Happy New Year! I’m very excited for 2017, are you? Annabelle Cosmetics launches new eye makeup! “A little Bit of Eyeshadow A Lotta Bit of Confidence!” Sounds wonderful to me! I’m beyond excited to show you the widest variety of eyeshadow finishes.


“Put the focus on your eyes and dress them up at all times and in all circumstances. For a natural or a more sophisticated look!” -Annabelle Cosmetics

Available January 6th, 2017



Chrome Eyeshadow with Intense Finish

$8.95 each

One-of-a-kind finish!

A revolutionary effect. Available in five shades.

-Rose Gold, Mercury, Silver, Germanium, Gold.


Eye & Brow Palette


Two eyebrow powders

Two highlight Powder

Six Powder eyeshadows from matte to metallic

One double -ended applicator.


Full Blast Mascara


The brush separates, coats and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection!

Thickens & Defines

Easy to use.


Skinny Palette


Five-colour eyeshadow palettes in an ultra skinny pack.

Available in 6 palettes for various colour harmonies.

This one is the Taupe Neutrals Basics.


Matte Eyeshadow (Velvety Finish)


Available in ten shades:

Pink Lemonade, Ebony, Sand, Snowflakes, Fossil, Cocoa, Taupe, Storm, Salmon, Ivory.


 Satin Eyeshadow (Luminous Finish)


Available in nine shades

Mulberry, Burgundy, Brown Frost, Foggy Grey, Cloud, Olive, Suedine, Gleam, Aura.

Metallic Eyeshadow (High Shine Finish)


Available in five shades

Goddess, blue star, over the taupe, new gold, turquoise

Eyeshadow Base


Intensifies Colour, Maximizes hold, Universal Shade


Skinny Gel Eyeliner


Gel Eyeliner with 1.9 mm micro tip that glides on effortlessly.

Long Lasting and waterproof up to 12 hours.

Available in four shades:

Black Onyx, Navy Blue, Umber Brown, Taupissime


Brow Show Shaping Gel


Defines and fixes brows in one easy step.

Natural and uniform hold. Two universal shades: Light/Medium and Medium/Dark



I’ve created a makeup look with the following products:

Brow Show ( Truly amazing eyebrow shaping gel. I absolutely love it! I love how easy it is to use and it applies very nicely. I also love how natural it looks. The colour is perfect for my eyebrow colour. I have the colour Light/Medium)

Eyeshadow Base ( A truly amazing base that really intensifies colour and maximizes hold. Soft and creamy consistency and I adore this!)

Matte Eyeshadow ( I applied this on top of the Eyeshadow base all the way up my eyebrow. The colour that I have is PINK LEMONADE. It’s a wonderful Matte eye shadow and I love using this on top of the eyeshadow base.

Eye & Brow Palette ( amazing eyebrow powders and perfect highlight powder. Incredible eyeshadows that are very pigmented and last all day.)

The Skinny Palette ( This comes in 6 various palettes with various colour harmonies. I used the Taupe Neutrals. I absolutely adore this and it is amazing pigmentation. Lasts all day and I love how compact it is.


I also used the Chrome Eyeshadow in the colour Rose Gold and it has a creamy consistency. I’m absolutely in love with this and I’m going to purchase them all and backups too. It is soft, creamy and beautiful. I highly recommend you try these.

Skinny Gel Eyeliner (I used this all around my waterline for definition. I have the colour Black Onyx. This is very long lasting and waterproof. I love how soft and creamy this is and it applies smoothly and nicely. Just letting you know this does not twist back down so don’t over twist the tip.)

Full Blast Mascara ( Incredible mascara that grabs all the lashes and makes them longer and fuller. I’m absolutely loving this mascara and can’t get enough of it. The brush and bristles are really incredible. They really grab all the eyelashes and ones that I never knew I had! I highly recommend this mascara. Loving it!


On my lips I’m wearing BigShow Lacquer in the colour LOVE FIERCELY and on top I dabbed the Chrome Eyeshadow in the Rose Gold! I’m SO LOVING IT!

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Thank you so much to Annabelle Cosmetics for all these beautiful eye products!

I absolutely adore them!

Thank you from my heart.

*PR Samples. Not an AD. Not Sponsored.

You can find Annabelle Cosmetics at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and on their website.



Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow Palette & High Precision Lip Pencils -INFO


Draw the perfect pout and enhance lips naturally using MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new HIGH PRECISION LIP PENCIL.


