Boost your Skin with Clarins!




Ultra Concentrated formulas for stressed out skin!

I have three new Clarins skin boosters and I’m so excited to share the amazing benefits of each one! These can be added to your daily moisturizer and can also be used on their own. If you would like to find out the perfect Booster for your skin have a look at the Clarins website.

“What is your skin going through right now?” -CLARINS

There is a big difference between a booster and a face oil.

A booster is used temporary and short-term or as a treatment. You use 3 to 5 drops mixed with your regular day or night cream, mask or foundation. An oil is ongoing to balance your skin type and also used as a treatment. You can also use an oil after removing your makeup.




I’ve been using  CLARINS BOOSTERS  for a month now and I’m loving how relaxing and soothing they are. Lately I’ve been a little stressed and stress can definitely show on the skin. Clarins Boosters definitely help with my skin’s needs and sensitivities by detoxifying, repairing and energizing my skin. I’m very pleased with the results and I’m here to share the benefits of each one with you.



Revives radiance or a dull complexion, detoxifies and plumps the skin.

Your skin is ASPHYXIATED, like after overeating, the morning after a party or holiday, a smoke-filled atmosphere…Offer it a detox cure!
The ultra-concentrated Booster Detox formula is enriched with green coffee extract, tropical African plant rich in caffeine recognized for centuries for its detoxifying properties:
• revives the radiance of dull complexions,
• detoxifies and plumps the skin.



Tones and re-energizes your skin, minimizes signs of fatigue and revives its radiance.


Your skin is TIRED, like after a sleepless night, work crunch time, jet-lag, a diet…Offer it an energy cure!
The ultra-concentrated Booster Energy formula is enriched with a ginseng extract, a legendary Chinese medicinal plant known for millennia for its stimulant properties:
• tones and re-energizes the skin,
• blurs signs of fatigue,
• revives its radiance.



Reduces Feelings of Discomfort, optimizes skin strength an minimizes the appearance of redness.


Our skin is WEAKENED, like after a sunburn, exposure to extreme cold, a light aesthetic treatment…Offer it a recuperating cure!

The ultra-concentrated Booster Repair formula is enriched with mimosa tenuiflora extract, a Mayan medicinal plant known for centuries for its healing properties:
• reduces feelings of discomfort,
• optimizes skin recovery,
• reduces redness.


Find out which BOOSTER is best for your skin by having a look at the website. They help prompt you to find the best booster for your needs. The Boosters are applied in the palm of your hand. You mix 3 to 5 drops of your Booster with your regular moisturizer, foundation or mask. You apply evenly on clean dry skin working from the centre of the face outward. Lightly pressing on drainage points. Depending on your skin’s needs you can use it for the day, week or one month.  The little bottles have a rubber bottom and you just press the rubber which releases little drops of booster. These are truly beautiful Boosters that I highly recommend and perfect for transitioning into Autumnal weather. Less sunlight means less vitamins and less energy so these BOOSTERS are the perfect way to offer the skin a great DETOX, REPAIR and ENERGY!


*PR SAMPLES. That being said all my opinions are always honest and true. Not sponsored and not an AD.