Dear May…

You are beautiful in every way. Your skies are sometimes blue and sometimes grey. The trees are full with beautiful blossoms. My vase is full of gorgeous flowers and I close my eyes and take a deep breath to inhale the wonderful fragrance. You keep my heart filled with joy and gratitude.

Everything has turned green and blossoms are out. They smell so lovely. I’ve been keeping busy taking photos and the prints are now available in the print shop.

I’ve also added some original art pieces on ETSY.

I’m doing what I love and enjoying the process. I’m trying not to think too much or even control things around me. I’m just letting go of all expectations and trying to live in the moment. Just going more with the flow. I’m getting better from this horrible cold that I’ve had for over two weeks. I can finally breathe and I’m coughing less which is good.

My top is from H&M if anyone is interested. I fell in love with the yellow flower print. So beautiful! *Not sponsored! here is the link H&M

On May 24th hubby and I celebrated our 16 years of marriage. It has been an amazing journey and I really look forward to spending many more years together. We had a beautiful dinner with the family and I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

This last week even though my cold was hanging tough I still managed to make yummy chocolate chip banana muffins, bake bread and do all the laundry. If that’s not a supermom I don’t know what is! I even had my little one help me with the baking! WOWZA! ūüėÄ

The bread turned out so good I made two more. Thanks to my sister in law Lori for the yummy recipe.

Even though this month my my father went back to Greece and I got sick I still am so grateful for everything that happen in May. I am grateful for everyone in my life. I’m grateful for each moment. I truly hope that Gratitude plays a huge part in your life as well. Everyday is a gift from God and a blessing.

I can’t help but think about June and I’m really excited. Be sure to follow my summer journey on the Channel and Instagram.

Much love and bless you all.

Love and Peace


Goodbye October!

I can’t believe that October has come and gone. It was truly wonderful. Thanksgiving was lovely. Spending time with family was really special and dressing up for Halloween was super fun. You can have a look at all my VLOGTOBER videos if you like. It was so much fun filming everyday. I loved it so much. I thank you for all your support and love that you’ve showed me. It means so much to me.

october 1.jpg

I can’t believe I did so much in October. Sometimes I don’t realize it until I look at all my pictures. I feel tired. I gave October my full energy. Now that October is over I feel a little down. I’m trying hard to stay positive. I know the winter will be beautiful and very special too. I just have to remember to take good care of my self and toss all the Halloween candy out. More green tea please!

october 2.jpg

I usually plan a lot of blog posts at this point and think about what my next project will be but as Winnie The Pooh says “Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something”. That is my motto for now.

I hope you all had a lovely October and I wish you the very best in November. May you have a beautiful month! Thank you all for your lovely comments and support.

Thank you visiting pink


Happy News! Featured in a Magazine!

banner fall blog

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all well my friends. I have some amazing and exciting news!¬†I’ve been featured in BUZZ MAGAZINE 2017 Fall Edition!

I am so EXCITED!


Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 12.42.22 PM.png

I’m super excited and very honoured to be in a magazine that celebrates people with a ¬†#BODYPOSITIVE mindset. ¬†I’m genuinely overjoyed and very grateful.


Thank you so much to the lovely Emily Mitton who approached me for this lovely feature. I’m truly grateful and¬†very excited. I think that Emily Mitton is a BRILLIANT Graphic designer by the way. Check out her work on her website.

Thank you so much Emily and to Buzz Magazine for including me amongst all the lovely inspirational and beautiful people. You are all Truly beautiful inside and out!


Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.29.45 PM

end banner fall

Happy February 1st! Happy Vibes!


Hello and happy February 1st! I’m super excited and filled with positive and good energy! Are you ready for a special and most incredible month? ¬†I’ve been loving the feeling that has come inside my heart lately. I can’t describe it. Okay I will try. I feel this calmness and fulfillment. This happiness and warmth inside me. I love it and I’m holding on to it. I’m truly grateful for everything in my life. I’m so happy and grateful for my family, my home, the food on our table. I’m just very grateful for everything. I’m truly happy and even though my dishwasher caught on fire this past weekend, I’m still so happy that I was there to stop it from getting bigger. I don’t care that I don’t have a dishwasher to be honest. I’m grateful for everything that surrounds¬†me and mostly the people. People and experience.


Like going skating with my lovely daughters and walking in the cool winter weather. It’s the little moments that truly matter. Like watching my girls draw, paint and play. Or reading books to them and also taking the time to read my own books and have a cuppa coffee. This is how I feel. The special “Hygge” moments…I want more “Hygge” in my life.


Thank you also to all of you for your heartfelt comments and chats. They mean the world to me. You keep me going and I thank you.

