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Happy February!

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I’m excited for this lovely feature because it has been a while since I posted some self care and beauty products. Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to AVON Canada. I love Avon products and I have a few beautiful pieces to show you today that I recommend and love. This month, the word that I’m choosing is L O V E ❤️ How about you?

Left to Right
Blush Beige, Red Pumps, Midnight Rose

Introducing SATIN KISS 💋 Moisture Lipsticks! Oh so good! AVON X THE FACE SHOP have partnered up to bring you such beautiful and amazing makeup. Rouge Satin Moisture Lipsticks come in 20 shades and they are rich in pigment and swipe on effortlessly in a single stroke. They are lightweight in formula and hug the lips like a second skin. 3.6g for $22.00. @myavoncanada *Gifted


This palette has the loveliest mix of textures, matte and shimmer shades. They are smooth and blend very nicely. Monochromatic shades that compliment and make the eyes really pop. AVON X THE FACESHOP have created a breathtaking MONO POP Eyeshadow palette that I really love. The colour is Mood Coral 02 . I can wear these colours everyday and also create a more dramatic look for the evening as well. $28.00 for 0.72g. @myavoncanada *Gifted

Winter Skin? Don’t worry with these two amazing skincare products! I love the formula of Dr. Belmeur Advanced Skin Care For Sensitive Skin. So good!

Experience the power of Cica to protect and heal stressed or irritated skin while strengthening its nature barrier. Cica was nicknamed “Tiger Grass” after tigers were discovered rolling in it to heal their wounds. Find this soothing natural ingredient in these Dr. Belmeur Products.


CICA HYDRO CREAM for instant hydration. Hydration hyaluronic acid cools and soothes. Dermatologically tested. 50ml. $55.00

CICA PEPTITE AMPOULE For tired Skin. A concentrated blend of cica and peptides. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for sensitive skin. I use this after cleaning my face and before moisturizing with Cica Cream. 45ml, $53.00.

💗 🌹 Soak in the LOVE! 🌹 💗

Limited Edition

Loves Me, Loves Me a Lot Bath Petals

Delicate rosebuds create a light silky foam for a luxurious bath.

9 buds, 33g total. $12.00

Limited Edition Senses Strawberries & Cream Bubble Bath. Delight your senses with juicy strawberries 🍓 and a dollop of rich cream. 700ml $12.00.

Thank you so much to AVON Canada for these incredible products.. I’m truly grateful and love them so much.

Available at

Dear July…

Dear July, you have been so hot this month and sometimes so unbearable. Traveling has become a challenge due to a little anxiety but I’m taking small steps and learning how to deal with it. Living is learning. Sometime the battle and chatter in my mind won’t stop and I’m trying to let go more and relax. Sometimes I make up issues in my mind that are not a big deal and this becomes so tiring and exhausting. Sometimes I’m my own enemy. Do you ever get like that? I’m trying to stay off of my phone as much as possible. Lately it brings me stress and anxiety. So more letting go and more being in the moment!

This month I really enjoyed spending time with my family. We went to many lovely places.

Kingston, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake for amazing ice-cream, Science Centre, Toronto Zoo and had incredible Fish and Chips at Captain George’s Fish and Chips restaurant in Port Perry. A very incredible month that also included a lot of swimming!

Kingston Ontario

My husband always says he loves to see me laugh and smile. I need to laugh more often.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Rose Gardens

The Falls are so powerful and the rose gardens so beautiful. I love the sound of the Falls. We went early in the morning before tour busses arrive. It was absolutely wonderful. I could of stayed at the Rose garden all day taking pictures.

Yummy Food at Niagara-On-The-Lake
Science Centre
Cool Lights at the Science Centre
Cute Sloth at the Toronto Zoo

July you have been packed with lots of fun and I can’t wait to see what August will be like. I also know that you are nothing like a sloth. You have come and gone so fast. I’m grateful for everything you taught me and so appreciative of each trip and journey taken.

Photo by My lovely husband.

I hope you all had a beautiful month. I would like to thank Joy Mills for buying art from my Art Shop. Joy your lovely art is on the way and I thank you so much for all your support.

The Art Shop will be closed from August 1st to the 12th and will re-open on Aug 13. Thank you all and have a beautiful August!

Thank you!

Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company – Review

“Thinking about the powerful connection between scent, memory, and emotion, she wondered if she could capture the aromatic scents so she could return to that feeling any time.” –


Hello my lovely readers! This review is in collaboration with the Canadian Beauty Bloggers.

Canadian Beauty Bloggers

I received this aromatic and beautiful package with lovely natural and Canadian made bath products and I’m here to tell you that I’m so pleased and happy with every single one of these beautiful and unique bath essentials.  Pearl and Daisy Natural Soap Company is a Canadian Company founded by Rebecca Taylor.  As she “was walking through a forest near her home in Nova Scotia. The air was especially fragrant and with each deep breath, Rebecca felt both grounded and uplifted.” –

This describes exactly how I feel when I use these bath products. I’m here to share my experience with every product featured in this article.

“It’s the grounding sensation of a walk in the forest, the uplifting feeling of an open meadow filled with wild roses, and the exhilaration of the seashore. Pearl & Daisy is inspired by the way these beautiful places make us feel, and we capture those places with special blends of essential oils distilled from fresh flowers, fruit and plants.”

Pearl and Daisy



The salts are 100% Natural and smell so amazing. The wild rose and lavender is truly relaxing and very soothing. I love bath salts and they are so wonderful for the skin, body and mind. All natural ingredients and truly beautiful. If you have a stressful day this will take away your stress. Just #take12 minutes and soak in a hot bath with these beautiful salts and let your stress and worries melt away! I’m a very busy mommy and I get stressed very often but soaking in a bath with the Sea Salts is truly amazing. The natural oils that are released are very relaxing and infuse the senses with calmness and serenity.




“…exotic vanilla orchid blossom. This harmonious marriage of vanilla, benzoin resin, and sandalwood essential oil offers aromatherapy benefits to enhance feelings of comfort, spiritual harmony, and sensuality.” – Pearl and Daisy

This soap bar is really lovely and gentle. The scent is also soft and gentle and I find that the bar lathers really nicely. I use my loofa and foam it up. It is truly relaxing and soothing to the senses and skin. My skin feels very soft and smooth and this is truly non drying. I feel this bar soap really moisturizes the skin and keeps the skin clean and hydrated.


Bath Bombs 

The scent of this  Orange Vanilla bath bomb is AMAZING!  When I placed this bath bomb in the water it started fizzing and the scent slowly filled the room! It was orange creamsicle heaven!  The essential oils in the bath bomb are really hydrating and nourishing.  The natural oils that are released from this bath fizzer are so blissful and truly changed my mood. Very nourishing good for the skin and relaxing.


“Our 100% natural bath bombs are beautifully scented and made with moisturizing coconut oil. They’re about the size of a tennis ball (2.5″) and weight about 150g. Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, organic coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, organic aroma and essential oils. Pearl & Daisy makes bath bombs the way we do everything else: we use lovely natural scents, naturally soft colours, and exceptionally nice ingredients.” -Pearl and Daisy


Thank you so much to the Canadian Beauty Bloggers  and to Pearl & Daisy for the beautiful bath products. I really recommend taking time and soaking in a bath filled with lovely Pearl & Daisy bath essentials because they are soothing, relaxing and nourishing to the body mind and soul! I highly recommend all the products and feel that they are outstanding and beautiful!


You can find Pearl and Daisy in the following links:


Thank you and have a lovely weekend!

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