2022 Goals

Dear January,

You are so cold and yet so beautiful

Thank you for your beauty

I look out my window and see the white snow all around

The sun reaches in our home and hits the walls with radiance and warmth

even if its for a short while I thank you

Branches are dark and shadows start moving as the Sun starts its journey.

In 2022 I would like to write more, create more artwork, make more videos to share.

I would like to get more active, I would like to learn something new like knitting or sewing,

I would like to learn how to drive, I would like to read more books and my goal on Goodreads is set to 25 books for 2022.

Here is a poem from my Poetry Book that is available on Lulu.com have a look if you like.

Flakes Of Magic

The sunlight in the early morning shines across the snowy 

land creating magical light.

My eyes capture the glittery light flakes of magic.

I hold sacred that joyous happy feeling in my heart,

A soulful memory full of love, within, there is gratitude.

-Maria Medeiros



Thank you all for your love and support.

Thank you for commenting, sharing and reaching out to me. Thank you for all your kindness. I appreciate it. Currently I am working on a Free Digital Download for a stationary, a wallpaper and a January Mood Board. If you have any ideas of anything else you would like let me know. I really enjoy making them on CANVA.

Have a lovely day my friends and see you soon with a new post.



Hello November!

Autumn is Here!

Autumn is Here!

Orange, yellow, red and brown leaves

To the ground they twirl and fall

Autumn is here!

Can you see all the colours?

Can you smell Autumn in the air?

Crisp cool mornings upon us

Foggy, rainy morning walks to school

Frost on the grass makes it look like snow

I jump in the puddles on the sidewalk

Lights reflect on the shiny pavement 

One, two, three leaves 

I collect them all and twirl them between my fingers

Autumn is here!

-Maria Medeiros ©

Thank you!


Maria Medeiros

Dear October…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

Thank you for all your love and support.

Sending you all love, peace and love.

God Bless!


Colours oh so beautiful

Orange, yellow and red

Sunlight dancing on the walls

Flicker of hope

The clouds mask the sun

Hiding the rays

The clouds move slowly out of the way

Releasing the sun and letting in

the Autumn warmth again.

-Maria Medeiros

Thanksgiving Poem

Happy Thanksgiving my lovely friends and family!


I am grateful for all those before me

that fought in the war

that walked on this land to explore

That gave life to fields and made them grow more.

I am thankful for my parents who worked so hard to give me the best life

They worked hard day and night.

Thank you God

Everything is a gift and an embrace.

Thank you for the food that we have on the Thanksgiving table,

We gather to share gratitude and grace.

I think of our loved ones that have gone from this life and I give thanks for all the special memories and moments we shared.

They will always be in my memory and never be forgotten.

Thank you God for our land and freedom.

Thank you Canada for the beautiful land, our communities and our multiculturalism.

Thank you for our amazing healthcare system, our angels our doctors and nurses.

Thank you for our History for if it wasn’t for our History we would not be here and would not be free.

-Maria Medeiros