Autumn Wild Rice Vegetable Salad RECIPE

Happy Saturday! I truly hope you are having a lovely weekend. I’ve created a delicious Autumn Wild Rice Vegetable Salad and I hope you try this recipe with your family. My family loves it!


5 Cups Cooked and Cooled Wild Rice

1 Red pepper thinly sliced

1 Orange Pepper thinly sliced

1 Yellow onion thinly sliced

2 Cups Steamed and room temp broccoli

1 Can Red Kidney Beans

1 Cup fresh baby spinach

1/4 Cup toasted pecans

1/4 Cup toasted walnuts


The juice of one big lemon

The juice of one lime

1/2 Cup Olive oil

1tsp dry parsley flakes or 1tbs Freshly chopped parsley

1tsp Salt

1/4 tsp Black pepper

1 garlic clove minced


Toast the nuts and set aside.

Make your wild rice according to the package and cool it.

Cut all veggies in thin slices.

Mix all the ingredients together.

Mix the dressing really well and drizzle all over the salad.

Mix salad really well and enjoy!

Thank you so much for reading my post. I hope you have a lovely day!

Easy Potato Tuna Salad Recipe

I made this delicious potato tuna salad today because it’s my husband’s favourite salad and I wanted to share it with you. It’s so delicious, comforting and easy to make. It’s the perfect summer salad!

First cut 2 big potatoes in big chunks and boil them until a fork can go through them.

Fully cool them before proceeding.

In a bowl add the following:

1/2 minced yellow onion

1/4 tsp black pepper

1/3 cup white vinegar

1/4 cup of olive oil

1/2 tsp garlic salt or regular salt

3 Cloves of minced garlic

Mix these ingredeince together and add them to the potatoes.

Gently mix them together.

Add 1 can of well drained tuna.

Sprinkle with cayenne pepper if you like.


The Perfect Summer Fusilli Greek Salad RECIPE

Happy Monday! I made this delicious Greek Fusilli Salad today and I absolutely love it. I really want to share it with you and I hope you give it a try. This recipe is enough for 10 or more people.


500 Grams of Fusilli Pasta cooked and cooled down

1 Green Peper

1 Red Pepper

1 Yellow Pepper

1 Big White Sweet Onion

1 tbs salt

1/4 tsp Black Pepper

1tbs dry oregano


1 Cup fresh parsley

1 Cup Olive oil

1/2 Cup Vinegar

1 garlic clove


  1. Cook pasta in salted water then cool. Set aside in a big bowl.
  2. Cut all peppers and onion into small bite size pieces. Place them in the bowl with the pasta.
  3. Sprinkle the pasta and chopped peppers and onion with salt, black pepper and oregano.
  4. In a mini blender blitz parsley, olive oil, vinegar and garlic. (if you don’t have a blender or mini chopper just mix the vinegar and oil until it looks creamy, mince the garlic and finely chop the parsley.)
  5. Add the dressing to the pasta and mix with a spoon.
  6. Top the salad with Feta and if you like some lovely olives.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and feel free to tweet me and show me pictures! @bestdayblogger Have a beautiful week!


Brown Rice Salad Recipe

bestdayblogger fall bannerHello my lovely readers! I hope you are having a lovely week. I’m very excited to share a lovely Autumnal Brown Rice Salad recipe that is so delicious, hardy and tasty. I created this recipe today and I had to share it with you. This is a family salad that is very earthy with a hint of citrus and spice.  leaf


3 Cups cooked brown rice (room temperature)

1 Cup cooked lentils (room temperature)

1 Small cooked beet and beet leaves ( cleaned, cubed and room temperature)

1/3 Cup of finely chopped green onions

1/3 Cup of finely chopped celery

1/2 Cup of grated carrots

1/2 Cup of  finely chopped green pepper

1 tbs of Seed Mix (I used Natural Source Salad Topper with Cranberries)


For the Dressing

The juice of 1 Lemon

1/2 Cup Avocado Oil

1 Garlic Clove (mashed)

1tsp Cayenne Pepper

1tsp oregano

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 black pepper

1/4 onion powder



Add all salad ingredients in a bowl except the beets and nuts

Mix and then prepare the dressing.

For the dressing blend all the ingredients together until they fuse.

Add the dressing to the rice, blend really well and add the beets and nuts on the top.


 I hope you enjoyed this recipe. I hope you share this with your family and friends and please let me know if you make this!

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Have a beautiful rest of the week!


Watermelon Salad

I made a delicious watermelon salad today and my 3 year old loved it. I wanted to share it with you.

This is 1 serving.



1 Cup Watermelon

1/4 Cup of crumbled Feta Cheese

1 tsp lemon

1 tsp lime

1tbs olive oil

Pinch of salt

1 mint leaf finely chopped.

Mix the dressing and drizzle over the watermelon and feta.


Perfect for Summer!