This beautiful collection of pencils come in 12 shades divided into three natural tone categories – nude, pink and red – all curated by professional makeup artists as the best natural shades to define and enhance lips with extraordinary precision. The HIGH PRECISION LIP PENCIL ensures:

  • Optimal color results: A combination of oils with super-emollient properties boosts and enhances color on application and all day
  • Nourishing feel: Olive oil and glycerin complex help keep the lips nourished
  • Long-lasting results: Candelilla and Carnauba wax blend help set the colors on the lips for all-day

    Application Tips:

    For volume:

    1. Trace the center of the Cupid’s bow and the center of the lower lip with the HIGH

      PRECISION LIP PENCIL in desired shade to create perfect symmetry.

    2. Use the same shade and trace the corners of the mouth. Then, in one motion, connect corners with the Cupid’s bow and then with the center of the lower lip. This technique will help add volume and create a plumping effect.

      For natural lip enhancement:
      1. Apply the HIGH PRECISION LIP PENCIL along the lip contour, then blend to the inside of lips with a lip brush (like MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Artisan Brush in 302).

      2. Use the same lip brush to fill in lips,then cover with lipstick.



      $22.00, available NOW at Sephora stores across Canada and



      Sculpt and groom brows to perfection with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s PRO SCULPTING BROW PALETTE. This 4-in-1 palette allows you to groom, define, shape and intensify brows with absolute precision and to create the most enviable, flawless brows.

      Available in two shade options suitable for all brow shades, the PRO SCULPTING BROW PALETTE features:

      • Three Intensifying Matte Shades: Innovative powder formulas that can be used wet or dry to create a full range of brow looks, from a soft brow fill in to a bold, statement brow
      • One Highlighter: A universal cream-to-powder matte highlighter for brow shape definition
      • One Invisible Brow Wax: A universal sculpting wax to subtly shape brows and groom brow hair
      • One Double-Ended Applicator: Dual-end brow brush and spoolie for smooth application

        How to Use:

      1. Groom and shape brow hair with the invisible wax using fingers or the angled brush. Follow the natural shape of your brow to smooth hairs into place.
      2. Comb brows with the spoolie to define the desired shape.
      3. Apply desired shade of eyebrow powder with the angled brush.
      4. If desired,apply the high light to the brow bone to define brow arch and shape.



        $52.00, available NOW on and Sephora stores across Canada


Les Soins de Jacynthe Makeup Launch 2016



The news is very exciting for the lovely and talented Canadian actress Jacynthe Rene who is known for her amazing roles in “The Adventures of Pluto Nash”, “Memories Unlocked” and “Snake Eyes”. Not only is she a brilliant actress but she is a great entrepreneur as she has created her wonderful all natural line of skincare and just recently launched her new makeup line!


Jacynthe Rene has her own online magazine ( and has published three books in the last four years. She’s been featured in Women’s Health, Clin D’oeil and LaPresse and other articles. Les Soins de Jacynthe were crafted for over 30 years ago by Luc Lariee, an aromatherapist who works with rare and therapeutic grade oils from around the globe. Today nearly 34,000 people in Quebec turn to Jacynthe and her team of experts for advice on health, cleansing, diets and natural beauty. Last year, Les Soins de Jacynthe joined PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program as one of their cruelty-free companies.


I’m truly excited to share with you a few pieces from the new makeup line and also share with you my review for one of their natural deodorants. Les Soins de Jacynthe contains no chemicals, no petroleum, by products, no artificial fragrances or preservatives. They only use 100% natural and proven effective ingredients. They are primarily composed of precious plant oils that contain essential fatty acids, dozens of carotenoids, natural Vitamin E, and therapeutic grade essential oils that are chosen for their intoxicating fragrances and potent anti-wrinkle properties.

I reviewed Les Soins de Jacynthe Skincare last year and was contacted to review their new makeup line and I jumped up in excitement! The moment I looked at the makeup I knew right away what I wanted to try. First I would like to say thank you to them for this opportunity because I’m madly in love with their products and I adore everything from their collection.  If you would like to read my review for the skincare line that would be wonderful. Check it out here: Les Soins de Jacynthe |Review

So I chose to try the beautiful eyeshadow in the colour 10 bonbon. They sell the little container/box  that the eyeshadow sits in separately.  The colour is beautiful and I describe it as a taupe with a very light pink/mauve tone.  It is so beautiful I want to bathe my eyelids with it. 737769

I love the packaging and really love the formula. It is soft, smooth silky and applies perfectly. I really adore the colour and I’m very pleased with it. It is long lasting on the eyelids and blends really beautifully.

