Hello November!

Autumn is Here! Autumn is Here! Orange, yellow, red and brown leaves To the ground they twirl and fall Autumn is here! Can you see all the colours? Can you smell Autumn in the air? Crisp cool mornings upon us Foggy, rainy morning walks to school Frost on the grass makes it look like snow … Continue reading Hello November!

Paint Party Friday! Leaves And Nature

Linking up with Paint Party Friday! Check out all the lovely artists! PAINT PARTY FRIDAY Happy Friday! Hope you all had a lovely week. I’ve been stressing a little this week. My father will be staying with me permanently and I’m going to be taking care of him. It’s a bit stressful because I have … Continue reading Paint Party Friday! Leaves And Nature

“Artemis of the Wildland” Meet Julia Starr!

Artemis... "she often was depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrows." -The Oxford Classical Dictionary Julia Starr can be depicted as today's modern Artemis with a Camera.  I'm very excited to introduce you to a very special and inspirational woman. Almost 9 years ago, I met the beautiful and talented Julia Starr  on Deviant art ( … Continue reading “Artemis of the Wildland” Meet Julia Starr!