Best Day Your Home With Five Easy Steps! HOME STYLE

I’m very happy to share with you five ways to Style your home and give it a little something extra special. My main tip is to keep things simple and get rid of items you don’t need. I feel so much better after I get rid of things that I don’t need or use. It’s very cleansing to de-clutter.

  1. Art

I make my own artwork and display it in my home. I love original pieces and art  brings so much colour, vibrancy and life to an area of the home. It’s always great to support local artists as well. If you like have a look at my ETSY Art store. I sell all Original Paintings. MetamorphosisByMaria


2. Simplicity, placement and plants!

I like balance when placing or arranging items in my home. First declutter and toss what is not needed. Add plants because they bring life to the room. You can also get fake plants if you are terrible with keeping them alive. I also like using symmetry and balance with positioning/staging.


3. Light and Shapes.

I love adding light and shapes to decor. It can bring focus to areas and give the room a lovely ambiance. I love to add various shapes to a room by using round pillows instead of squares or it can be sculpture shapes. I’m thinking of adding a triangle frame very soon. Shapes and light are lovely to play around with. Light and Shapes offer focus and attention to certain parts of walls or displays and in general making a space look and feel cozy.


4. Frames, Phrases and Photos.

I love adding frames. Especially ones with character and that are distressed. I love the look and I also love personalizing the home with family photos, words and phrases that mean a lot to you and your family. It makes the space cozy and inviting.


5. Books & Ornaments

There is absolutely nothing wrong with little special ornaments and doilies. I love a little vintage feel to side tables. I also love books and love to stack them. They look beautiful in my opinion. I’m not a fan of too many ornaments. They can cause me to get annoyed but one or two are okay with me, especially owls.


Overall I love having simplicity in my space. Too many things cause me to feel overwhelmed. I like the space to feel zen but yet cozy and nice. Candles are also lovely and diffusers.  I’m still working on my space and it always changes. How about you?

Spring is almost here and I’ll be doing a lot of spring cleaning. Will you? how about de-cluttering your home? Would you like me to write tips about how to declutter your space? Let me know in the comments.

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Inspired by Nature… Beautiful Jewellery By Avon banner gold

I’m absolutely loving AVON jewellery at the moment. AVON has really beautiful pieces that are inspired by nature. I really love this leaf set which comes with a long necklace, earrings and a bracelet.  I love them so much. The lovely model in the photo is my 10 year old daughter who loves to help me out. Especially if it has to do with makeup, jewelry and clothing.

Can’t Leaf You Alone

3-Piece Set Antiqued goldtone. Necklace, 72 cm L. with 9cm extender. Bracelet, 18cm L with 3 extender. Drop earrings, 4cm L; pierced. $19.99 the set. Available July 2017.


The pieces are very pretty and so lovely. They really enhance and bring beauty to an outfit. I absolutely love them and I also love this magical owl. I’m crazy about owls and this necklace can also be worn as a pin.

Wise Owl Necklace

Antiqued goldstone with black rhinestone. Removable owl pendant can be worn as a pin. Necklace, 81 cm L with 9 cm extender. $19.99 Available July 2017.

AVON 124AVON 119

Available as of July 2017 Through Avon Independent sales representatives


Thank you so much to AVON for the lovely pieces. They are truly beautiful and my daughter and I love them so much.

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