Next tried the blush in the colour 01 Romeo. This blush is perfect! The pigmentation is wonderful, love the warmth of this colour and I feel it is perfect for fall and would look amazing on all skin tones. I really love this blush and it just gives the face a beautiful warm healthy glow. 526567

The last makeup product that I chose is the most beautiful lipstick. The colour caught my eye right away. When I saw the name of the lipstick, I just had to have it. I’m a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars and the town that the characters live in is Rosewood. So I had to have the lipstick. Plus I actually love anything with the colour rosewood. The lipstick feels so beautiful on the lips, it glides on smoothly and it feels really soft. I love the scent. It is lightly scented of goji berries and the scent doesn’t linger. It feels so natural on the lips. It is long lasting and the colour is a gorgeous red/orange/brown. A beautiful Autumnal earthy colour. It just speaks to me and makes me think of Canadian fall weather. The lipstick makes my lips shine and is very hydrating. The formula is very lightweight and soothing.


Candelilla wax provides a smooth application without drying out the lips. Abyssinie of oil allows the enhancement of color and long lasting. The natural scent of goji is delicious and sweet. 93 to 100% natural (only red pigment is the synthetic moment).


The packaging is so beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like this before. The lipstick has two earthy elements to the design and I feel it is so appropriate with the companies message. The lid is made of wood and the bottom part metal. It feels light not heavy at all. I really appreciate how the packaging for Les Soins de Jacynthe is recyclable. Very impressive!


The last item that I received to try and I’ve been using it everyday is the Deo geranium.  I’m going to be very honest here and say that since my teenage years,  I never ever changed deodorant until now. I have tossed my old deodorants out because I am totally and madly in love with the Deo Geranium. I’m so happy with this deodorant! It is wonderful and it works amazing. It is a spray bottle and the pump sprays out the formula nicely and evenly. The scent helps mask the underarm odour but at the same time it still lets my body breathe. It smells wonderful and feels really good. I also feel amazing that I’m not applying aluminum on my body anymore. I am informing you now that this is definitely in my September favourites. Truly the best natural deodorant that I’ve come across by far.

Designed with essential oils that directly address the bacteria responsible for bad smells! extremely powerful and effective, it can be used by most sporting of us! Very nice and discreet perfume. Unlike many deodorants on the market, it does not clog skin pores. Alcohol-based products (which provides a dry effect to the application) and contains glycerin to soften skin. -JMagazine


Overall I’m very happy and pleased with all the products by Les Soins de Jacynthe. They truly care for everyones well being and use ingredients that are good for the skin and body. They use packaging that is safe for the environment and they are also cruelty free. I adore the new makeup. The colours are beautiful and the formula perfection. I love the packaging and the deodorant is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend the products.  I’m truly impressed and I highly recommend buying your skincare and makeup from Maison Jacynthe.

Here is a look I created with the lovely makeup. I used the eyeshadow, blush and lipstick.

*Thank you so much to JMagazine and to Jacynthe Rene for the lovely samples. I’m truly happy and so blown away by everything. Very honoured and truly grateful. All PR samples. Not an AD. Not Sponsored. My opinions are always honest and true.


Sleek MakeUP Unboxing!

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Hello my lovely readers! I’m so very excited to bring you the new Sleek MakeUP Unboxing this month. Everything is glamorous and fabulous!

Starting with the beautiful and stunning Sleek MakeUP i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette 089 “The Gold Standard” The packaging is beautiful and matte. It is plastic and feels smooth and sturdy. It is black with gold trim.

There are 6 eyeshadows inside this beautiful palette and two are cream.  The third eyeshadow (Margiela) and fifth eyeshadow (Louis) are both cream. I though that Vera was a cream too but its only because the formula is so soft! I have swatched these beauties and they are all beautiful, soft and blend really well. They are pigmented and I can’t wait to share the swatches with you. Following this post I will have swatches for you so you can have a better look at the pigmentation and formula.  Here is the beautiful Sleek MakeUP i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette 089 “The Gold Standard” from the front. The names are so lovely and they look so beautiful! 

Here is the majestic and elegant Highlighting Palette called SOLSTICE. 
This highlighting palette is so stunning! The packaging is very sturdy, it is plastic and covered in GOLD. It is light weight not heavy at all. Inside there are three powder highlights and one cream. On the back of the box the description offers instructions on where to use each highlight. The names are: top left Ecliptic then is Hemisphere. Bottom left is Subsolar and next is Equinox. Ecliptic is used for highlighting under the eyebrow, Hemisphere is for the cheekbones, Subsolar is for the bridge of the nose and Equinox is for the cupids bow. This palette is truly breathtaking!   This palette will give you radiance and glow! You can use your fingertips to apply at the inner corners of the eyes, across the brow bone and along the tops of cheekbones. Use an eyeshadow brush for precision and increased intensity. Use a powder brush to apply to shoulders, down the centre of the arms and across the décolletage for added radiance.



Storage info

Store in a cool dry place

Not tested on animals

Solstice can be used on the cheekbones, cupids bow, inner corners of the eyes, bridge of the nose and can be swept across the décolletage to create a lit-from-within glow.


