you, what would you do for love?”

The new Miss Dior film is an absolute declaration of love portrayed

by the mesmerizing Natalie Portman.

«Her» Miss Dior is a whirlpool of emotions, a compendium of feelings.

The gifted actress merges body and soul with the Dior icon.

For her, loving means «proving,» and «experiencing.»

Miss Dior is love, every which way.




The answer comes very, very, quickly.

The Sublime Natalie Portman feels every emotion, whispering and blushing, leaping and running till she’s out of breath, driving quickly, and plunging into the blue water without hesitating. After all, being in love is all about taking the plunge isn’t it? The new Miss Dior goes to extremes and scales heights. More sensual than ever, she challenges him. absolutely determined. She is devoured by passion, which, she claims, is her reason for living. Madly in love, she cajoles and provokes. She does everything, and would do much more. The new Miss Dior film is an absolute declaration of love portrayed by the mesmerizing Natalie Portman. “Her” Miss Dior is a whirlpool of emotions, a compendium of feelings. The gifted, actress merges body and soul with the Dior icon. For her, loving means “proving” and “experiencing.” Miss Dior is love, every which way.

The Miss Dior Film is directed by Emmanuel Cossu, a French Touch Director known for his music videos (at the time of the French duo Fluer & Manu) for the best electro artist including Tricky, Gesaffelstein, Sebastien Tellier, etc. Today, Man has won renown for his clips for Drake and ASAP Rocky. This is his first collaboration with the House of Dior.


Miss Dior EDP 30ml $90.00

Miss Dior EDP 50ml $119.00

Miss Dior EDP 100ml $165.00

Miss Dior EDP 150ml $198.00

msrp Available September 2017 – Dior counters nationwide and respective retailer .com sites in Canada

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“and you, what would you do for love?” #DIORLOVECHAIN INFO POST

For the very first time, the House of Dior is launching a viral Charity initiative with its “Love Chain” that calls on each and everyone of us to answer this crucial question:

“And you, what would you do for love?”

Stars and General Public Open the dior love chain. From August 27th onwards you will also be able to discover who has already answered the “Dior Love Chain” question. A viral film will reveal the answers of Dior brand ambassadors, iconic stars, influencers, and top models, as well as anonymous members of the public and promising young artists. Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Camille Rowe, Eva Herzigova, Bella Hadid, Johnny Depp, and Robert Pattinson- all the Dior brand ambassadors are present to talk about love!

Alongside them, Carine Roitfeld, Chiara Ferragni and prima ballerina Hannah O’Neill as well as Carina Lau, Angelababy and Huang Xuan are moving, astonishing and funny, sharing things up. Many Others are also present- parents reunited with their children, artists, dancers, and graphic designers- sincerely and generously embodying their vision of love.

They all joined the movement and agreed to launch this original viral chain. The Dior Love Chain started with them.

Now it’s your turn to ask your self this crucial question:

“And YOU, what would you do for love?”

*Answer alone, or in a group; express your self by talking or singing, dancing or drawing in an artistic or humorous tone-it’s up to you. Then post your answer accompanied by #DIORLOVECHAIN

N.B.: From 2018, a selection of the best Dior Love Chain Posts will form a travelling exhibition that will open in Shanghai. In Addition, a selection of the most outstanding posts will be available to read online at Dior.com Starting in September 2017.


This chain is also exemplary owing to its charity involvement. Following the initiative of Natalie Portman and the House of Dior, for every Dior Love Chain Post, 1 dollar will be donated to WE CHARITY. The Charity division of the WE MOVEMENT ( formerly Free The Children). This Canadian organization is a global network which support education, health care, and clean water initiatives in developing countries with the aim to help break the cycle of poverty and child exploitation.

Now present in numerous communities in 9 countries across Latin America, Africa, and Asia, WeCharity Currently supports 200,00 children in education programs, has provided 30,000 women with the tools to become financially independent, and provided access to clean drinking water and medical care to almost a million people.  Today, the Dior Love Chain and Natalie Portman are committing to a WE schools initiative in Kenya, which aims to provide education for young girls.

In a new digital campaign in support of the global launch of the Miss Dior Eau de Parfum, Natalie Portman, joined by Dior faces Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence,
Charlize Theron and Bella Hadid, asks the provocative question,
“and you, what would you do for love?”

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“Making a fragrance that smells like love is a renewed challenge”, explained house Perfumer-Creator, François Demachy. “The composition has to be exciting and stirring somewhat wild and yet accessible.” To put a fresh, modern spin on the iconic Miss Dior that debuted in 1947 without erasing its beloved signatures, Demachy softened the levels of Jasmine and Patchouli and emphasized the Rose at the heart – “to make it sensual and suggestive.” He also eliminated any “dark, earthy notes” and replaced them with “lively and exuberant” Pink Peppercorn and Bergamot. “It had to burst forth like love at first sight,” He added. “ A celebration of love to love!”

The fragrance is more modern than ever with the recognizable signature of Miss Dior. Femininity is expressed with the beauty of roses beginning with a spontaneous citrus burst of Calabrian Bergamot, a warm heart of sensual Grass Rose Absolute and a base of Guyana Rosewood perfectly grounding the fragrance.


Calabrian Bergamot Essence.

Grasse Rose Absolute /Damascena Rose

French Guiana Rosewood / Pink Peppercorn

A new campaign featuring Natalie Portman will debut in September with launch of the fragrance.

She poses the question, “ And you. What would you do for love?”

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum 30ml $90.00 msrp (shoppers drug mart & sephora only)

50ml $119.00 msrp

100ml $165.00 msrp

150ml $198.00 msrp

Availability: September 2017 – Dior counters nationwide, and retailer respective .com sites

I look forward to creating ART/POSTS AND VIDEO for the #DIORLOVECHAIN COMING SOON 😉

I’m very excited

“and you. What would you do for love?”


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And you, What would you do for love? NEW! Miss Dior Eau de Parfum Launch #missdiorforlove #diorforlove

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On Monday May 15th 2017, the House of Dior hosted a grand dinner at the Château de La Colle Noire to launch the new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum in the presence of Natalie Portman, the face of the fragrance. 


Some 150 guests celebrated the launch of the new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum created by Francois Demachy Dior’s Master Perfumer, in the exceptional presence of Natalie Portman, the face of the fragrance. The radiant star, who flew in especially for the occasion, embodies the charm of this elegant, floral scent that sees a duo of damascena Rose and Grasse May Rose shine.


Yimi Ming
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