Painting Pumpkins! Paint Party Friday

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Paint Party Friday today and I’m very excited to share today’s post with you.

My family and I went to the garden centre to check out all the Autumn bouquets and flowers and we also chose little pumpkins to paint. I thought it would be a fantastic idea for my girls to get creative. The garden centre has so many beautiful flowers and arrangements this month.

This is the first time that we actually painted pumpkins! It was so much fun. Usually we do the traditional carving pumpkins but this time I said “Lets paint pumpkins!” Trying something new is fun. We decided to buy white mini pumpkins and we spent two days painting them. It was so much fun!

The black and orange dot pumpkin is mine and the blue ghost pumpkin is my 7 year old’s.
The pink and black are my pumpkins.
My 12 year old made this pumpkin. She is not finished as you can see she has so much detail and various patterns and colours. I’m so in love with her pumpkin that I want to buy a fake one and have her paint it so I can keep it for ever. It’s beautiful! 😍
The red and black was made by my 7 year old. She said she wanted it to look scary.

So that was our excursion to the Garden Centre and our painting pumpkins for two days. It was so much fun that I’m going to continue making crafts with the girls. They had so much fun and really enjoyed it. I hope you all had a lovely week my friends. Thanks so much for all your comments and for being here. Have a beautiful Friday and a beautiful weekend.

September Gratitude

Dear September, thank you for all the little special details in my life. I like to look at small things and truly appreciate them.  I really appreciate even the silence that comes my way.  Some people don’t like silence but I really appreciate it. It’s soothing.


I love Autumn, the trees are already starting to change colour. I love Chrysanthemums. Everything around me has beauty. What plants do you like?


I’m a huge collector of Fall magazines. I love them so much. Do you like magazines? I enjoy the articles, pictures and recipes. I love to feel the pages in my hand rather then digital magazines. How about you?

Magazines from Home Depot.


hf_inthewoods_elements1 (7)

I’m staying hydrated. Very important with the weather changing. I love this water bottle. This is my daughter’s water bottle. We bought this from Kitchen Stuff Plus. (My daughter dropped it and the lid broke. Unfortunately.)  Sometimes things happen. It’s okay. Moving forward.


More magazines from Shoppers Drugmart. The America’s Best Pumpkin Recipes magazine is really amazing.


I’ve been enjoying using new lunch containers for my girls. They love them so much. They are from and they are called


Loved creating new recipes in September.

I’m trying to include more vegetables in our life. Especially seasonal veggies.


Enjoyed apple and pumpkin picking this month. First time for both and loved it so much. Check out my blog post if you like.

Family Fun Apple Picking Day


Had a lovely September. I even got out and went to an event! VIP KARE Event for Furniture. check out my blog post if you like.KARE Toronto VIP Event Fall Home Furnishings Collection


Bumping into wonderful friends. Having a small photoshoot. Laughing and having fun.

CAT from My Lip Addiction


Gratitude for everyone and everything around me.

Thank you for the lovely September PR and winnings on IG



I’m truly grateful and thank you so much.

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bars 21bars 22bars 20

I hope you had a beautiful September my friends. I really appreciate all your lovely comments and support. It means so much to me. Thank you so much.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be working on the VLOGS for October. Join me on the VLOG channel.  VLOG 

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