Top 10 PR Samples I Would Buy

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I receive so many lovely PR Samples that I wanted to share my top ten favourites. I would totally go out and buy these beautiful products because they work and I can’t stop using them.

I’m loving Love Beauty and Planet hair care. The Murumuru Butter & Rose products are amazing. I love how they make my hair look and feel. They smell so good and keep my hair clean and fresh for a week! Truly wonderful and I love that the company uses no parabens and products are not tested on animals. These came from Chick Advisor which I’m loving their site at the moment.


Next up is  Quo by ORLY BREATHABLE formula. This is my fave formula at the moment. Love how this formula allows your nails to breathe and it actually helps my nails grow healthier and longer. I also notice my nails don’t turn yellow like some nail polishes do.


Still going strong with this trio. I love Palmer’s coconut Oil formula. I would totally buy it again and again. Love how hydrating it is. Our family loves it!


I need to buy this No 7 Serum asap.  It is soft, silky and really works! A must in my life.


I love all Marcelle products and I really liked the gentle makeup remover pads. I will totally be buying these again.


It’s impossible to mention only one CHANEL product. I have so many that I love like the eyeshadow palettes and the lovely lipsticks and my favourite Rouge Allure INK are to die for! I would buy the Rouge COCO Stylo because I would wear this everyday and not only on special occasions. I love this nude colour and formula. So soft and lovely on the lips. I would buy this again for sure!



Next I have the loveliest lipstick. This is similar to the CHANEL COCO Stylo but more affordable. This too is so smooth and creamy and the most beautiful nude colour. “Bare All”  mark. By Avon All Butter Now Lip Treatment. Very hydrating!



I really love this eye cream. So light and soothing. Affordable and it works.


I love taking off my makeup with GARNIER SKINACTIVE Micellar water. It cleans the face and takes off makeup really nicely. I would totally stock up on this baby!


I would treat my self and buy the CHANEL Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence. It refreshes and hydrates my skin so nicely. I love it so much.


These are all the PR Samples that I kindly received and I would totally go out and buy them again. I feel they are really amazing and offer the results I need.

All about hydration, wearing the product often and healthier choices for the hair and nails. My absolute faves!

Thank you so much to all the lovely PR samples that I kindly received through the year.

Very Grateful.Thank you for visiting end blog


Happy Tuesday! I have a few beautiful pieces from the Quo Spring Collection and I feel really excited to share them with you today. The pieces are so perfect for spring. The colours are beautiful and warm. Spring is almost here and I feel the tones will compliment and work together with the change of the season. Here I have the stunning face palette. Beautiful warm tones. Lovely bronzer, cheek and highlight.

Quo Face Palette in Golden Girl is $20.00


These are new shades QUO by ORLY now available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

 $10.00 Each

From left to right Metal Morphosis, Petal to the Metal, Electrum, Mansion Lane, Faux Pearl and Platina. They are all absolutely stunning nail polishes and perfect for spring.


This is the Quo by Orly Breathable Treament+Color

I really love this formula. Makes my nails strong and helps them grow.

These two new colours are: Sweet Serenity and on the right is Morning Mantra30

Here I’m wearing first sweet serenity as a base and second the lovely sky blue morning mantra.


The Quo by ORLY Breathable nail polishes are $11.00 Each.


Here is the beautiful Quo Eyeshadow Palette Royal Ore for $18.00


A beautiful smudge proof Quo Eyeliner. This is Quo Metallic Eyeliner

in Black Steel $12.00


Here I have Quo Lip Gloss in Sheer Luck. It is $10.00 and it’s a very moisturizing. This gloss smells delicious! It smells like cupcakes and vanilla. So good. I absolutely love it!


Have you tried QUO Cosmetics? I would love to know.

Thank you so much to LexPR for the lovely samples.

 Available Now at Shoppers Drug Mart




NEW! Quo by ORLY Breathable Treatment+Colour

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Quo by ORLY is coming out with new nail polishes that are called ‘Breathable’ Treatment + Colour. There  are 18 shades available and I have three beautiful summer shades to show you. The treatment + colour formula is incredible! The formula allows oxygen and hydration to pass through promoting nail growth and increasing nail thickness thus helping heal damaged nails.


The tree colours that I have from left to right are ‘Just Breathe’ a beautiful lilac colour, ‘Light as a feather’ a beautiful creamy soft white and ‘beauty essential’ a beautiful bright orange red. I really adore the colours and they are perfect for summer. I also love the bottles. They are a lovely shape and size. I love the handle because it is rubber and easy to grip. The formula is truly incredible and feels very soft on the nail when it is dry.