This is Barekissed Illuminator in Casablanca


This will give a glow to the face. This collection of versatile liquid illuminators comes in four sunkissed shades. This will refresh and enhance your complexion with gorgeous light-reflecting pigments, perfect for all skin types and tonesCan be mixed with foundation or applied directly to cheekbones, brow bones and the body.



Storage info

Store in a cool dry place

Not tested on animals

These liquid illuminators impart a beautiful glow to create perfect, red-carpet ready, radiant skin.


This is the CANDY TINT LIP BALM in the colour MARSHMALLOW! What a cute name right? I love the way this smells and it looks really creamy, smooth and hydrating. This candy tint lip balm will give you soft lips and irresistible candy colour. The formula has natural oils and extract to nourish and hydrate lips. Oils include: Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E provide lasting hydration and softness, Vitamin A and C help keep lips smooth and protect them from free radical damage, whilst SPF 15 protects against UVA/UVB rays.


Weight 4.5g/0.15floz

Storage info

Store in a cool dry place

Not tested on animals

This luxuriously creamy formula melts onto the lips and offers a natural, glossy finish. With its addictive sweet fragrance and gorgeous sheer finish, Candy Tint Balm is perfect for creating a supple soft pout.

Here is the lipgloss Glitter Me. This is the Intense Sparkling Gloss in the colour Uptown Girl.  This is a beautiful lipgloss that is so glossy, sparkly and glittery. I love the colour and sparkles so much! The light reflects so beautifully on this lipgloss. I will have swatches available following this post.

 Thank you so much to Sleek MakeUP for having me in their blogger program. I feel so happy and excited because I get to bring you new and exciting SLEEK MAKEUP products that I love. It truly makes me happy. I really enjoy sharing the news with you on all the new products. This brings me such joy and I hope you  enjoy reading my posts as well. I’ll be posting swatches right after this post!

 Thank you so much to Sleek MakeUP!

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H&M Makeup Look – Review

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Hello my lovely readers! I am so excited to bring you a makeup look and review for H&M Beauty Products. I’m truly excited and happy to say that my experience with the products have been fabulous!!!

To read more have a look at my LAUNCH post and UNBOXING post.

Now lets get started with the look!image004
Products for this look include:

Non H&M products used

Smash Box Primer

Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector 43

Cover Girl Sensitive Skin in Classic Ivory

NYC Concealer

Essence Eyeshadow Base

Essence Mascara Lash Princess


H&M Smokey Nudes Eyeshadow Palette


The H&M Smokey Nudes eyeshadow palette is truly beautiful. I’m very impressed.  The formula is very soft and easy to blend. The eyeshadows should be used gently because it does crumble a little but if you are gentle with it it’s so so beautiful! I’m truly amazed at the formula and pigmentation. I really love it! The cover is plastic and very light weight. I’m truly in love with this palette. The only shadow that is not for me is the middle one. It has a little too much glitter for my liking but if you like glitter you will love it!


H&M Lipstick in CANDY APPLE

This lipstick is so creamy and glides on like silk. I’m very impressed by the quality of this lipstick. The colour is bold, bright and perfect in every way. If you want a statement lip this one is for you! I’m absolutely in love with this lipstick. It is the perfect red! The formula is long lasting and beautiful. Very hydrating on the lips. I’m obsessed with this lipstick and love it so much.


H&M True Matte Finishing Powder in Warm Beige 


This powder is very soft, smooth and Silky. It feels very lovely on the skin. The packaging is lightweight and very pretty. I really love this setting powder and I feel that this is my newest favourite finishing powder!

  H&M Nail Polish in the colour DECEMBER DAWN

I love the formula of this nail polish. It doesn’t chip as much as some other nail polishes that I have. I love the colour of this. It looks like a pearl white but it is more of a pearl pink with very light fine glitter that gives off a beautiful shine and gloss.  It reminds me of the inner part of a sea shell that has some pink, shine and gloss. A very beautiful nail polish and I will have to buy some more for sure!



H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher- APRICOT



This is my newest favourite blush. It is the perfect apricot colour and it is so warm and soft. The formula is amazing and not over pigmented so you don’t have to be afraid when you first dab it on your cheeks. It is truly radiant and makes my face have a natural glow. Truly beautiful.

I’m truly impressed by all the new makeup from H&M. I really adore all the pieces and feel that they are truly beautiful and affordable. I give them a huge thumbs up for the formula, pigmentation, style and creative packaging. I love everything about each piece and highly recommend you give them a try!

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P.S Live life to the Fullest!


*Thank you to H&M for the samples. I truly appreciate it. This is NOT a sponsored post. *PR Samples*