I wanted to write a blog post that starts off the month in a positive and loving way because¬†I feel so good. Like you know when you have a feeling that something good is going to happen? Yes! That is how I feel continuously. I’m so happy and I want to share my positive energy with you.


I would like to thank you all for leaving such wonderful comments on ¬†my video for the #FMBeautyClass. I already feel like a winner from all your beautiful, kind hearted comments. Your special comments and support have lifted me up that I feel like I’m flowing and floating in a field of warm positive energy with flowers and love. So thank you from my heart for commenting and giving this video a thumbs up. I also would like to say thank you to all of you who have subscribed to my channel. I’m close to 1k and thank you from my heart for supporting me so much. Every one of you. Thank you! I’m truly happy whether I win or not. I’m just so happy with all the love and support you have all given me.

I’m a little behind on making videos and blogging but this month I’m working very hard to bring you as much as I can. I have a newsletter to write and also I’m making a few videos including trying on various brands of makeup like Marcelle, Annabelle Cosmetics, Dior and Chanel. I also have a few REVIEW videos to make like Lancome Juicy Shakers, Bite Beauty Lip Pencils, Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets and more¬†written reviews with products from Avon, Chanel and Bite Beauty.

I’ve missed a month or two of Monthly favourites so I’m working on a big video with all my current favourite products. The majority of the products are PR samples but I’m here to tell you and reassure you that I love to feature and talk about products I truly love. I’ve also created a SHOP if you like to have a look. It only has a few products but I’ll be adding more to this very soon.


As my beauty channel reaches close to 1k, I would like to know what kind of giveaway would interest you? Would you like a gift card or various makeup products? I’m going to try to connect with a few brands so that I can maybe have a big mega giveaway on my channel and I’ll be using Rafflecopter.

Have a happy and wonderful month my friends!

You can always contact me via twitter @bestdayblogger

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Birthday. Love .Gratitude

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It’s my 40th Birthday today! Woo hoo!


I would like to say thank you to God for everything he has¬†given me. Life is a gift and I’m grateful to my mother for bringing me in to this world. I’m truly blessed and grateful for everything and for everyone who is in my life. Thank you all for your wonderful support with my blog and with your positive words and encouragement. I’m truly grateful.

Lovely gifts 

Truly grateful for the lovely gifts I received. ¬†I’m sharing these with you not to show off or anything like that. Just wanted to share with you what I kindly received.

Here I have a lovely gift from my husband. He bought me a jean jacket from Forever 21 and some amazing aviator sunglasses. He also bought me beautiful flowers and a Michael Kors purse also a HARVARD Sweater. So happy and very grateful!


Last week the weather was so nice I went shopping at Scarborough Town Centre. I bought two lovely camisoles and a pretty handbag from Forever21. I also bought two quarter length sleeve cotton tops from ZARA and two perfumes. 


I also had my hair highlighted at the salon.


So today is my 40th birthday and I don’t know if you remember the post and video that I made about ’40 things to do before 40′? Well I wasn’t¬†able to complete all the¬†things on my list but I have half of them completed. Would you like me to update the¬†post with the things that I ¬†completed? Let me know. I also want to get back in to my vlogs. I’ve neglected my vlog channel and I really want to work on it more. What are your thoughts?

On Friday I went out with my good friends Leanne and Chris downtown Toronto and I’m really glad I did because I miss them so much and I had so much fun with them. Being a full time mommy I haven’t been able to go out and enjoy my self and It was so nice and really amazing to get out of my routine¬†and catch up on good old times. I have a vlog from our outing coming very soon. We went to the Korean Grill House on Queen Street and it was really great! I’ve never been to a restaurant where you cook your own food so it was a really nice experience. After the restaurant we got some amazing dessert.


Here is a picture of my friend Chris, Leanne and I having fun at the restaurant. img_3407

After dinner we walked toward Spadina to grab some dessert and we spotted this amazing tribute. 3925

KeKou Gelato is  really delicious gelato. So refreshing and I love the flavours! I got Green Tea Whiskey and Mango. I miss it already!  

Here I am with my best friend Leanne. I adore her and she is a sweetheart! I’ve known Leanne for over 20 years and our friendship is truly very special to me.

Love you Leanne! ūüôā

I’m truly grateful for all the people in my life including all of you who read my blog and leave me wonderful comments and support me. It means so much to me. Thank you so much! I also want to thank all the people whom follow me on other platforms of social media. It truly means a lot and thank you from my heart!

Thank you to my wonderful friends and family who came over, had cake with me, who left me messages on Facebook, Twitter and IG and on the phone. I love you all!

Thank you all for all your Birthday wishes and love!

I’m truly grateful, very blessed and very happy!

Vlog coming soon!

thank you for visiting blog bottom