Advance oxygen technology allows air and hydration to penetrate to the nail. The polish formula has Argan oil, vitamin B5 and Vitamin C which helps promote hydration and heal the damaged nails while stimulating nail growth. All-in-one product formulation with adhesion promoters and shine additives eliminates the need for a base coat and topcoat.  -99% of women tested saw a noticeable difference in the overall health and appearance of their nails. -They felt their nails were stronger and healthier after using breathable for 1 week. experienced measurable faster nail growth. -Experienced less chipping and peeling -50% of the testers reported that the breathable formula lasted longer on their nails. -10 our of 10 nail technicians felt the formula was easier to apply & Control. -QUO by ORLY

Here are all the shades that will be available by the end of this month or maybe in the beginning of August. Each nail polish is $10.99 What shade catches your eye? These will be available at Shoppers Drug Mart.


Quo by ORLY Breathable TLC

‘The Antidote’

Quo by ORLY Breathable The Antidote

‘Stronger then Ever’


Quo by ORLY Breathable Stronger Than Ever


Quo by ORLY Breathable Rehab

‘Power Packed’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Power Packed

‘Pick Me Up’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Pick-Me-Up

‘Pamper Me’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Pamper Me

‘Nourishing Nude’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Nourishing Nude

‘Nail Superfood’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Nail Superfood

‘Love my Nails’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Love My Nails

‘Light as a Feather’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Light as a Feather

‘Just Breath’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Just Breathe

‘Happy Healthy’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Happy & Healthy

‘Give Me a Break’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Give Me a Break

‘Breathable Fresh Start’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Fresh Start

‘Feeling Free’Quo by ORLY Breathable Feeling Free

‘Beauty Essential’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Beauty Essential

‘Barely There’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Barely There

I am very excited because my nails definitely need all the help they can get. Now I can wear nail polish that helps promote healthy nails and lets my nails breathe. What an amazing formula!


So I tried two shades on and I adore them! The handle is truly incredible because it has grips and it fits nicely in the hand. The brush is the perfect length and size. It is rounded and fits on my nails perfectly. The  formula glides on nicely and two coats is all you need. 70


Here I’m wearing the colour ‘Just Breathe’ I adore this colour. It is so pretty. Don’t mind my dish hands and my nails definitely need this formula. I’m so happy I received these for review purposes because my nails are weak from washing too many dishes. Now I can definitely get my nails feeling stronger and healthier. 29

Here I am wearing ‘Light as a Feather’ a beautiful soft creamy white colour. I adore this colour and it is truly pretty. I am really in love with these nail polishes and really love the benefits of the formula. Who doesn’t want stronger healthier nails? Plus all the colours are truly beautiful. I’m very happy and highly recommend Quo by ORLY Breathable Treatment + Colour because it = healthier and stronger nails! 065

Thank you so much to the PR Company for the samples!




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Quo Summer 2016 Limited Edition Collection

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Summer is here and with it comes this beautiful Summer 2016 Limited-Edition Collection by Quo Cosmetics. The Packaging is so beautiful! It is sturdy plastic and the design on the exterior is so pretty! I adore the bold blue and the anchors and chains. It makes me feel like taking a vacation! Here is what comes in this Limited Edition Collection:

Eyeshadow Palettes

There are three

Lost at Sea, Sea Sun Sand & High Tide


This is ‘High Tide’

This palette is really lovely. It has a lot of grey tones and two purples that I really like. It also has a black to create a smokey eye. The lighter colours are a little powdery but still work really well and blend nicely. I love the two purple shades. They are pretty and soft.


Precision Liquid Eye Liner In the Navy


This liner is really nice. Love the fine tip and found it easy to work with. I love the Navy colour because it has a hint of colour but it also goes well with the eyeshadows and works really good together. The liner is smudge proof and at the same time it comes off easy when it is time to take off the makeup at the end of the day.



Sunny Days


I adore this Bronzer. It really  warms up the face without too much glitter and without orange tones. It has the perfect balance. It is soft and will give you the warmth you need for your complexion. I feel this would be beautiful for every skin tone. The lighter colour in this bronzer also makes for a great highlighter. I adore the big mirror. You can definitely use the mirror  to put on all your makeup. It stays upwards when it is open and you can definitely take this on vacation. It is truly a beautiful bronzer and I highly recommend this.


Lip Oils

There are two lip oils

Set Sail & 40 Knots


This is ‘Set Sail’

A very light and hydrating lip oil. Very nourishing for the lips and soothing. I love the scent. It is sweet and feels so beautiful on the lips. I like this lip oil because it is not heavy. Fantastic formula and perfect for the summer because lips can get dry and damaged from the sun.  This lip oil is perfect for night time repair and hydration.  It also gives a beautiful shine over any lipstick!



Nautical Double-Ended Brush Set, $50

Set contains 4 double-ended cosmetic brushes and a charming anchor-print case.

Brushes include:

 Bronzing powder brush · Crease blender brush · Foundation brush · Concealer brush ·

All-over eyeshadow brush · Angled liner/Brow brush · Multi-purpose brush ·

Ultra-fine liner brush


I really want to try these beautiful new colours!

Screen shot 2016-05-31 at 2.36.47 PM

What are your thoughts about the new limited edition summer collection?

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